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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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UK: Muslim ringleader of child rape/sex trafficking gang to be released from prison 17 years early


My ban from the UK is longer than this savage spent in prison. This same judicial system that released this savage refuses to hear out appeal. Sharia in the UK. Among his other crimes, Mubarek Ali was pimping out young girls many as young as 12 to workers at a curry house for £150 sex sessions.

About 19,000 people have now signed the petition on after it was revealed that a sex offender is set to be released from prison after serving just five years of his 22-year sentence.

Ahdel (who was jailed 18 years) for a raft of sexual offences including pimping out young girls many as young as 12 to workers at a curry house for £150 sex sessions.

During the brothers’ trial the court heard that the two men systematically groomed young girls for after hour sex sessions at the restaurant. Mubarek Ali was convicted of four charges of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation and a charge of causing child prostitution.

Judge Patrick Thomas QC said the brothers were cold hearted, cynical and present significant danger to vulnerable girls and they had shown no remorse or regret. 

Mubarek won an appeal to be released in November, but the parole board failed to consult the victims of their decision to release him early. CSE victims are so often overlooked and let down  Mubarak has served just 5 years for horrific rape and abuse, his victims ‘sentence’ will last their lifetime.

“The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart

Ringleader of child sex gang to be released from prison 17 years early

Mubarek Ali.jpg

Mubarek Ali was jailed for 22 years in 2013 – but is set to be released this November (Picture: SWNS)

By Ashitha Nagesh for Metro, 30 Jul 2017 10:33 am

The notorious leader of a sex gang has been released from prison 17 years early.

Mubarek Ali, who was one of two ringleaders of the gang in Telford, is just five years into his 22-year prison sentence for his horrific crimes.

The sexual grooming gang had preyed on girls as young as 13 for at least two years, who had confided in youth workers about the abuse.
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Ali, 34, was then captured as part of a police investigation called Operation Chalice in 2013, and was jailed for 22 years.

However, he is now reportedly set to be released on licence as early as November.

Telford MP Lucy Allen said that Ali’s release was ‘wrong’, and could lead to him rejoining the community where his victims continue to live.
Ringleader of child sex gang to be released from prison 17 years early

Allen spoke of the issue in the Commons last week, demanding that victims of child sexual exploitation are treated better.

In an open letter to local paper the Shropshire Star, she added that his victims are ‘living in fear’ and should have been properly consulted before his release.

‘Victims and members of the public would have expected a 22-year sentence to mean that the community could have time to heal and victims would be able to get on with their lives,’ she said.
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‘What we see in this case is that one of the main perpetrators is being released into the community only five years after the trial.

‘This is clearly of enormous concern to victims in this case, especially those who gave evidence in court.’

Four young women, who were aged 13 to 16 when they were abused between 2007 and 2009, gave evidence to Worcester Crown Court during the trial in 2013.

Mubarek’s co-defendant, 27-year-old Ahdel Ali, was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

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  • Suresh

    Banning entry of sharia hounds and Deporting criminal jihadis is only way or this will continue.

    For first time Israel makes a belated but Long overdue ban on islamonazis

    when will US/EU do it ?

  • KaptainAmericana

    …………………… “Muslim Privilege”

  • KaptainAmericana

    ………………..It’s too late. Islam is now a special class of people who receive special treatment in Europe.

    • KitteeK

      The EU especially Sweden and the UK are already ruled by Sharia.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      I want to know when the award ceremony for this victim of Islamophobia is scheduled.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It would be very islamophombic not to release and allow him to continue practice his trade. As britainistan has accepted islam, a muslim pimp exploiting non muslim girls, is perfectly honourable and should be accepted in the multicultural spirit with which it is meant.

  • putupjob

    he’ll be back “in business” in a few weeks.
    the left will be calling him an entrepreneur.

  • Libertarian

    Britain’s downward spiral to 3rd world status continues…

  • Michelle

    Someone with some idea of justice and not left contaminated, please put a price on his head. IMO he should be hanged ASAP as should all of his “friends”. SOMEONE find the courage to do what is necessary to these scum.

  • marlene

    Obviously, the Parole Board of Pedophiles was enjoying what Mubarek had been providing to them.

  • william carr

    It would be useful if you found out the reason behind his release

  • Alleged Comment

    Well, looks like you got a 17 year head-start to hunt them down. Your lucky day, I guess…..

  • jim

    Nowadays, British justice really sucks. Always bending over backwards to appease the Muslims! The British government is not upholding justice or doing anything to protect non-Muslims. They are obsessed with the “feelings” of Muslims!

  • Barbara Dingle

    I would suggest that people all over the UK stand the hell up and get a whole lot LOUDER unless you want these worthless pukes taking over your country…and they will, sure as the sun will rise, if you remain silent and ALLOW it. Are you willing to sacrifice your CHILDREN for the sake of PC? That’s exactly what you people are doing.

  • dad1927

    Its back to work for the victims. Must be the board was promised tokens for their services

  • marlene

    Seek out that piece of muslim garbage and kill him outright.

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