Muslim students ‘threatened to BEHEAD non-Muslim staff in name of ISIS’ at high school in Australia

The school’s principal was a convert to Islam who ran this public school with a Muslim majority student population into a madrassa for jihad recruitment. Convert Chris Griffiths Mr Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoiu were adhering to the fundamental principles of Islam – gender segregation, incitement to jihad and a disregard Australian law and law enforcement. What is so troubling is that they both were were allowed to stay in their positions for so long and that they both were eventually moved to another school and not fired. These treacherous Muslims should be jail — not “radicalizing” another school.

But it is not just Griffith’s influence here. What are these Muslim students learning at home? At mosque?


Canada: Imam who asked Allah to kill the enemies of Islam is TEACHING ASSISTANT at RYERSON UNIVERSITY

In 2016, Elkasrawy, who also serves as an imam at Masjid Toronto mosque which is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada, led a Ramadan service at the mosque during which he prayed to Allah to give Muslims victory over the infidels, to slay the enemies of Islam “one by one and spare not one of them”, and to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews.”


Apostate Accuses Oxford University of Islamic Bias

Sharia in the classroom. A trainee Church of England priest at Oxford University has accused it of discrimination and bias after he says he was told he could not ask a lecturer critical questions about Islam. The student has filed a formal complaint to the university’s proctors’ office in which he claims the lecturer pointed at him in a seminar and said: “Everybody can ask a question except you.”


Student suspended for recording professor who declared Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism”

More of the poison from the left-wing controlled academia. Totalitarians. Supreme Court Justice said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Sunlight to the left is like daybreak to the vampire.

This explains the left’s infatuation with Islamic law (sharia) where free speech is punishable by death.

The latest crime against freedom involves a formerly anonymous student who recorded his professor declaring Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” has been suspended.

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