Brookings’ Will McCants thrilled that McMaster in denial about jihadis’ motivating ideology

Who is applauding the appointment of H. R. McMaster as national security adviser? Leading the applause are mainstream counterterror analysts whose policy recommendations are based on false premises and have failed time and time again. But even as the world is in flames because of their wrongheadedness, they still keep pushing the same failed analyses again and again.


Seattle Mayor Gives State of City Address at MOSQUE, Promises NEW TAX FOR HOMELESSNESS, will SUE TRUMP

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray delivered his State of the City address at Idris Mosque in North Seattle instead of at City Hall. In a statement when the speech was announced, Murray’s office said it was a sign he was “standing with Seattle’s Muslim community in their house of worship as we fight state sanctioned discrimination by the Trump Administration.”


Sweden Politicians: Trump was right

Here again we see the complete disconnect between the reality of what the enemedia and left-wing authoritarians want you to believe and what is real. The enemedia was all over President Trump’s cautionary remarks concerning Sweden’s disastrous migration policy, attacking him for telling the truth.

They will not be all over this news story.


Minnesota jihadi gets ONLY 2 YEARS for terror crimes

Mahdi Hussein Furreh lied repeatedly, for years, about his jihad co-conspirators. Furreh lied during numerous contacts with authorities. Documents show Furreh and others brought two men to the airport so they could join al-Shabab in Somalia, and he later lied about that too. He also traveled to Kenya himself with plans to join the Islamic army, al-Shabab and when caught, he about that too.

This is war and Mahdi Hussein Furreh is aligned with our mortal enemies. Two years? How is he not dangerous? What has he done to garner such a light sentence? Has he renounced Islam? Has he denounced the jihadic doctrine that inspires this worldwide war? Has he converted out of the faith?

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