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Three Afghan Military Officers Reported Missing From Cape Cod Base in The US

What are Afghan soldiers doing on our home soil? Especially now, with the jihad raging in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. These are the same “Afghan partners” who are slaughtering our soldiers and military brass in “insider attacks” in Afghanistan.  Yesterday’s “moderate” Afghan soldiers are today’s jihadists, and the bloodbath begins. Under Obama’s reign, insider attacks […]READ MORE

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Two American troops among dead in Afghanistan suicide bombing


These American soldiers are two more casualties of Obama’s reckless and feckless policies. His suicidal Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan make our troops sitting ducks, and this kind of attack inevitable. “Two American troops among dead in Afghanistan suicide bombing,”, September 16, 2014: Two American troops and a Polish service member were killed Tuesday […]READ MORE

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Devout Muslim Groups Celebrate 9/11 Attacks


The Islamic State tweeted this out celebrating 9/11 anniversary cake with the World Trade Center being attacked: This is a Taliban splinter group- the Taliban who Obama has elevated to a “legitimate partner” forcing NATO and President Karia to work with and recognize. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar celebrates 9/11 attack By Bill Roggio, Threat Matrix, September 11, 2014 […]READ MORE

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Afghanistan: Taliban forces Sikhs to wear yellow armbands


Like the yellow star the Nazis forced the Jews to wear, the armband singles the Sikhs out for persecution and harassment — and eventual slaughter. Muslims have persecuted and slaughtered Sikhs for over 550 years. Our international freedom coalition has broad support from the Sikh and Hindu communities. But some Sikhs in the USA “partner” […]READ MORE

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Al-Qaida announces India wing, renews loyalty to Taliban chief

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.42.32 AM

And the global jihad grows. Al Qaeda announces the formation of a jihad army in India, while renewing al Qaeda’s loyalty to Taliban. And allies of the Taliban (Hezb-e-Islami) are joining the Islamic State. But Obama say, the Islamic State “has already failed.” “Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri declared Wednesday in a video message that the […]READ MORE

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Devout Islamic Mullah Violently Rapes a 10-Year-old Muslim Girl in Mosque, Family Plans Honor Killing


Dr. Hassina Sarwari, the head of Women for Afghan Women, showed photos of a girl who reported being raped by a mullah. Photo courtesy of: Bryan Denton @  The New York Times Because everybody knows ….. Islam empowers women. And little girls. “Devout Islamic Mullah Violently Rapes a 10-Year-old Muslim Girl in Mosque,”  Sharia Unveiled on July 20, […]READ MORE

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Photo of traitor Bowe Bergdahl smiling and posing with Senior Taliban official surfaces

Bergdahl twitter

Obama traded this vile traitor for five top Taliban officials. it compels one to ask — who is the biggest enemy of America? Obama — sides with the jihadists every time. Stay on top of what’s really happening. Follow me on Twitter here. Like me on Facebook here. “Photo of smiling Bowe Bergdahl posing with […]READ MORE

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Taliban Commanders Say Bergdahl Was Cursing His Countrymen When They Found Him #CourtMartialBergdahl

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.57.11 PM

And while the veracity of what the Taliban say comes into question, it is clear they have been a heck of a lot more honest than the Obama regime. “Taliban Commanders Say They Found Bergdahl Cursing His Countrymen,” NBC News, June 6, 2014 The Taliban found Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl walking alone, acting abnormally and cursing […]READ MORE

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Obama’s Jihad: Taliban twist the knife with propaganda video of moment fighters waving white-flag-on-a-stick handed deserter Abdullah Bergdahl

white flag berghal

Military heroes like Michael Behanna rotted in Leavenworth for heroic acts, and this treasonous rat is getting a hero’s welcome and promotion to staff sergeant (set to happen soon) by a rogue administration bent on destroying the military and our country. Remember Obama’s campaign promise? Afghanistan was the right war, the good war. Remember? He […]READ MORE

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Special forces found Bergdahl and captors but wouldn’t risk rescue for “deserter”

sniper and Bergdahl

They had lost enough already going after this jihadi. “Special forces found Bergdahl and captors but wouldn’t risk rescue for ‘deserter,’” by Guy Taylor, The Washington Times, June 2, 2014 (thanks to Christian): The Pentagon on several occasions had ground-level intelligence on where ArmySgt. [sic] Bowe Bergdahl was being held captive at various times — […]READ MORE

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Bergdahl “wouldn’t drink beer or eat barbecue and hang out with the other 20-year-olds”

*Apr 07 - 00:05*

It is clear now why he wouldn’t drink beer or eat barbecue. This man who wanted to renounce his American citizenship and join the Taliban was obeying Islamic food laws. And look at all the American resources wasted on him: missions diverted to attempts to find him, and American soldiers killed because of him. He […]READ MORE

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Bergdahl Left Note Saying He Wanted to Renounce His American Citizenship and Go Find the Taliban


Obama traded five battle-hardened jihadis for this traitor and deserter. How many times does Obama have to show himself to be an enemy of the American people and American interests before people start to catch on? “Wartime messages to parents, fellow soldiers reveal troubled Bergdahl,”, June 3, 2014: Email exchanges between Army Sgt. Bowe […]READ MORE

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