Cartoon Riot

Riot as in funny …..gotcha!  I love this cartoon: When Pamela (Almost) Went To England, just published over at The Jewish Press. I don't expect this cartoon will incite rioting — unless, of course, some hate preacher says that one of those jihadists is Muhammad.


The Washington Times: Pamela Geller Interview Part III

Joseph Cotto interviewed me for a piece in The Washington Times, "Pamela Geller is speaking up." Part I is here. Part II is here. Below is part III. Here's an excerpt: Israel, Obama, Jewish Democrats, and Pamela Geller Washington Times FLORIDA, June 24, 2012 — From describing traditional media outlets as "propaganda arms for the left" to accusing…


Sunday Interview with Pamela Geller

The Pundit Press features an interview with yours truly that I think you will enjoy — go here. This is a continuing series with notables on the web. 2. What has been your proudest moment as a blogger? It is hard to isolate just one, but I'm very proud of establishing the Aqsa Parvez Memorial…


The Quebec TV Interview: “La droite étasunienne selon Pamela Geller”

A few months back (before the Islamic revolutions in the Middle East and Africa), I did an interview with Richard Martineau for his news magazine television show, Les Francs-Tiruers. It aired a couple of weeks back on Quebec Television, but was not viewable in the States. Télé-Québec: The Mavericks, Interview Pamela Geller We discuss Obama,…

WaPo’s Leftist/Islamic Narrative: Pro-Freedom = Anti-Muslim

The Islamic supremacists and their left-wing shills are getting nervous that good people are beginning to stand up, get up, stand for their lives. The recent counter jihad actions, i.e., fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Staten Island, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and the mega mosque at  Ground Zero are just the beginning. And so we get…


The Jihad Decade Cometh

As we look back on the past American decade, one wonders how we could be entering a "post-American" decade. How did it all go so so wrong, so quickly? 2000 kicked off with the Democrat ruse of a "stolen election" — this from the racketeering party of ACORN — but thankfully, it was not stolen…

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