Boston Magazine: “Court Battle Over ‘Pro-Israel’ Billboards Could Be a ‘Tough Win’ For the MBTA”

Sienkiewicz, who became interested in the MBTA’s pending case in federal court due to his studies in global media cultures and media theory, said the T will have to prove that their decision to deny an organization’s request to post billboards was not an infringement of their First Amendment rights. “It isn’t impossible. There is nothing wrong with banning demeaning speech, but you have to show you are doing it consistently,” he said.

AFDI Action Alert: Vote NO to House Resolution 418, Instead Ask Your Representatives to Condemn Jihad in Burma

Muslims are waging jihad in Burma. But the Buddhists aren’t having it. Muslim Brotherhood groups in the US are agitating for UN intervention. Scroll and read Hamas-CAIR’s call for support of US resolution 418 calling for intervention. Please contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to VOTE NO on resolution 418. We have seen this before. It led to President Clinton sending US troops to fight for the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs, leading to the establishment of the first Islamic state in Europe (Kosovo).

The Savage Argument

We are in court again today, Boston this time, fighting for our free speech rights to oppose jihad and support Israel. I thought you should view this video — Erin Burnett of CNN and I debate the merits of free speech and our ads.

Motive in Rock Throwing Attack That Injured 2-Year-Old Was “Hatred of Jews”

Jerusalem Police said on Tuesday that one of the assailants involved in the rock throwing attack that injured toddler Avigail Ben-Zion was the son of a senior Hamas official, while the group admitted their motive was “hatred of Jews,” elevating the attack from senseless violence to what may be considered a nationalistic crime, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

“Obama Youth”

Freaky and creepy. “Obama Youth” — it is so eerily reminiscent of Hitler Youth. Same name and same approach to the young and impressionable and stupid.
“Obama Youth Summit!” You have to think that the Alinsky-driven administration wants to bait the opposition in order to ridicule those of us who question their fuhrer. “Look, those crazy teabaggera are calling Obama Hitler!”

VIDEO: FOX News Boston discusses AFDI free speech lawsuit against Boston Transit in court this week

Last month, the Boston Transit Authority restored vicious anti-Israel ads that had been removed. They were taken down because of the fallacious libel they advanced. The Jew-haters strong-armed the MBTA to put them back up. We of course, countered the libel with truth. I submitted our pro-Israel ads to the MBTA, which were denied. Our message is that any war on innocent civilians is savagery. 9/11 was savagery. 7/7 in London. March 11th in Madrid. The jihad against the Jews is savagery.

VIDEO: “We Love Death” German Muslim Convert urges Muslims worldwide to come to Syria and establish a caliphate to impose Islamic law on the entire globe

Al Qaeda-associated “Da’ash” organization has released a video in which a young German who converted to Islam 4 years ago urges German Muslims to join the jihad in Syria and establish an Islamic Caliphate system to rule the world.

The convert is one of thousands of foreign jihadists coming to Syria to join the rebels fighting President Bashar Assad’s regime. Just recently a German convert to Islam and former player on the German national soccer team was killed after he joined the fighting in Syria.

Muslim Group Boko Haram attacks Nigerian Airbase

The Islamophobes must have upset these savages. Islamophobia — that’s the problem.

Of course, the pro-jihad propagandists at the BBC neglect to mention that the jihadis “launched the attack with screams of “Allahu akbar” or that the Muslims were slitting the throats of the victims.

Boko Haram attack Nigerian Airbase BBC, December 2, 3013 (thanks to Jack)

Report: Obama Arranging Tehran Visit for Next Year

Obama just denied this report, but he is a bald-faced liar. Lying is his modus operandi — it’s how he goes about getting things done. He leaks through backdoor channels a particularly egregious plan or plot or policy, then denies it — all the while getting decent folks used to a monstrous idea. It’s a hallmark of his presidency — norming the hellish and the horrible.

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