DEMOCRATS TARGET SESSIONS: Video of AG’s Press Conference

Forgive me if I don’t see anything amiss with a Senator meeting with the Ambassador of a for country. Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself just as General Flynn should never have resigned. We are just feeding the sharks.
I am more troubled by the the classified leaks to the Washington Post. This is now a pattern – why isn’t the White House hunting down the moles and prosecuting them?

Perhaps the Democrats are clouding with the Russians to bring down Trump. That sounds more plausible then what the left is trafficking in.


LAWLESS LEFT: NYPD commissioner to officers: Defy Trump’s immigrant deportation order

These lawless actions define the Democrats, the party of treason.. Red Bill DeBlasio must be stopped. The indefatigable Bo Dietl is running against – support his campaign. But Dietl’s filed legal paperwork to run as a Democrat and promised, “Big Bird de Blasio better look over his shoulder.”


Seattle Mayor Gives State of City Address at MOSQUE, Promises NEW TAX FOR HOMELESSNESS, will SUE TRUMP

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray delivered his State of the City address at Idris Mosque in North Seattle instead of at City Hall. In a statement when the speech was announced, Murray’s office said it was a sign he was “standing with Seattle’s Muslim community in their house of worship as we fight state sanctioned discrimination by the Trump Administration.”


Muslim-Coddling Dems Gave ‘Aid and Comfort’ To Soviet Russia For 40 Years — With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Liberal Democrats in public office are increasingly deploying a version of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” with America’s most deadly enemies as their default political strategy to consolidate power, even if it means sharing that power with radical Islam — the antithesis of everything the Left always claims to want. Best-selling author…

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