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Vogue is trembling with excitement.  Everyone is just agog and atwitter over Gloria Steinem’s new series for Vice on “brave women.” Vice has produced Gloria Steinem’s new series on “how violence against women drives global instability,” and it contains not one word about sharia, gender apartheid, sex slaves, or women marked for death by Islamic…


Genocide in Congo: Christians killed, hacked to death, as thousands flee continuing Muslim violence

Why isn’t Obama offering emergency asylum to these victims? These are real refugees fleeing jihad. He won’t because they are Christian. Obama brings in the perps, not the victims. Christians in the Congo are under siege. Bishops  denounced a “climate of genocide” and the passivity of the Congolese State and international community. “Does the situation…

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Muslims Complain About “Backlash” Over Al-Shabab Activity

It’s always the same all over the world. Instead of cleaning house, and expunging the texts and teachings of Islam of all calls to warfare against the kuffar, Muslims complain that they’re the victims of “Islamophobia.” And if officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are anything like those in the West, they’re respond with massive concessions and accommodations, and cut back on counter-terror efforts….

French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an organized network of Pedophiles

Have you seen this LA Times piece on United Nations: A Network of Pedophiles? A French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an organized network of pedophiles at the UN mission: Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal. UNITED NATIONS — A scandal about the sexual abuse of Congolese women and…

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