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[ August 17, 2017 ]

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop at Flint airport calls himself “Soldier of Allah,” says his...

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Majority of Muslim Asylum Seekers In Austria Want Jokes About Islam BANNED

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Muslim Convicted of Brutal Rape, Murder of 4-Year-Old Girl Shot, Hung in Public Square

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Outrage After Queens Museum Cancels Israel Event Due to Palestinian Pressure

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Buzzfeed’s “Inaccurate” “Misleading” Article Designed to Shut Down Jihad-Terror Reporting

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Charlottesville: Either all racism is bad. Or all racism is acceptable.

[ August 16, 2017 ]

A Vademecum of Islam: Economic Development in Muslim Societies

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Chicago Police Clash With Antifa Protesters Outside Cook County Courthouse

[ August 16, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim ‘refugees’ beat young man to death in nightclub in Italy

[ August 16, 2017 ]



Netanyahu Checkmates Obama

UPDATE: Here is video of his speech It was a beatific experience. Having suffered through the endless, verbose rhetoric of Harry Reid, redeemed only by the straight and delicious (abbreviated) remarks of John Boehner, Benjamin Netanyahu finally took the stage at 10:30. Netanyahu faced a daunting task. Obama, in nothing short of a brilliant Machiavellian…


Islam Attacks: Booby-Trapping Bodies of Dead U.S. Soldiers

A posting on the jihadi forum Shumukh Al-Islam, by a member calling himself "Al-Raya Al-Sawda" ("Black Flag"), urges booby-trapping the bodies of American soldiers killed in "successful" jihad operations, and then detonating the charges by remote control when other troops come to collect the bodies or when they are on board a plane carrying them…

AIPAC: What Cheney said……

Here’s what I missed, PLENTY. This  was not boilerplate; Anti-war lawmakers in Congress are "undermining" U.S. troops in Iraq by trying to limit President Bush’s spending requests for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. "When members of Congress pursue an anti-war strategy that’s been called ‘slow bleeding,’ they are not supporting the troops, they are…

AIPAC: Benjamin Netanyahu’s the Man

It was a relief to listen to Netanyahu after Livni. I hear over and over again from Israelis that Netanyahu wasn’t strong enough when he was Prime Minister. He inherited Oslo, what did they expect and frankly next to what they elected – he is positively hardline. Think about it. His message. Divest in Iran….

AIPAC: Tzipi Livni Serves Up Denial Cold

I did not schedule a 6 am wake up call to hear Dick Cheney at AIPAC this morning. I heard him at the Go here.]. Notable was half the crowd did not stand up when Cheney said Bush was the best friend Israel ever had (the jewicidals no doubt.) I did arrive in time to…

Muslim Soccer: Intifada vs. Mujahideen

It’s  a long story but over dinner I sat with a bunch of non- blog reading yokels (in a good way!) but I did have the good fortune to sit next to two hysterical characters (non-yokels) from Orange County – interesting . Dressing boy (as in salad dressing) was affiliated  with the Hillel Foundation (actually…

Liveblogging AIPAC 2007

I got into DC, dashed to the Convention Center in time to crash the policy briefing, "Sunni, Shia, and Radical Islam’s War Against the West " and I gotta tell you. I wanna hurl. I got there while the Q&A was in progress and was confronted by two  "responsible intellectuals" (oxymoron) on the dais.What I…

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