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[ July 24, 2017 ]

“Progressive” Radio Station KPFA CANCELS Atheist Richard Dawkins Speech Because He Criticized Islam

[ July 24, 2017 ]


[ July 24, 2017 ]

Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence

[ July 24, 2017 ]

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

[ July 24, 2017 ]

South Sudan Sexual Violence on ‘Massive Scale,’ Report Says

[ July 24, 2017 ]

Muslim killer-cop Mohamed Noor got FAST-TRACK TRAINING for Minneapolis police force

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Attack on Israeli Embassy in Jordan

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Adult-Onset Islam: The Case of Prison Conversions

[ July 23, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslims in Gaza CELEBRATE Slaughter of Jewish Family #savages

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Savage Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour PRAISES mass murder of Jewish family on Shabbat, incites to violence


WIKILEAKS Bombshell: Clinton’s “Catholic Liaison” Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring, “Obscenity” and “Compelling” “Nude Minors”

Everyone and everything associated with the Clintons is tainted in some grotesque way. It’s biblically bad. Scanning the latest Podesta email dump, I found this: From: Fred Rotondaro Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:45 AM To: Juliana Gendelman Subject: Don’t know if you want to bother John with this but Eric McFadden, who was Hillary’s…


The most informative interview I conducted in Israel belonged to the brilliant writer, journalist, intellectual, Israel's national treasure, Caroline Glick. Download CarolineGlick1.wav Part 1, Download caroline_glick_2.wav Part 2 Some of her sagacious remarks; "All the missiles are Iranian. " [referring to the constant rain of rockets and mssile activity – Atlas] "We have to be…

The Lessons of Sderot and the Brilliant Man Behind them

***UPDATED WITH VIDEO*** SCROLL DOWN*** Through the rocket scarred south, we made our way to Sderot, a fabled town known for its music and  home to manyof Israel’s most popular musicians. A cultural enclave, this bucolic hamlet has suffered 3,500 rocket attacks in six years, and the Israeli government did nothing. They urged restraint. Urged…

Bombing Haifa

Went to Haifa today to meet with the Mayor and survey the missile damage. Haifa has to be one of the most beautiful cities by the sea I have had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing. There is no bottom to the depths the savages will go. In a quaint and exquisitive corner of the city…

Live in Person DORE GOLD in Jerusalem

IDF military intel got every phone number in South Lebanon and they are working the phones. Paraphrasing, "we know Hezb’Allah is in your home. We know Katuyshas are  in your home and unless they are moved your home will become a target!" When are I asked Mr. Gold if the reason the Lebanese were not…

Where Men are Men

Rambam Hospital is suffering the distinction of being the first to confront  meeting an unprecendented challenge -providing lifesaving emergency treatments of civilian casualties of missile attacks, at the same time receiving IDF war wounded from South Lebanon (you know how the Hezb’Allah jihadis love shrapnel and ballbearings in their IEDs) and going into crisis mode…

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