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[ July 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO Protests ERUPT: DEMAND MAYOR BETSY HODGES’ RESIGNATION, shut down press conference

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Police Chief Resigs over Damond Shooting, But Killer-Cop Still on Force

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Green onions on an open thread

[ July 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Pamela Geller Facebook LIVE on Facebook bans, jihad in Israel and Minneapolis Muslim Cop

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Muslim stabs two Israelis to death in Judea and Samaria, wounds a third

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Three Killed, Over 200 Wounded As Muslim Rioters Rage Over Temple Mount

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Linda Sarsour’s Jihad

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Minneapolis police chief: Muslim killer cop Mohamed Noor “very suited to be on the street”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Netanyahu: “The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Former Reagan Attorney General: “No responsible media outlet should parrot the SPLC’s hate list”

Islamic jihadists murder 29 in car bombing in Nigeria

If these nearly daily jihad mass murders were happening in America or Europe, maybe our blinkered and compromised intelligentsia would wake up to the nature and magnitude of the threat. But they don’t seem to care about what is happening in Nigeria and in so many other places today.

SION 2014 1st International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia

SION 2014.
From China to Iceland and from New York to Sydney, Islam is spreading. Since the 7th century this unique theocratic ideology, veiled in religious veneer, has conquered people and nations. No other ideology spawns discrimination, division and violence on a global scale. People are looking for information, perspectives and better policies. This symposium offers insights and answers.

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Pamela Geller OpEd, Jerusalem Post: Washington Vs. Jerusalem

After losing Afghanistan, turning over Iraq and Libya to al-Qaida, pressuring Egypt to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power, paving the way for a nuclear Iran, giving weapons to the jihadists in Syria, and alienating Pakistan, US President Barack Obama is going for the full betrayal of Israel. Sources within the Israeli government have reportedly revealed that Secretary of State John Kerry is responsible for the European Union’s threats to boycott Israeli products and companies that operate in territories considered to be “occupied.”

Breivik tried to undermine counter-jihad, admits Nazi goals

Will the media chase this story the way they chased us with it desperate to destroy the counter jihad movement with this monster? The answer is no: once again, the enemedia obscures the facts, preferring instead their version of reality that they think discredits the counter-jihad movement. Muslim supremacists, to this very day, wave the Breivik flag. Ironic, isn’t it?

Officials: Probe eyes NYC-area Muslims with links to al-Qaida, Syria

Authorities are investigating a Muslims with ties to the New York City area who have received overseas training by al-Qaida-affiliated extremist groups before returning to the United States, according to law enforcement officials who have knowledge of local and federal counterterrorism efforts. Are authorities investigating the NY mosques of these devout Muslims? Has Hamas-CAIR gone after law enforcement for islamophobia on this? if not, 3…2…1

Sharia in Action: Dozens arrested for being gay in Nigeria

Gay organizations in America say nothing, but loudly condemned my ad campaign highlighting Muslim oppression of Gays under the sharia. Why haven’t the San Francisco City Council, the Human Rights Commission, SFHRC head Theresa Sparks, and the enemedia issued condemnations and resolutions against this new law in NIgeria? They called my ads hate and issued a resolution against my organization for merely quoting Muslim political leaders, spiritual leaders and cultural voices in the Muslim community who call for the torture and death of Gay people.

Moscow: City Hall Rejects Mass Islamophobia Rally in Wake of Multiple Islamic Attacks

Here we go again. Fresh on the heels of bloody Islamic terrorist attacks –bombings at the heavily trafficked railway station in Stalingrad (Volgograd), followed by a homicide bus bombing in the same town, two days later six bodies with gunshot wounds were found in bomb-rigged car, and then this weekend’s arrest of a jihad cell found with bombs, grenades and ammunition — comes the second wave of the jihad – cries of islamophobia.

Defense Minister: Secretary of State Kerry is ‘Obsessive and Messianic”

Daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot cites Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, in closed conversations, as dismissing the US ‘peace plan’ out of hand and calling US Secretary of State John Kerry “messianic” and “obsessive.” ” “the American security plan that was presented to us is not worth the paper it was written on.” Meanwhile, Abbas said Saturday that that no peace agreement would be possible without East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. He also refused to recognize Israel’s self-definition as the state of the Jewish people, a principle endorsed on Sunday by Arab foreign ministers. But while those two positions were not new, his tougher line on the refugee issue was.

Obama Administration Admits it Permitted Iran to Continue Advanced Centrifuge Work

Benghazi, now this. Another bold-faced lie exposed. Is this how far Obama had to go just to get Iran’s President to pick up the phone and talk to him? To what end? The whole point of the talks was to stop Iran from building their nuclear weapons program.

Obama is playing for the other team.
The White House confirmed on Monday that Iran would be permitted to continue developing advanced nuclear centrifuges that will enable it to more quickly enrich uranium under the interim nuclear deal reached over the weekend, according to senior Obama administration officials

Aussie beauty killed waging jihad in Syria after becoming more religious

Amira Karroum did not wear a burqua or niqab, traditional Muslim dress for women, until a few years ago. “She started wearing it once she studied her religion more as an adult …”

And this is what happened when she became devout.

Pictured clad in a black burqa, Karroum bore no resemblance to the fresh-faced student from one of the country’s most prestigious Anglican schools when she died in a bullet-ridden house in Syria last week.

The Benghazi Transcripts: Top Defense officials told Obama it was an ‘attack,’ not video or protest

Fox News is reporting that minutes after the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault on Sept. 11, 2012, the nation’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials — headed for a previously scheduled Oval Office session with President Obama — were informed that the event was a “terrorist attack,” declassified documents show. Not one week after the September 11th attacks on our consulate, Obama stood before the world at the UN and said,”the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Obama said this knowing that the murder of our people and the attack on our consulate was in the cause of Muhammad. It. is. devastating.

Muslims kill young Catholic who complained about anti-Christian violence

This is the same sharia and the same jihad we see in neighboring Burma (Myanmar) and India. And the world wrings it hands about ……… islamophobia. That lie, the islamophobia myth, is a form of jihad too.

Many of the Rohingya Muslims are descendents of these same Bangladeshi Muslims. And Islamic supremacist groups in America are agitating for aid to those jihadists as well.

Tuesday Radio Line-up

Don’t miss my interviews today with on the Andrea Tantaros show this morning, and the Janet Medford show and the Jaz McKay show this afternoon. And tune in tomorrow morning for my weekly gig on Allman in the Morning with Jamie Allman.

Harry Reid Blocks Iran Sanctions Vote

The Iran nuclear deal is in place. And Senate majority leader Harry Reid is preventing the Senate from voting on Iran sanctions to be implemented in case the Iran deal fails. Reid is holding up the vote at the urging of President Obama. Well, what did you expect from the Senate Majority leader of the jihad party? American’s fifth column.

Anti-Americanism is the cry of those now in power and their lapdogs in the media spin that dung into gold.

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