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US funds used for payment to Al Qaeda

al qaeda nyc

When fantasy meets reality — this is just another heinous consequence of Obama’s policy of delusion and evasion. The Islamic State is winning victories with American weaponry and the 9/11 jihadists are getting rich off American taxpayer dollars. Epic failure. Ayn Rand on evasion: “Dropping below the level of a savage, who believes that the […]READ MORE

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Taliban MURDERS lawyer of Pakistani doctor that helped CIA kill Osama Bin Laden


Despicable. Shameful. Un-American. Obama has turned on every ally who has stood with America in defense of freedom. Worse, Obama supports the murderers and has refused to call the Taliban terrorists. This man was the lawyer for the hero that helped us get OBL, the terror master behind the 9/11 mass murder of Americans. Obama […]READ MORE

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Jihadist kills 3 Americans in Afghanistan


Obama say, the Taliban is not a terrrorist group. Obama say, Islam is peace. Obama say, Afghanistan is “not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again.” Gunman kills 3 American contractors in Afghanistan, FOX News, January 29, 2015 Three American contractors and an Afghan national were shot to death in the North Kabul […]READ MORE

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Terror President: Obama Fails to Blame Taliban for Mass School Murder in Pakistan

pakistan jihad

Consider  the implications of this and what it actually means. In his continuing support for the Taliban terrorist group,  Obama refused to name or blame them in yesterday’s terror attack on a school, an attack so savage, so evil it shocked the world – a world inured to  even the most gruesome horrors of unimaginable […]READ MORE

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Obama vs. Bush

bush voting

2004 (above) vs. 2014. What a difference a prez makes. Afghan voting under Obama: 2014: Above photo from a few months back shows Afghans who had their fingers cut off by the Taliban as punishment for voting.(thanks to TROP) 2004: Below Afghan voting under Bush: 2004: Afghan refugee Moqadasa Sidiqi, 19, creates history, being the […]READ MORE

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