Atlanta: Bloody Muslim ritual includes children this year

It begins again: the bloody ritual. And while we are used to seeing this savagery in the Middle-East and Southeast Asia, it has come to America. Ebola anyone? This is Atlanta. Here are some shots from across the world: Baghdad Delhi Lebanon Bangladesh Iraq Yangon Karbala This man in Myanmar has attacked several knives to…


Muslim Holiday Ashura: Blood on American Streets

Once again the annual bloody ritual of Ashura is upon us. Muslims flagellate themselves and their children with whips and chains until bloody to commemorate the death of our President’s namesake, Hussein. Why is this savagery tolerated in the US, considering that blood borne illnesses could be hazardous and such? But it’s more imporant to adhere to and to respect the sharia and not offend Islam. That is the priority.

Afghan Muslims beating themselves in memory of Hussein

“When I was 15 years old I started hitting myself to commemorate (Imam) Hussein’s martyrdom with our blood. I used to hit my back with the chains but now I am hitting my chest. I have promised God that as long as I am alive I would shed my blood to mark Hussein’s martyrdom because Hussein scarified himself for Allah,” Abdul Aziz Karbalaiee said.


Ashura in NY and Beyond: Burka Blockade on Park Avenue

Ashura in New York…… previous years of Ashura in NY and across the world. Gruesome. Park Avenue, NYC: "Fight oppression" — oh, the irony. On an otherwise quiet Sunday morning, imagine our surprise when, in the driving rain, traffic was at a full stop. There was a sea of black burkas and coffins — yes,…

Ashoura: Respect it!

We seek broader engagement based upon mutual interest and mutual respect. We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstanding, and we will seek common ground. We will be respectful even when we do not agree. Barrack Hussein   Indian Muslims flagellate themselves on Ashura, in Mumbai, India, Monday, Dec. 28, 2009. A Muslim girl participates…

An Independence Open Thread

What better to close the week and kick off my favorite annual holiday then with a little patriotic Louis Armstrong? It's his birthday tomorrow, so look for lots of wonderful Armstrong this holiday weekend. Happy Fourth!


And of course they are using Ashura to gin up Islamic Jew hatred Our friends the SAUDIS: Muslims hold knives during the Shi’ite Ashura religious festival in Qatif PAKISTAN: A Muslim performs self-flagellation during the religious Ashura procession in Karachi January 8, 2009. Ashura falls on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram…


Unfathomable. (WaPo video) "extraordinary ritual" The Washington Post’s account of the bloody, masochistic ritual of Ashura is jaw dropping. It calls to mind the puff piece The New York Times did on clitorectomies. The fact that Muslims have brought this vile (blood borne disease anyone?) practice to the streets of New York is bad enough…

Religion of Peace thru Barbarism

It’s that time again. Ashoura "Festival." Remember last year, click here? I expect this to be all the rage in Hollywood shortly, cutting in a big way – Insane Fonda,  Penn, Sarandon – this is one rally they ought to be leading. The blood stains are seen on the back of an Afghan Shiite Muslim…

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