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[ August 18, 2017 ]

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Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Used to House Surge of Asylum Seekers from U.S.


The Olympic Stadium in Montreal has been turned into a makeshift home for the thousands of refugees who’ve crossed into Canada in recent times — the thousands of migrants who’ve actually entered from the United States.

And all the Canadians go: Thanks America — so glad we’re getting all your refugees.

Hundreds of beds have been set up inside Olympic Stadium to house refugees.

The sight is certainly one that’s never before been seen in Canada.


A temporary welcome centre has been opened at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal to house a new wave of asylum seekers coming from the United States to Quebec, many of them Haitians.

“We’ve never seen this before,” said Francine Dupuis, spokesperson for PRAIDA, the provincial government organization that helps claimants in their first months.

“It’s really quite a bit more intense than what we’re used to.”

On Wednesday, asylum seekers were taken to the Olympic Stadium by bus. Among them were children and pregnant women.

In the past, PRAIDA has worked with a Montreal YMCA to temporarily provide newcomers with housing and support, but the recent surge of Haitians crossing the border from the United States has strained PRAIDA’s existing resources and forced it to open several new centres, including one at the Olympic Stadium.

Between 100 and 450 cots have been set up in the Olympic Stadium. The asylum seekers will be housed in the area with concession stands just on the border of the actual arena. It’s a windowless, concrete hallway.

A spokesperson for Olympic Park said the request to use the stadium came on Friday.

“We were quick to say, ‘OK, how much space do we need?'” Cédric Essminimy said. “And in 24 hours, everything was set.”

The Olympic Stadium is one of Montreal’s most well-known landmarks. It was built in the early 1970s as a venue for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Known locally as the Big O, it was home to the Montreal Expos until the team left the city in 2004.

Dozens of other asylum seekers who crossed illegally into Quebec are still being held by the Canada Border Services Agency at the St-Bernard-de-Lacolle border crossing south of Montreal.

A number of tents and temporary shelters have been set up there to accommodate the asylum seekers.

Though official numbers have not been released by the federal government, Dupuis estimates 1,174 asylum seekers crossed into Quebec in July. In comparison, PRAIDA helped 180 people in July 2016.

In May, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw the protective status of Haitians who took refuge in the country following the 2010 earthquake.

Up to 58,000 people could face deportation back to Haiti in January 2018.

A woman interviewed Wednesday at Roxham Road, a key point of entry for asylum seekers crossing illegally into Quebec, said she left the U.S. because she was scared.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen,” she said.

“So we checked online and we saw that Canada was going to welcome Haitians, and that’s why we come here.”

One man who spoke to reporters from the Olympic Stadium identified himself as Haitian and said he arrived in Canada about a week ago.

“It feels really good to be in Canada because it’s so calm,” he said in French.

​PRAIDA’s Dupuis said Montreal’s large Haitian community is a reason why many Haitians are crossing the border into Quebec.

“Obviously, there is a stronger attraction to coming to Quebec for Haitians than in other provinces,” she said.

“They have the help of their community to get settled.”

  • santashandler

    Great. ‘Canada, keep taking them. We don’t need any more. And when you think you’ve had enough, take some more, because that’s what you’re all about. Don’t worry about the strain on your economic system. That’ll all work itself out after the collapse. Cheers!’

    • Mahou Shoujo

      trudeau will borrow the solution to pay for this liberal fiasco too. Canadians do tend to be dupes and suckers when it comes to trudeau extending the balance on the Canadian credit card.

      • santashandler

        Yeah but, he’ll be long gone on an island somewhere, enjoying his fat Canadian pension, by the time all that comes due.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Getting rid of him would be worth the price.

          • santashandler

            Trouble is, his replacement……

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Won’t be any worse, right now there is no leader in Canadian politics, everyone is grovelling to the lowest grub voters, for support.

        • normie

          In the next election unless their enough immigrants who got citizenship so they can vote for him. It’s what he has been planning all along (in my opinion). Plus the fact that right now he seems to be running all over the country lining up votes for the next election). I hope Canadians have smartened up and don’t re-elect him.

      • M. Marsares

        Canadian are fed a load of pro-Liberal Party codswallup every day from every media source, be it CTV, CBC, The Toronto Star, you name it.
        There in almost no contradicting fact or opinion allowed. No critical thought is published or broadcast.
        Calling our countrymen dupes and suckers is not really true. Their minds and hearts have been targeted for decades.

        • normie

          The media is the same here as in the US. They don’t report what is just what the bosses want. They are never critical of Trudeau. He is just a fair haired boy who is so cute. Our whole media from any source is pro Liberal. And we dare not say anything against the Muslims or we’ll be charged with a hate crime but we can say anything we want about any other religion with no fear of being charged. I doesn’t seem to matter if they are guilty or not. I have read posts on US articles about what is happening in Canada and they give the place and province. Our media never reports it. I am sick of this whole mess

          • LQQKiesee

            Canadians need to take their country back from the Liberals or they won’t have a country in another decade.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Actually, considering the garbage that the average Canadian voluntarily endures form the federal government, especially a liberal one, “dupes and suckers” is understating the obvious.

  • bookish1

    Go Canada!
    Better there than here!

  • Susan Lindauer

    Great job, President Trump! Canada’s welcome to all 18,000 Haitians! They’ve got no skills, poor literacy & they’ll be life-time dependents on Canada’s generous welfare system! But as of January 1, 2018, we Americans totally intend to insist that Haitians receive no further reprieves from deportations! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

    • Covadonga

      Actually, a lot of Haitians are very entrepreneurial. And historically almost none of them were Muslim. Hope Clintons’ colonialist occupation of their country did nothing to change that.

      They also tend to hate both Clintons.

      • Michael Buley

        Clintons and their loving foundation stole who knows how much during the ‘rebuilding’ effort … There was the fellow a few weeks ago, one of the Haitian leaders, who was going to testify against the Clinton Foundation — committed that familiar suicide a few days or so before his testimony. Finally going to have someone to alert … and after all that, suicide …

      • M. Marsares

        This story is actually good news. By and large, these are people worth having in Canada.

        • normie

          You have to be kidding. If they won’t work to try and rebuild their country how do feel they will be an asset to Canada? Just another group to drain the governmental programmes ie: welfare. We are so busy looking after everybody that we aren’t taking care of our own. How do yo feel when they get their tuition paid to go to university while our kids have to work summers and with parental assistance get to go. Not all of our kids qualify for student loans. I know my daughter didn’t . She worked all summers in highschool and weekends so she could go to university. I met some kids that were going to University of Toronto free because their parents were immigrants and had no money. I am sick of hearing we are taking more in and our idiot PM is doing nothing to stem the flow and won’t send any back.The only thing the Haitians are running away from is work..

      • Florian75

        Too bad that entrepreneurial spirit did nothing to build a civil society in Haiti. The other half of their island seems to do alright.

        • Covadonga

          The ones who came here were the ones who wanted to lift themselves out of the trap they were in there.

          • normie

            What trap? A poor economy? That is their government”s fault and the country received millions in aid. At the rate Canada is going we are going to end up as blossoming third world country in need ourselves. Think about it.

          • Covadonga

            Haiti is the result of the world’s only successful slave revolt in history, by blacks of African origin against French plantation owners in France’s colony of Saint Domingue. Of course, unfortunately, it has been a Third World basket case of superstition, tyranny, and poverty since its founding.

            So if you want to complain that the immigrants don’t have a decent background in electoral politics, and won’t know how to vote rationally at the polls, and will therefore tend to be captured as a demographic voting block by socialist parties, you may be on to something.

            But it is not as if the other inhabitants of la Belle Province know how to vote for non-socialist parties, either. So at least the Haitians won’t be introducing anything new to the Quebecois political scene.

            But on a one-on-one basis, if they are like the historic Haitian diaspora in the United States, they will tend to open small shops and restaurants and so forth, rather than hang around on welfare or live lives of crime.

            Eventually their businesses will employ other, even poorer, immigrants, providing an economic niche to enable these others to climb up out of squalor and government handouts, a niche that might not otherwise exist in Quebecois society.

          • normie

            That is fine but we can’t be our brothers keeper. When will this end? There are still thousands of Haitians in the US. We can’t be expected to take them all. This wave of immigration overall has to come to an end now. We can’t afford it as a country. Trudeau can’t keep plunging us further into more debt. We haven’t seen the full economic cost for what has already happened.

    • normie

      This Obama’s & Clinton’s doing. The earthquake was in 2010. This was to be a temporary place for these Haitians until they could go home. Other countries took them in but they also went back to Haiti when they could. This bunch that we both have are ones that want a free ride. They are lazy and don’t want to do anything to help themselves. Even in Haiti they are quite willing to sit back and let the relief workers do all the work. I hope Trump rounds them up because we don’t want them. This asylum business is ridiculous. The Syrian people are what we started with to help those fleeing form ISIS in fear for their lives. These people are fleeing a earthquake that happened years ago. I am sorry that the US extended their stay until Jan 2018. Haiti is one half of the island and the other half is looking after itself but they aren’t French speaking. Does that tell you something?

      • Covadonga

        The other half of the island is Spanish-speaking, impoverished, and has an on-again, off-again romance with democratically elected government.

        It also has rich people who keep Haitians as slaves.

        Does that tell you something?

        • normie

          I don’t buy your slave reference but will admit their wages are very likely to be very low. Haiti still has to work with assistance that has been sent to get themselves into a better life. We can’t bring countries here and take care of them. We cannot afford it. Where is the money coming from? I don’t want to see and increase in taxes. I am a senior and my income is fixed. When Trudeau is voted out of office he doesn’t have to worry he is a millionaire in his own right

          • Covadonga


            You can read the preamble, then scroll down to “Modern Day” under “History”.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Wikipedia as a valid source? The same wikipedia that describes muhamMUD the prophet as some sort of civil rights hero?

          • Covadonga

            You don’t take that source seriously?

            Fair enough. I was in a hurry and took the first one I found. But I thought that would be taken as at least prima facie evidence, in the absence of someone who wasn’t previously familiar with the situation citing a source that claims all the Haitians around the world are safe and snug in their beds tonight.

            Please have a look at these:




            Also of general interest:

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Your cited evidence doesn’t show people being bought, sold and owned — unlike Mauritania or the Sudan. Your cited evidence also shows people being paid for their labor — something the real slaves of Mauritania and the Sudan never see. Exploitation is not the same thing as slavery — just ask Simon Deng.

          • Covadonga

            I didn’t say anything about sales and auction blocks. I said slaves. If they try to sneak across the border to find work, then get caught and sent to a sugar plantation where their passports are seized and destroyed, then that is slavery. Even if it doesn’t entail every jot and tittle of elaboration that is found in the depths of the Islamic world.

            On the issue of payment, the sources are mixed. This may reflect a mixed situation on the ground, or it may reflect evolution in time, as the activism of this pastor forces the sugar planters to partially clean up their act.

          • normie

            I must admit my ignorance of what you have pointed out. It gives an eye-opener of the whole world. However I still don’t feel we should shoulder the financial and economic burden ourselves. Why is the UN not doing something about it? Millions has been sent to Haiti and it appears that the people who were responsible for using it have only looked after themselves. Canada cannot act alone. We are already doing more then our fair share.

    • Rob Porter

      Evident is that mentally too many Canadian are, to quote Australian comedian and actor’, ‘as thick as an Australian
      brick’! Evidently nobody is illegal – provided you’re black, brown or khaki,
      but definitely not white caucasian. As to asylum seekers, seeking
      asylum from what? Has anyone in ditz-brained Ottawa ever thought what
      an insult this is to those who over the years applied through official
      channels to immigrate to Canada. Now just come in baby, no papers
      necessary. Canada’s borders are now a bad joke, they might as well not bother.

  • Anna McG

    Wasn’t that structure condemned some years back due to crumbling concrete? I certainly wouldn’t want the roof to collapse onto the illegal migrants. The payout Justin Trudeau will (voluntarily) grant to the victims and their survivors would bankrupt the country.

  • tomatodon

    Excellent!!!! Let them all go to Canada where their PM can take care of them.

    • Michael Buley

      Yes, isn’t that a wonderful thing? So welcoming … so naive … just post a big sign saying, ‘Free stuff here, and we won’t send you back!’ they’ll come in floods …

    • Mary

      All western countries have too many welfare programs, these always lead to societal collapse. The question isn’t which countries will fall, but in what order will they fall. Sending your problems north may change the order of country collapse… but believe me, they will flood your way again if Canada becomes a hellhole! (It has changed, for the worse recently, noticibly!)
      Take a listen to Stefan Molyneux’s interview with a South African man. This is on youtube, and is titled “Surviving the horrific violence of South Africa”. The reason I mention this, is because they are the ultimate welfare state. Most western nations are welfare states. This is how things end.
      I don’t endorse everything Stefan says, but his guest’s descriptions of daily life in a collapsed society are appalling. They fit well with the goals written on the Georgia guide-stones, and the new mural underneath the Eiffel tower. (btw, check out the name of the ‘artist’ who produced the mural under the tower. Then check out his other work…. and more importantly who has commissioned works by him.)
      See the genocide watch website to see how far your country is on the scale towards full on genocide. Pay attention to the phrasing of new laws being passed. Looking at the steps listed, I can see they all took place during the Bolshevik revolution. The targets were the wealthy, and any and all landowners. In South Africa the targets are mainly white, although darker skinned landowners are sometimes also targets. In Canada the targets will be Christians…. just my opinion, based on which laws have recently been passed.

      I understand you wanting your country to be spared, and even to be great. BUT, if you are going to be really honest about it, does your country deserve mercy? How many millions of babies have been killed there? legally? (I am not saying Canada is better. It isn’t!) The entire west needs to repent, because we sure are guilty of a lot!

      • Robert Taylor

        What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mary

          Your comment leaves me amazed. So concise and thorough. Makes me think of “Reasons to vote for Democrats”.

          • Robert Taylor

            whatever blocked

      • normie

        Nobody is perfect but we haven’t sinned enough to lose our country to immigrants who collect welfare and want to change our Constitution and other laws.(IN my opinion)

    • normie

      He doesn’t though the taxpayer does

  • Fred

    Now let’s get rid of the rest of the illegals!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    So grateful to Canada for taking them in :)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Better Haitians than more f’ing muslums.

    • santashandler

      Oh don’t worry. They’ll be fast-tracked to citizenship if they convert…..

  • Michael Buley

    Good luck, Quebec. And as welcoming as you are, expect Muslims to come and set up mosques soon enough, too.

    You can have every one of them. The United States has far too many.

  • usn

    Let them bleed you guys dry for a while we’re broke.

  • Robert Hope

    They’re here in Canada because Prime Minister Doofy said that we would take all the refugees. I don’t think this idiot realizes that there are over 1 Billion refugees that want to make the West the tit that they can suck on for life.
    Idiot Boy is just looking for new voters to help him get reelected in two years . He’s got his fathers name and his mothers brains.

  • What qualifies these people as refugees! Are the free lunches in the US not enough…

  • Drew the Infidel

    What a complete letdown. Notice that among those “refugees” you do not find a single one of those loudmouthed celebrities who threatened (promised) to move to Canada were President Trump elected.

  • Florian75

    Thank you, Canada. Don’t forget, you have even more Olympic facilities in Calgary.

    • LQQKiesee

      Hahahaha, that is very funny, thanks for the good laugh of the day.

  • Florian75

    Asylum seekers? I believe the correct term is economic migrants.

    • idareu2

      economic leeches

  • Ichabod Crain

    “Up to 58,000 people could face deportation back to Haiti in January 2018.” Even if that’s true, how much is that going to cost? Flights from Montreal to Haiti are going now for $1000 a pop. Multiply that by the number of illegals and you get $58 million at a minimum, not taking into consideration all the other expenses they will incur until then. I can’t even afford a trip to Haiti right now. This is outrageous. Trudeau invited all the this riffraff (I almost wrote “refugees” because of how the MSM drills this word into our minds) just to show how virtuous he is and “show up” Trump, but he only succeeded in showing what a useful idiot he is to those who want to use him. These people carry AIDs and tuberculosis into our country, and have the lowest educational attainment in the Western hemisphere.

    • normie

      It’s hard on the blood pressure isn’t it? He must be after some Noble Prize.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Funny how Trudeau will deport kafir Haitians, but not f’ing muslums.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Canada has PLENTY of other peoples money to support these ‘refugees’ for decades !!!

  • notme123

    I would rather have those Haitians than all the Somalis and other mooslimes that have been allowed into US, send them to Canada. Why didn’t Australia send the reject refugees to Canada.

    • normie

      We don’t get to and chose or even refuse

    • LQQKiesee

      Are those the only options? How about NONE of the above?

  • JWM

    The language spoken in Haiti is French, so they are going to Quebec. just what the country needs. S/

  • idareu2

    give Canada the Statue of Liberty plaque….Jim Acosta can deliver it and stay there.

  • b. prescott

    The term “Suckers” comes to mind.

  • normie

    Trudeau and Trump should get together and split the cost to send them all back to Haiti. I would be cheaper in the long run. They don’t have to go first class and they can be met in Haiti by their welfare assistance (probably UN)

  • Randy Claywell

    A main principle of government us that the primary functio0is to take care if it’s own. This is perverted by the liberals who are waging a war of genocide against the West.

  • Patriotliz

    What happened to the millions donated to help the Haitians?
    Maybe these Haitians should journey to one of the Clinton’s spacious mansions to get their money and take temporary residence.

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