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[ July 24, 2017 ]

“Progressive” Radio Station KPFA CANCELS Atheist Richard Dawkins Speech Because He Criticized Islam

[ July 24, 2017 ]


[ July 24, 2017 ]

Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence

[ July 24, 2017 ]

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

[ July 24, 2017 ]

South Sudan Sexual Violence on ‘Massive Scale,’ Report Says

[ July 24, 2017 ]

Muslim killer-cop Mohamed Noor got FAST-TRACK TRAINING for Minneapolis police force

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Attack on Israeli Embassy in Jordan

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Adult-Onset Islam: The Case of Prison Conversions

[ July 23, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslims in Gaza CELEBRATE Slaughter of Jewish Family #savages

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Savage Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour PRAISES mass murder of Jewish family on Shabbat, incites to violence


Clinton Aide to Podesta on ‘Foreign Govt Donors’: ‘All the Money Is In’

The hits from WikiLeaks just keep on coming. The latest revelation to emerge is that one of Bill Clinton’s personal aides – his personal chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, for that matter – told Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta in an email that “all” the donations from “foreign governments” were in and tallied. Flourney’s…


Ode to a spineless Wonder

Singer Stevie Wonder agreed to perform at the 2012 winter gala of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, until anti-Israel groups pressured him to cancel. Stevie caved to their lies and propaganda and backed out. Stevie, this one is for you.


Oh no you didn’t

lml. So not linkedln LinkedInGrover Norquist has indicated you are a person they've done business with at Americans for Tax ReformI'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Grover Norquist   Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Grover Norquist's Jihad – Atlas … Mar 4, 2010 … Photo above: Suhail Khan, Grover Norquist…


Do the boika!

Desperate times call for desperate measures Doe de boerka! Couldn't they find a girl who could actually dance? Whatev. I like it. I hope they have good security. They are going to need it. (vid tip Rick) UPDATE: Cue the killers: Death threats for singer of burqa song … (hat tip Bert Korn)



You just have to love Atlas readers. I mean, really love. Here is a video made by an Atlas reader, Living Engine, "in defense of Pamela Geller." I don't know which is more fantab, vids like that or paintings like this via FB message on Facebook (artist — Phillip Barr). How cool is that?



This is one funny site. No, really. It is. Go — you need it. We all need it. Hilarious. (thanks to Mark Haney)


America, I love her!

This is what it is, and what shall be. There is so much in this small vignette, this slice of Americana, that speaks to something so much bigger. This is America. Freedom and the love of it. Spontaneous, bursting with pride, free. We will not be defeated. Video hat tip Mark Haney


Chicken fat back to the chicken!

Who can relate to this? OMG! This is such a blast from America's singular past, it knocked me off my seat. Flashback to girls gym class in elementary school — in our grass green hot pant jumpsuits shuffling into the gym, and Mrs. Klein, who was Patton in drag, would put this record on so…


Try it on Moe

I think the artist should do the same with the humorless Moe. Ah, yes. Heads would roll. Smithsonian 'Anty Christ' furor NY Post hat tip Amanda A Smithsonian exhibit that includes a video of ants crawling on a crucified Christ has triggered an unholy backlash — with the head of the Catholic League fuming that…


Olberwomann’s Worst Person in The World: Pamela Geller

Well, that didn't take long. He's baaaaack from a sweet but altogether too-short suspension. Tonight I was Keith Undershtupper's Olbermann's Worst Person in the World. And here I thought my week could not be topped. This makes the honor being given to me this on Friday night at The Breakers, the Freedom Center's Annie Taylor…

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