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CBC won’t name MASS RAPIST because he’s a Muslim migrant

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Herein lies the reason I refer to the press as the enemedia. They are the enemy, and people must understand who and what we are fighting. Empowered with special privileges and enormous power, the media is a radical activist organization hellbent on imposing its totalitarian agenda on free people. The media in Europe do the […]READ MORE

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Shafia Sharia: NEW TRIAL for Mass Honor Murderer in Canada


Justin Trudeau’s Canada. “God’s curse on them for generations. May the devil … sh*t on their graves … They betrayed Islam…..Muhammad Shafia “They betrayed Islam. They betrayed our religion. They betrayed everything.” ….Mohammad Shafia The father said of his murdered daughters (at his and his wife and son’s hands), “May the devil defecate on their […]READ MORE

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Canada: Liberals Turning Military Bases into Refugee Camps with Mosques, Qurans, Prayer Mats, Foot-Washing


This is unforgivable in light of what we have seen in Europe. Turning military bases into refugee camps complete with mosques is a stunning metaphor for what is going on as the sun sets on the West. “BREAKING: Liberals to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases — Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans” By […]READ MORE

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Canada: “Hate Speech” Proposal Threatens Free Speech


It’s not just Canada. It’s everywhere. In America, voices of freedom are prohibited from speaking at college campuses. Mainstream media outlets blacklist those who oppose jihad terror. Curt Schilling gets fired from ESPN for a tweet against Islamic extremism. Years ago I said “truth is the new hate speech.” I was right, and now it […]READ MORE

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“No non-Muslims allowed”: Disabled man denied subsidized housing because he’s not Muslim

Sharia in action — this is Islam in the West. Under any other circumstances, Austin Lewis would be the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s latest poster boy: He’s in a wheelchair and has been denied accommodation in taxpayer subsidized housing. (thanks to Ezra Levant) Except that particular building is Muslim-only — a blatantly discriminatory provision that […]READ MORE

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Photo: Leftist Canadian Prime Minister candidate Thomas Mulclair with Islamic supremacist, Jew-hating jihad supporter Nazih Khataba

The launch of the Canadian federal election occurred last week, and its significance reaches far beyond Canada itself. There is no more firmly pro-Israel leader in the world today than Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper. However, despite a strong economy, low crime rate, and stability, this great Prime Minister is in a major electoral fight […]READ MORE

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Canadian Converts to Islam Planned to Kill Jewish Children

islamic jew hatred ad

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Quran. Point that out and you are a “hater,” a “racist,” an  “islamophobe.” Mosques, madrassas, imams teaching and preaching these antisemitic Islamic texts and teachings is righteous. Go figure. Chalk it up to surrender and submission under the perverse power of Islam. A Canadian devout Muslim couple, who were […]READ MORE

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U.S. Officials want deradicalization advice from al-Qaeda linked terror operative

If the Obama administration sees the Islamic State as a “strategic asset,” why wouldn’t they want advice from an al-Qaeda-linked op? I have written about Hussain Hamdani before. Hussain Hamdani encouraged Muslim student activists “to Islamize campus politics.”  An organization led by Hamdani, joined with the Saudi World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) to launch […]READ MORE

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Public Safety advisor Hussein Hamdani suspended: Calls “to Islamize campus politics”

We have this same terror-tied Muslim Student Association and their operatives inciting and terrorizing American college campuses. The MSA: —Was the first Muslim Brotherhood affiliate to gain a foothold in the United States —A key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam –The flagship of some 600 campus MSA chapters nationwide, of which approximately […]READ MORE

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Canada: Muslims Found Guilty of Trying to Bomb NY-Toronto Rail Line

As if there were any doubt …. These chemical engineering students  also plotted to unleash bioterror on hundreds on thousands of infidels. Via Rail plot trial: Raed Jaser, Chiheb Esseghaier found guilty on several terror charges Jurors return verdicts on the 10th day of deliberations, CBC News Posted: Mar 20, 2015 Raed Jaser and Chiheb […]READ MORE

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“Mosques in Canada inciting hatred against the country”

This is consistent with at least three comprehensive surveys taken of American mosques as well. An overwhelming number of American mosques teach, advance, and promote violent jihad, as dictated by Islamic teaching. Is it any wonder that Muslim Brotherhood-tied groups like CAIR are pursuing legislation and policy to restrict law enforcement infiltration of mosques? How […]READ MORE

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police scheduled to join spokesman of two Al Qaeda-funding organizations on “de-radicalization” panel

Where to begin? The Royal Canadian Mounties have been partnering with al Qaeda and other jihad organizations in an outreach endeavor to combat …. jihad. It is, in a word, stupefying and suicidal, but illustrative of Western elites’ capitulation and appeasement of Islamic supremacist infiltration. This jaw-dropping policy is not new. They have been “partnering” […]READ MORE

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Canada: Airforce ’s ‘Inappropriate’ taunt to ISIS Removed from Twitter

What the hell is wrong with everyone? News reports reflect the weak and feckless pantywaists who have gained control of the culture, the media, the politics. Implying that this tweet injects a new element into campaign against ISIS — “revenge” — would be laughable if it weren’t self-defeating and suicidal. The tweet was too soft […]READ MORE

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