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[ July 24, 2017 ]

“Progressive” Radio Station KPFA CANCELS Atheist Richard Dawkins Speech Because He Criticized Islam

[ July 24, 2017 ]


[ July 24, 2017 ]

Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence

[ July 24, 2017 ]

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

[ July 24, 2017 ]

South Sudan Sexual Violence on ‘Massive Scale,’ Report Says

[ July 24, 2017 ]

Muslim killer-cop Mohamed Noor got FAST-TRACK TRAINING for Minneapolis police force

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Attack on Israeli Embassy in Jordan

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Adult-Onset Islam: The Case of Prison Conversions

[ July 23, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslims in Gaza CELEBRATE Slaughter of Jewish Family #savages

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Savage Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour PRAISES mass murder of Jewish family on Shabbat, incites to violence


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Where are Germany’s ‘right-wing hooligans’?

Check out my column this week at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST Where are Germany’s ‘right-wing hooligans’? Exclusive: Pamela Geller exposes reports of riots ‘manufactured by Merkel media’ When thousands of Muslim “refugees” descended on New Year’s Eve celebrations across Europe and set off explosives and sexually attacked hundreds of girls, the police were scarce and…


Police Fire Water Cannons and Pepper Spray at Anti-“Rapefugees” Rally in Cologne But Not Mass Migrant Sex Mobs on NYE

Where was this strong police presence on New Year’s Eve? There were mass riots and coordinated sex attacks that spanned all of Europe. Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland. Why weren’t the tactics used against the anti-rape and robbery rally employed against the Muslim Migrant hordes? Photo above: Police use pepper spray against supporters of…


German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands march against invaders

It’s interesting now to hear German officials say what I have warned of for months: civil war. Thousands of anti-immigration protesters marched through the streets of a German city, in the latest demonstration against the huge invasion of Muslim migrants. German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands…

17,500 Patriots Gather to Sing Christmas Carols Against Islamisation in Germany

#InfidelLivesMatter Anti-islamization demos are growing in Germany. The grass roots organization behind the protests, Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West, will be smeared, defamed and libeled. Any movement opposing jihad and sharia is summarily destroyed by Western elites. I wonder if the leaders of know what they are in for. I hope they are…

Defeating a Terror-Tied Monster Mosque in Munich

Islamic supremacists are planning to construct a huge victory mosque next to the Stachus in the heart of Munich. A lone and  courageous voice in the wilderness is fighting it: the Freedom Party of Germany’s leader, Michael Stuerzenberger. In the above video, Michael Stuerzenberger makes a reasoned and rational case against the terror-tied monster mosque…

Tommy Robinson vs Mo

A few weeks ago we issued a statement expressing our disenchantment with Tommy Robinson’s new course. We applauded his decision to dissociate himself from the racists, neo-Nazis and antisemites who persisted in trying to gain control of the English Defence League, but were extremely suspicious of his association with the pseudo-moderate and extremely disingenuous Quilliam Foundation.


Counter “Counter-jihadists”

Bruce Bawer's piece in today's FrontPage magazine is must read. Go. Now. Notes on ‘Counterjihad’ By Bruce Bawer, Front Page Magazine, July 29, 2013 (thanks to Robert Spencer) “Counterjihadist.” If you had told me a couple of decades ago that this would be one of the many labels that would someday be attached to my…


Human Rights Activists From U.S. and Europe to Pay Respects to Jihad Victim on Armed Forces Day in London

Photo from left: Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Anders Gravers in  Freedom Rally in Stockholm, Sweden , summer 2012 NEW YORK, June 20: Human rights activists from three nations will converge in London on June 29, Armed Forces Day in England, to pay respects to Drummer Lee Rigby, the British service man who…


Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer To Speak At EDL Rally In Woolwich, Goons and Haters Call For UK Entry Ban

If you had told me that twelve years after 9/11, patriots and freedom lovers dedicated to opposing the ideology behind those attacks on the homeland (and over 21,000 deadly Islamic attacks worldwide since) would be demonized, dehumanized and the object of a campaign to get us banned from an allied nation — I would have…


A Stalinist show trial: Tommy Robinson on the BBC

This BBC clip is appalling. #ROCKONTOMMY – Tommy Robinson: always outnumbered, never outgunned HERESY TODAY .com LEAK Ample evidence now of authorities suppressing extent of dissent in UK. Deliberately underestimating street level response in anger to Lee Rigby. Suppression of the exposure of rape gangs. Deliberate attempts by politicians (see analytical segment at end of…


UK: Soldiers face dismissal if found supporting EDL

I suppose the dhimmi British establishment would have the British soldiers supporting the Muslim beheaders. BBC coverage certainly pointed to that. Proud freedom lovers are oppressed, demonized and condemned by the new totalitarians. General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, wrote to urge all service personnel not to get drawn into the politics…

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