Hate crime in Toronto jumps 8% in 2016, Jew-hatred TOPS list at 30%, Anti-Muslim LOWEST with 15%

Despite the reality of these figures what you will not see is a motion like M-103 (Canada’s islamophobia bill) to fight antisemitism.

These figures mirror “hate crime” statistics in the US and Europe where antisemitic hate crimes far outpace all others. Here in the States, anti-Jewish hate crimes is almost triple anti-Muslim hate crime but enemedia, academic and cultural elites bang gthe “Islamophobia” drum daily but never more than after a jihad attack.


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Don’t Worry about ‘Islamophobia’ Law, Says Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Canadian Spokesman

As the Canadian Parliament prepares to adopt a motion condemning “Islamophobia,” the Canadian media have shifted into high-gear propaganda mode to smear all opposition to this anti-free speech measure as hysterical. Leading the charge in the Toronto Star is Faisal Kutty, who teaches law at Valparaiso University Law School in Indiana and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and has numerous ties to groups linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Backlash against Trudeau’s Syrian Refugee Policy after multiple young girls sexually assaulted in Edmonton Water Park

Water park sex attacks on young infidel girls at public pools are rampant in Europe post-invasion. Why wouldn’t Canada take precautionary measures or does Prime Minister Trudeau and his leftwing Islamic apologists believe our daughters should be sexually sacrificed on the alter of dhimmitude and sharia?


Report: Muslim Migrant Men Enrolled In Canadian High School, Sexually Harassing Young Girls, 23 Y-O Men Hitting on 14 Y-O Girls

Anyone who thought this was just Europe’s problem has not been paying attention. Obama and Trudeau can’t import these predatory savages fast enough. “Syrian migrants in New Brunswick schools,” The Rebel Media, June 28, 2016: Syrian migrant men in their twenties — some with full beards — are being dumped into classrooms at Fredericton High…


Toronto Muslims: some ‘women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love’

Our leaders seem to be hell-bent on importing more of this savagery. I have seen the future, brother, it is murder. “Toronto: some ‘women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love,’” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, May 28, 2016: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau espouses a principled policy for the elimination of…


CBC won’t name MASS RAPIST because he’s a Muslim migrant

Herein lies the reason I refer to the press as the enemedia. They are the enemy, and people must understand who and what we are fighting. Empowered with special privileges and enormous power, the media is a radical activist organization hellbent on imposing its totalitarian agenda on free people. The media in Europe do the…

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