NO Charges Filed Against Muslim Hate-Crime Hoaxer

Faked hate crimesters should suffer as egregious a penalty as real hate crimes perpetrators – the majority of which are against Jews, not Muslims.

These faked anti-Muslim hate crimes which far outnumber actual anti-Muslim hate crimes do enormous damage. The defame and libel good people. They give Muslim terror-tied groups like un-indicted co-conspirator CAIR weapons to club elected officials into some legislative action.


San Diego: ANOTHER faked Muslim hate crime, hijabi drops charges

Every “anti-Muslim” attack “incited” by President-elect Trump has been a hoax by Muslims to give proof to the lie. “Hate crimes” — a specious criminal designation as it criminalizes thought — receive harsher sentences because of the special designation.

I submit those who hoax hate crimes should receive even stiffer penalties. They smear whole communities, create hate based on lies and are responsible for the new Leftist bogeyman “fake news.”

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