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[ June 27, 2017 ]

Julius Caesar Protest “Assassination Porn”: Shut it Down

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Halal Slaughter on the Terrace

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Antifa fascists now calling for MURDER of white children

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Note to Washington Post: Thomas Jefferson Declared WAR on Muslim States, He Didn’t Cook Iftar...

[ June 27, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Islamic State (ISIS) sex slave was tricked into EATING HER OWN BABY

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Jew-haters march: Al Quds Day march in front of the U.S Consulate in Toronto

[ June 27, 2017 ]

London Bridge jihadi is Muslim migrant who LIED ABOUT HIS AGE AND NAME to enter...

[ June 27, 2017 ]

WATCH: Islamic State HORROR video shows Muslim kids executing prisoners

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Car-fire jihad comes to Oslo

[ June 27, 2017 ]

ISIS issues graphic and extremely hateful threat to wage jihad in the Balkans


Yemen: Muslim father tries to marry his eight-year-old daughter to his nephew

Child marriage, women as property, forced marriage — this is the sharia. The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Muslim countries under the sharia. Until those governments outlaw child marriage and the world takes an unequivocal stand against the most brutal and extreme ideology on the planet, the sharia, then these children have no hope.

Iran’s War Drums: “We Can Hit Any American Or Israeli Target With Our Long-Range Missiles”

“Khamenei had also clarified to the U.S. that it is incapable of attacking Iran, saying: ‘If the Americans are not acting in a [particular] issue, the reason for this is lack of capability, not lack of hostility. They [the Americans] have said, “If we could, we would dismantle Iran’s nuclear industry” – but they cannot… The recent talks showed both America’s hostility and its impotence.”

Twenty-Six Molotov Cocktail Bombs Discovered Next to A Church in Egypt

On Friday, January 3, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked an Evangelical Church in the Gesr El Suez area of Cairo. The mob gathered in front of the church on Ahmed Esmat Street and began to “pelt stones on the church and change slogans against Christians,” Mina Beshay, a Christian in this area, told ICC. Reports indicate that there was no security for the church building and that the attackers operated with impunity — because the Muslim police officers are on the side of the attackers.

Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam, A Group Opposed to Jews Living on Jewish Land

Here is a truly courageous stand for what is right: Scarlett Johansson will no longer be an ambassador to Oxfam. She ended her relationship with the group after it criticized her for supporting SodaStream, which operates a factory in Israel, in Judea and Samaria. Oxfam is a far-Left anti-Semitic pseudo-humanitarian group that opposes all trade from Israeli “settlements” and claims they are illegal, deny “Palestinian rights,” and further poverty in this area that receives billions of dollars annually in humanitarian aid from the US, the EU and elsewhere.

Cairo: Muslims Attack Coptic Orthodox Church. One Dead.

A group of armed men yesterday afternoon attacked the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in the “October 6” district of the governorate of Giza. Police responded to gunfire and one officer died in the shootout, while two others were injured. The residents were able to stop the car carrying the attackers and stop one handing him over to the authorities. His accomplice was arrested a few hours later by officers. The two attackers are Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim and Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, both active in Islamic extremist groups.

World Misogyny Day is Coming February 1

World Hijab Day is February 1. That’s right: World Misogyny Day is coming, and it’s beautiful! Women, girls, cover up. Hide your femininity, hide who you are, because savages cannot control their carnal appetites! Do it and like it! Embrace the hate! Celebrate the most extreme, brutal and misogynistic ideology on the face of the earth!

Obama’s Brother at Barack H. Obama Foundation: Building Mosques, Calling for Destruction of Israel

These pictures are from the website of the Barack H. Obama Foundation. They feature Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama. The objective of the foundation appears to be spreading Islam, building mosques. In one photo, Obama’s brother is wearing the jihad war scarf, a Hamas keffiyeh. It reads: “Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING! and features a map of “Palestine” that reads “From the river to the sea!”

Obama is a liar

Obama said last night that Iran “is not installing advanced centrifuges.” But the Los Angeles Times reports that “the interim nuclear deal between Iran and world powers will allow Tehran to continue far more research and development on centrifuges to enrich uranium than has been publicly recognized, according to a veteran Washington nuclear analyst.”

Book your trip now: Dubai’s Qur’an theme park to open in 2015!

How exciting! This is on the top of my list of destination parks. Right next to Hizb’Allah’s slaughterpalooza in Lebanon. I especially cant wait for Hangman: The Reality Show, with real hangmen. I bet gays will be first on line for that one. They won’t be able to contain the crowd for the “I killed my Jew!” exhibit. I heard they ran out of space on that one.

Father in court charged with organizing infant daughter’s genital mutilation (FGM)

Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. Over 96% of the women in Egypt have been clitoridectomized. Back in 2008, devout members of the Egyptian parliament made female genital mutilation (circumcision) legal again in Egypt.

We see an increase in the misogynistic horror in Western countries with Muslim immigration. Imams state emphatically that it is an Islamic right. And a Texas Imam, Main Al-Qudah, has issued a call to action to support clitoridectomies.

Olympics terror threat has links to camps in Syria that are supported by the US

Although Western officials periodically cite the growing numbers of European and U.S. volunteers in the ranks of Syrian jihadists, the leading Western “Friends of Syria” do not seem to care. The first terrorism school for Western volunteers was opened in spring 2012 near Idlib; that is, where it is easy to cross from Reyhanli, Turkey…

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