SHARIA PATROLS VIENNA: Brutal Muslim migrant gang that broke girl’s jaw accused of REGULAR ‘Sharia patrol’ attacks

Twice besieged by Muhammadan armies, Vienna has recently endured sharia patrols. Some irony that the victim of one beating is a Polish schoolgirl – without the intervention of Polish King, Jan Sobieski and his army, the city would have probably fallen to the Jihad army of Kara Mustafa Pasha. Rome would have been next.


Germany: 14-Year-old Child-Bride Reportedly Gang-Raped by 8 Muslim Immigrants Inside Asylum Center

The unimaginable horror of this story is only outstripped in depravity by the reaction and response by Merkel’s government and the authorities. They know. They know all about this and the hundreds of thousands of other savage acts but their only concern is whether such news will appear on a post at Facebook or an article here at TGR.

They are the monsters because they are allegedly civilized, non-Muslim and dio not subsxcribe to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. They are supposed to know the difference. The Nazis exhibited this depravity too.


TV Appearance of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Jihadis’ Mentor to Promote his Book Stokes Anger in France

The jihad preacher who incited the Hebdo Muslim mass murderers was on a French television channel to discuss his ideas and promote his book. Before you snicker at the French, we here in America are up against the same thing.

The jihadi who called for the slaughter of the South Park creators because of a Muhammad character in a teddy bear suit on their show, had his prison sentence reduced from 12 years to 2 and now is on faculty at George Washington University. My colleagues and I are not invited, able or welcome on American college campuses but jihadis are on payroll.


Saturday Night Cinema: Khartoum

Khartoum is based in 1884-85 when Egyptian forces led by a British general Charles “Chinese” Gordon defended Khartoum against an invading Muslim army led by Muslim religious leader and self-proclaimed Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad, played by Laurence Olivier.

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