AMERICA HACKED? Internet Expert Says Russia Is Least Of Our Worries

“Hacking” is the new “cause celebre” of the liberal left. Sore losers in the 2016 election are desperately attempting to explain away the landslide victory of Donald Trump by claiming “the Russians did it.” While Russia may not have hacked our elections in 2016 (at least not beyond giving voters an inside look at the…


Welfare Jihad: ISIS fighters receiving unemployment benefits as they ‘need assistance’

Denmark has discovered that 36 people who fled to join the terror cult have received handouts from the state that rack up to 672,000 kroner (£76,957).The municipal authorities say they will now try to track down the 29 pen-pushing militants. Seven are thought to have been killed in combat..ISIS have received thousands of pounds in benefits It is totally reprehensible


Jihadi Shoots THREE in Copenhagen Shooting Rampage, Two POLICE SHOT

I have written previously of jihad terror in Christiania grenades tossed into a cafe, gunfire in the street, dead bodies splayed on the pavement, residents living in fear, now this. Witnesses reported hearing up to nine shots during the incident near Fredens Ark – Christiania’s largest building. He was ISIS but cops have “no motive.”…


Child brides allowed at Danish Asylum Centers: “Children allowed to sleep with their older husbands on the weekends”

With the mass Muslim migration into Eurabia comes the Islamic law and its attendant misogyny, pedophilia and misogyny. That’s to be expected. What was not expected when I began to engage in this fight 15 years ago was the sanction of this brutal and extreme ideology by Western leaders in academia, media and politics. Child…


17-Year-Old Girl faces Criminal Charges for Protecting Herself Against Sexual Attack

It’s bad enough that European governments have turned against their own people. But to prosecute young girls for defending themselves from savages ought to be a casus belli. “Girl faces fine for protecting herself against sexual assault,” Copenhagen Post, January 26, 2016 (thanks to William): Pepper-spraying a man who tried to pull down her trousers…

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