Residents in northern Malian town lynch Jihadist

Citizens standing up against sharia is a good thing — lynching? Not so good. We should never become what these savages are. But this is a war and the people must fight for their freedom against Islamic law. Residents in northern Malian town lynch Islamist: sources Reuters (thanks to Jack) BAMAKO | Sat Jan 19,…


NSA Whistleblower: “Everyone in the U.S. Is Under Virtual Surveillance” … “with hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations you are doing something wrong”

This is frightening as hell. It is so Hitlerian. And if, according to the Obama administration, there is no Islamic threat and a jihadi attack like Hasan's mass murder is "workplace violence," then why the need to spy on Americans? The Obama adminsitration prosecuted a youtube user for a film they didn't like. Who's next?…


Cue the dead baby

And anyway, does Islamic jihad really expect us to believe they give a fig about a dead child when they strap bombs on them and brainwash them to "love death more than [the Jews] love life?" Bloggers Spot More Dead Child Fakery by Hamas; CNN Fooled (thanks to Dan F) (Breitbart) – Hamas has once…


“An Islamist’s wet dream”

How craven. This is complete submission to Islam and the sharia restrictions on free speech. It's jihad. Period. You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. "Truth is the new hate speech." (Pamela Geller) "Mounties instructed to avoid 'inflammatory' Islamist terms" Parisstar Online, July 11, 2012, thanks to David OTTAWA…


Hanson: “Obama is turning out to be the most subversive chief executive in terms of eroding U.S. law….”

"Are We in Revolutionary Times?" The question is rhetorical. We most certainly are. If you aren't in the fight, you are aiding and abetting the enemy-in-chief's revolution. One commenter points out, "When you combine this illegal action with the Obama Administration trying to prevent Florida from purging illegal aliens from its voter rolls, the point…


Moronic Madonna depicts French politician Marine Le Pen with swastika on face during Israeli concert, Le Pen threatens to sue

When it comes to self-deluded celebrity stupidity, the biggest names in show biz never disappoint. Especially those that preen and strut and fashion themselves as brave ballsy provocateurs. Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, et al. They are always on the side with fascists, totalitarians, and statists. Add Madonna to their swollen ranks. She showed…


VIDEO CBS: Pamela Geller on Marines Victory Tinkle, “So what?”

I was interviewed yesterday on WTSP (CBS Florida affiliate) on the US Marines breach of protocol and the the ensuing brouhaha. Have you seen the firestorm in the enemedia and among Obama's craven apologists over the US Marines victory tinkle? The media is beside itself at the idea that we somehow disrespected devout murdering jihadists….


Sirhan Sirhan, Palestinian assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, launches new campaign for freedom

The first Palestinian terrorist attack on US soil was the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The killer, Sirhan Sirhan, is seeking freedom based on some trumped-up fiction. Well, why not? The Obama adminstration has a soft spot for poor wittle terrorists — perhaps Holder will take up Sirhan's cause. Sirhan Sirhan, assassin of Robert F.Kennedy, launches…


Stop the Islamization of America: Maryland Public Pools Enforce Sharia-Muslim Swim, Segregated Swimming

Why do American taxpayers have to subsidize Sharia? This is exactly what I address in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. We should protest this imposed sharia by refusing to pay whatever taxes are paying for these public pools. If Muslims refuse to assimilate, let them build their…


Tearing at the Foundations of Civilization

Extraordinary and revealing piece by J. Christian Adams and what looks to me like the Obama administration's secret (or not so secret) race war and complete abandonment of individual rights. Here's an excerpt, but do read it all: The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization in London and America J. Christian Adams Consider the…


NY Politicians Took Bribes to Keep Wal-Mart Out of NYC

Maybe we can take up a collection and bribe NY polticians to stop the Ground Zero mosque. That’s all these corrupt pols understand. Betrayed at every turn — and we pay for this abuse. B’klyn pols charged with taking bribes METRO (hat tip Pamela Hall) Two Brooklyn politicians took bribes to meddle in affairs like…


Whitewashing the Brotherhood

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the West (the US and Europe) at the most senior levels of government, academia, media and the culture, expect a good scrubbing of their bloody history and genocidal aspirations. The whitewash of the Muslim Brotherhood is underway. invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his infamous "speech to the ummah"…


Pigford’s Pigs Fraud

Here's a little backstory on the historic Pigford fraud scandal that the left is ignoring. Ignore at your peril the lump in your breast. The Daily Caller has the backstory: Breitbart since has embarked on a mission to expose Pigford for the outrageous fraud he and others have found it to be, namely how 400…

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