Obama’s “Peace” Partners Kill Four Americans in Jihad Bombing at US Base in Afghanistan

Obama’s roiling failures that the media lauds and Americans pay for with their very lives. Pray for these heroes’ families. More American lives have been destroyed by Obama’s flawed world view. The Republicans fought and defeated them. The Democrats partnered with them when Obama turned the country over to the Taliban. Rivers of American blood…


Muslim Migrant Locks Wife in Bedroom, Sets House on Fire, Watches Her Burn: Police

A 43-year-old Muslim migrant named Abdul Barati has been accused by police, neighbors and witnesses of locking his wife in the bedroom of their home, setting the house on fire, and standing idly by as she screamed and begged for her life. That’s according to the Daily Mail, reporting from the neigborhood of Guilford in…


44 Afghan Troops Training on U.S. Military Bases Go Mysteriously Missing

Jihadis on the loose, trained by the US military. Where are they? That’s the big question and mystery surrounding 44 members of the Afghanistan military who’ve been training on U.S. soil, at U.S. military bases, but who’ve now gone missing. As Fox News puts it: “Nearly four dozen Afghan troops training in the U.S. have…

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