The Autodidactic Revolution

When jihad came to the US on 9/11, we knew almost nothing about Islam. Our teachers, law enforcement, media, and military knew nothing about Islamic doctrine, except at the National Geographic level.

Those who were supposed to be the educational pillars of our civilization, the professors and intellectuals, told us that Islam was the religion of peace and that we were the problem. The classical scholars were apologists for Islam. Then a revolution happened.


Republican RINOs in Full RETREAT in wake of Flynn resignation #cowards

Here we go again. Has the Republican party learned nothing from the past elections? We, on the right, are sick of these spineless, gutless RINOs who cave to everything except the will of the people. in our party. And now, once again, the craven quislings on the right jump on the destroy band- When the anyone on the right is accused of anything, they circular firing squad. We are sick of it. It’s why Trump got elected – and the RINO cowards still don’t get that?



This is bad. Flynn got it on Islam. There’s blood in the water.

Trump needs to pick a stronger replacement – not a trimmer like Petraeus. The idea that Petraeus might replace him is terrible.


The Truth about Muslim “Refugees”

“Locally hired Muslim interpreters and security men seem integrated on the outside, they grew up in Germany, went to German schools and have jobs, but when they are among themselves, they reveal their true colors by stating that Germany must be Islamized, and that they disdain Germany and its values.
In mosques in Germany, pure hate is preached against people of other religions.”

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