Burma Bans Time Magazine Labeling Monk as ‘Face of Terror’

TIME Magazine keeps licking the jackboots of the global jihad time and time again. According to TIME magazine, Buddhist monk = face of terror (no, this is not the Onion). Next they'll have Mother Theresa with a bomb strapped to her habit. Why doesn't the media ever ask, hmmmmm, everywhere Muslims immigrate there is conflict….


Photo of the Week

Anytime Buddhist monks have to carry guns for self-defense, it's a pretty good bet that the Religion of Peace is involved. (hat tip The Religion of Peace.com) Of course, you know whose side Obama is on in the Myanmar jihad, don't you?


Unrest rocks Myanmar after Buddhist woman torched by a Muslim man

Anywhere there are Muslims, there is conflict. When they reach a certain level of population, they engage in jihad in order oppress and subjugate the non-Muslim community,  using violence when necessary. Myanmar is no different from every other country/region where Muslims are agitating for conquest (Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Israel, Chechnya, Kosovo, etc. etc.)….


Obama sides with the Jihadists in Myanmar

Muslims are waging jihad in Myanmar. Buddhists are fighting back. So of course Obama has to back the jihadists. But he never has a word about the Muslim genocide of Christians in the Mideast or Africa.  Obviously, he is not on our side. Don't buy the Muslim myth of victimhood in Burma. It's the same…


#MyJihad in Burma: Violence erupts in Burma, leaving scores dead

The similarity to another invented people, the Palestinians, is striking The term Rohingya is never known to history nor it is ever recorded in the official documents as the designation of a Muslim coterie in Rakhaing, ostensibly cross-bred by Arab castaways. It is only a belied term employed by the alien Muslim separatists, with the…

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