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[ August 18, 2017 ]

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France: Muslim mob shouting “Allahu Akbar!” throws explosive at police officer


More jihad-related news censored, scrubbed from the sharia-compliant media.

A Muslim mob launched a firecracker at a police officer while shouting “Allah Akbar.” They said they wanted to”have fun.” Three Muslim 19-year-olds were arrested.

Nancy – Arrestations Pétard et provocations à la sortie de l’hôtel de police

Esterepublicain: (translation thanks to Alexandre):

It is a fact that we do not know if we should laugh or cry. This is taking place on the evening of 22 July. A police officer from the Local Security Group (GSP) leaves the police station on Boulevard Lobau in Nancy after a night of work. She stopped at the nearest gas station. At that moment, two vehicles approached her. The window of one of them opens and one of the passengers throws a firecracker in his direction. The police officer hears the explosion. And a cry: “Allah Akbar”. What jihadists scream at almost every terrorist attack.

It is easy to imagine the fear felt by the GSP agent. The affair does not end there. Both cars continue on their way to the police station. There, drivers see a trivialized vehicle come out. They think of a plainclothes policeman. This is indeed the case. The official also finished his service and returned home. He finds himself with two cars that follow him. Almost bumper against bumper. It accelerates. They accelerate. This merry-go-round lasts a long time. Finally, the two cars dropped the pursuit and disappeared from the rear-view mirror of the policeman at the entrance of the A31 in Maxéville. Of course, there was no shock or accident. But again, it is easy to imagine the anxiety of the policeman who does not know at all how far this little game will lead.

His colleagues took things very seriously and conducted extensive investigations to elucidate this curious and disturbing incident. They were able to identify the two suspect vehicles and then their occupants. On Monday, they arrested the two drivers as well as the passenger who launched the firecracker and shouted Allah Akbar. Stupor, they do not have the profile of Islamists at all.

They were three 19-year-olds who had never been talked about. They work and live in small villages north of Nancy. During their custody, they explained that they were returning from a party in Germany and that they had wanted to have fun in the ducal city. Their behavior is therefore a bad joke. A joke that does not laugh justice because the trio should be judged in immediate appearance this Wednesday.

Original source:

C’est un fait divers dont on ne sait pas trop s’il faut en rire ou en pleurer. Cela se déroule dans la soirée du 22 juillet. Une policière du Groupe de sécurité de proximité (GSP) quitte en voiture l’hôtel de police du boulevard Lobau à Nancy après une nuit de boulot. Elle fait une halte dans la station-service la plus proche. A ce moment-là, deux véhicules s’approchent d’elle. La vitre de l’un d’eux s’ouvre et l’un des passagers jette un pétard dans sa direction. La policière entend l’explosion. Et un cri : « Allah Akbar ». Ce que les djihadistes hurlent quasiment à chaque attentat terroriste.

On imagine sans peine la peur ressentie par l’agent du GSP. L’affaire ne s’arrête pas là. Les deux voitures continuent leur route jusqu’à l’hôtel de police. Là, les conducteurs voient un véhicule banalisé sortir. Ils pensent à un policier en civil. C’est effectivement le cas. Le fonctionnaire a lui aussi fini son service et rentre chez lui. Il se retrouve avec deux voitures qui le suivent. Presque pare-chocs contre pare-chocs. Il accélère. Elles accélèrent. Ce manège dure un bon moment. Finalement, les deux voitures laissent tomber la poursuite et disparaissent du rétroviseur du policier à l’entrée de l’A31, à Maxéville. Certes, il n’y a pas eu de choc, ni d’accident. Mais là encore, on imagine facilement l’angoisse du policier qui ne sait pas du tout jusqu’où ce petit jeu va mener.

Ses collègues ont pris les choses très au sérieux et ont mené des investigations poussées pour élucider ce curieux et inquiétant incident. Ils ont réussi à identifier les deux véhicules suspects puis leurs occupants. Ils ont interpellé, ce lundi, les deux conducteurs ainsi que le passager qui a lancé le pétard et crié Allah Akbar. Stupeur, ils n’ont pas du tout le profil d’islamistes.

Ce sont trois jeunes de 19 ans qui n’avaient jamais fait parler d’eux. Ils bossent et habitent des petits villages au nord de Nancy. Durant leur garde à vue, ils ont expliqué qu’ils revenaient d’une fête en Allemagne et qu’ils avaient eu envie de s’amuser dans la cité ducale. Leur comportement relève donc de la mauvaise blague. Une blague qui ne fait par rire la justice puisque le trio devrait être jugé en comparution immédiate ce mercredi.

  • Poppey

    High spirits such as these twerps showed towards police could in future get them shot on the spot, to lose ones child in such a way would be a tragedy, reverberating across France and the rest of Europe before the truth got it’s boots on as the saying goes.


    • Craig

      No. The Europeans are lost. A simple examination shows why: The muslim savages can get guns to kill the Europeans. The Europeans cannot, for some reason, acquire guns to defend themselves.
      Cowardice is the motivating factor with the ‘fancy boy’ Europeans.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Lets have more fun, by playing “pin the deportation ticket on the muslim” then frog marching him to the nearest boat leaving for sutpidstan.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst


      Good one, I will have to remember that and use it some time :)

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Funny one :)

  • TD

    “More jihad-related news censored, scrubbed from the sharia-compliant media.”
    Yes. I tried googling “France Terror”, and it doesn’t even come up.
    pathetic media.

    In other news: The West Virginia Governor is switching to the Republican Party.
    I hope we see even more defections.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    That’s a trick street criminals and terrorists use, throwing firecrackers at innocents. Just below the threshold where police can return fire (or maybe not below the threshold, if they are unlucky :)

    Dangerous game to play.

  • Craig

    Cowardly, capitulating Fwance is lost. Talking about them is a waste of time. Goodbye, Fwance. Good riddance to you surrender monkeys.

  • Covadonga

    The fact that the firework was launched at her at a gas station adds an extra, sinister dimension to the incident.

    Even if it was not particularly large or dangerous on its own, it was certainly hot enough to ignite liquid fuel or gasoline vapor, leading to a fire or explosion, respectively.

  • gia

    In an exclusive interview with muhummad almuhummand , one of the three perpetrators said “yes I threw da bomb, but I did not yell Allah Akbar !” Therefore I am innocent of any wrongdoing!

  • santashandler

    So, an off-duty cop goes to get gas, has firecrackers thrown at her and does…….what?? Why didn’t she shoot back, or are French police not allowed to carry their guns off-duty.

    “It is easy to imagine the fear felt by the GSP agent. The affair does
    not end there. Both cars continue on their way to the police station.
    There, drivers see a trivialized vehicle come out….” Um, what?

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