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[ August 17, 2017 ]

PayPal cut ties with anti-Semitic groups. Well… with some of them

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Second Barcelona jihad attack: Police officers RUN OVER in separate act, suspect shot dead

[ August 17, 2017 ]

U.S. Policy in Lebanon is Now Helping Hezbollah and Iran

[ August 17, 2017 ]

First Photo of Barcelona Jihadi

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Horror VIDEO Islamic attack in Barcelona show bodies and blood strewn across ground

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Jihad Slaughter in Barcelona: AT LEAST 13 DEAD, dozens injured as van RAMS into crowd...

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Barcelona terror attack: ‘Two dead’ as van RAMS into crowd at popular tourist area

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Women Against Political Islam Series: The Story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

[ August 17, 2017 ]

German court finds man guilty of attempting to con ISIS

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop at Flint airport calls himself “Soldier of Allah,” says his...

Croatian Priest Explains: “Islam Is Worse Evil Than Nazism”


Dateline, 2015-2017, Zagreb, Croatia: In order to understand where Father Daniel Maljur (Malyoor) with his statements in the article below (which shocked the Left in Croatia) is coming from we need to understand the volatile situation such as it existed for centuries on the porous eastern borders of Croatia. History tells us there was no tactic of terror that the Muslims did not exploit.

“As the first glow of dawn were appearing on the horizon of this cold winter day, you could hear the loud crackle and sparkle of the burning fires consuming the homes of the villagers who used to live in this section of the wide and treacherous border between this brave little European kingdom of Medieval Croatia and the new Bosnian province of the Turkish Empire. All the houses were burning while the fleeing dogs barked wildly all around. The bearded horsemen who conducted this raid and caught the sleeping villagers by surprise at dawn were just evacuating the place after an orgy of plunder and slaughter, panting from excitement while on horseback with a saber and a spear in hand, wearing smelly cotton tunics covering their scrawny bodies. They just started escorting the oxen-hauled heavy wagon train moving the stolen property belonging to the villagers. Then, one of these monsters galloped over to the head of the convoy of massive ox carts hauling away stolen goods still smeared with the blood of their slaughtered Christian owners, and shouted: Master, what shall we do with them?!?! – and pointed at the nearby animal farm pen in which there shuddered these barefoot children shivering in torn clothes while their old grandmothers who took them there hoping to avoid the wrath of Muslims were hugging these boys and girls, their young gasping eyes wide open and rolling in terror at the commotion around them. SHIMDI HEPSINI OELDYR! (KILL THEM ALL NOW!) was the angry and coarse shouted response that everyone heard from the greasy snout of this big and hairy dude with a black turban on his square head sporting several special curved sabers dripping with blood (known as “scimitars” favored by the Turks who used to be the masters of quick hit-and-run steppe warfare). Right after screaming this order, as if to justify his sociopathic order, this swarthy and thick-set commander of the party of Muslim raiders murmured: “these are the Caour bastards anyway, what difference does it make to Allah?” (using a resonant ancient racial slur [Caour] employed by Muslims against the white people of the European races of Man). Then, as if to fulfill the order, the corral or pen in which the children of the liquidated village stood was overrun by horsemen of the raiding party. The order was done. The squadron of Albanian horsemen galloped in, jumped the little fence and grounded up the Christian children inside who squirmed and shrieked under the heavy horseshoes of their muscular horses, blood, mud, torn hair, and crushed bone all mixed in. “Now they will never grow up to fight us!” blathered some of the gleeful horsemen. Those of the stomped children that were half-killed and still screaming were left to die in agony after hours of pain as the fires of their burning village were dying down.” – this is a veritable illustration based on many eyewitness accounts gathered over the centuries of border warfare between the Muslim Empire and the hapless subjects of the European kingdoms.

This began after the fall of Serbia and the conquest of Constantinople, in the 15th century. The new Turkish tactic of border terrorism was introduced with the twofold aim of satisfying the local allies of the Muslim Empire who would be enriched and rewarded by the state-sanctioned and even by the religion of Islam-sanctioned border skirmish warfare involving plunder, mayhem and pure destruction of property and lives of the Medieval Europeans, and also – of terrorizing the Christian states of Europe in order to discourage them from opposition.

After the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 (which was the most important and the most fateful single battle against the Turkish Muslims before they took over the lower third of eastern Europe) which was a battle that meant more than just the destruction of the Serbian kingdom for it opened the floodgates of armed and lustful Muslims onto Europe, putting immediate pressure on the new border states of Croatia with Dalmatia, Hungary and Romania. The way that the new Muslim empire (emboldened by the capture of the Christian headquarters of the old city of Constantinople in 1453) chose to act vis-a-vis Europe was to keep chipping away at the borders of the exposed kingdoms, create volatile border regions, expand the no-man’s zone between the farthest Muslim outpost (in western Bosnia, southern Hungary and southern Romania) and the nearest free Christian settlements in these countries. The hope was that the constant headache of having Turks on the border would push these states into submitting to the Muslim Empire and becoming its new provinces or vassals. At the same time, Istanbul pursued a diplomatic policy of ‘divide and conquer’ with the idea of facing the Europeans one-by-one, taking down each European country one at a time, left alone and without any allies, just like the fallen Serbia in 1389. The Ottoman Turkish policy was to prevent alliances between the European kingdoms so that Muslims would never face a united front against them in Europe.

Meanwhile, out in the Balkans, there were plenty of volunteers for the dirty work of the novel Muslim sport of border-raiding (which would save the Turks the cost of having to deploy the regular army and its crack troops for such unseemly activity). In fact, there was a coterie of provincial allies of the Turkish overlord (Sultan) in Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople) among whom were all kinds of opportunistic plunderers and born ambush predators such as the vicious Albanian shepherds, wild Wallachian/Romanian converts to Islam, Bosnian Bogumils (which was a kind of Muslim sect in the Balkans before the Muslim Turks ever arrived) eager to prove their loyalty to the new masters, and various scary dogs of war known as the “Bashibozouks” (masters of irregular warfare in the wilderness) all gathered from every race and every gang known to the late Medieval times, among whom were sometimes even the irredeemable Christian renegades from the conquered lands of Europe. Whenever they could help it, the Turks enjoyed seeing Christians kill Christians for the sake of the Muslim interest, so they would often look to bribe or offer promises to disaffected Christians in the borderlands in order to dupe them into siding with the Turks against their fellow Europeans. The Sultan could order the cessation of border raids in order to incentivize the country to do the Turkish bidding. And if not – then the internally displaced refugees caused by Turkish raids would put pressure on the Christian leadership to listen to the Sultan.

Typically, on any given year in the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th century, the Turks (among whom there were sometimes even Kurds, Berbers, Moors, and Arabs) and their local Balkan allies would undertake ten major border invasion/raids a year into Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Romania using these cost-free irregular fighters deploying the tactic of destroying the attacked border areas and even the adjacent interior areas as far as the lower Austria! After Hungary fell to the Turks, Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland became the new targets. Typically, the Turks brought fire and brimstone to the Europeans; they would burn all the buildings in a settlement, slaughter all the people who were not economically viable (sometimes, if they had the time and expertise, impaling at the stakes a few) including the old and the helpless, and would take everyone else as slave (many enslaved or kidnapped pretty white Christian European women and boys died from merciless rapes in the camps of the Muslims on the Turkish side of the border). After all, Islam is the culture of rape.

An old and famous Croatian poet, Ivan Mazuranic [Mazhooranich], who was himself a witness to Turkish raids into the Croatian hinterland, once recorded in his celebrated verse the cold and merciless ruling Turkish logic at work [the word "rayah” is another Turkish slur, this one used to condescendingly describe a mindless mob of poor tax-paying people, usually Christian]:

“And what for the rayah? 

For them only the dry bread

Which they can moist with their tears.”


Croatian Franciscan Shocks the Public: Islam Is Worse Than Nazism

The Vicar of St Nicholas Parish in Croatian city of Kostajnica, Franciscan monk Danijel Maljur, caused great sensation because in a short Youtube film named “Islam”  he explained why this religion of Islam is the greatest evil that mankind has ever suffered!

Maljur talks about Nazism, the Holocaust, Hitler, the atomic bomb in Japan, abortion. But, according to his interpretation, all this is nothing compared to Islam.

“Islam, who is entering our doorsteps through the back door, is without any doubt surpassing all the tragedies of mankind,” says Fr. Maljur, explaining further that the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, as not an authentic work, and certainly not God’s revelation or the Word of God.

He also published his explanation on his public profile on Facebook [h[]He put in a link leading to the article which he calls ‘Islam in Statistics’ in which the author claims that Islam is a violent religion that destroys the world. This publication, Brother Maljur, accompanied with the text: “One of our bishops said yesterday that we all believe in the same God. Nope, not gonna happen … ‘.

On the same profile on September 18th, he stated that he was in Tovarnik in 2015 among the Muslim refugees. He claims that there are almost no old men, women and children among them, but there are so many prevailing young men in their prime of life averaging about 35 years of age.

“If you expect to see freedom-loving rebels [f[from Syria]you will have to pluck some journalistic footage because there is no such thing in reality. These are the faces of the kings or future rulers over us who have stormed into the European lands of their future slaves where they can lie in wait after having to suffer some temporary settlement hassles. Perhaps among them, there are also real refugees seeking only security in the first free country they can find, but I have not seen such a thing,” he continues.

The video that Danijel Maljur put on youtube is now marked as private and can not be opened, but on the Facebook page of the Defense of Faith  and the web portal you can read about the religious convictions of this young Franciscan friar.

Islam without any doubt surpasses all the above-mentioned tragedies of humanity,” says Brother Daniel after he listed all the major tragedies that history had experienced in mankind – from Genghis Khan’s conquests to Nazism. Furthermore, Fr. Daniel believes that Judaism and Christianity derive from the common roots of Abraham, while “the only thing that pulls Islam is dried weeds,” adding that Judaism and Christianity have nothing in common with either Allah or the Quran. According to him, Islam defies the true God, spites all the people, and opposes common sense. For Fr. Daniel, the Quran is an unbelievable book because it was created a long time after Muhammad’s death.

“Not only is the Quran the word of God not revealed, but its devilish inspiration is clear,” Brother Daniel denotes his arguments on the Qur’an. For him, Muhammad is the embodiment of everything bad. “It is alarming that Muhammad is still a model for all Muslims today,”

Furthermore, he believes that Islam is not a peaceful religion. “All those Muslims who are called radical are nothing but normal Muslims, such as they are according to Islamic standards and should be”. “According to some estimates, in the Islamic conquests since its founding 270 million people have been killed,” he expounds.

“There can be no dialogue with Islam,” Daniel says, adding that this is because the nature of Islam is against dialogue.

“We must know that human rights violations are at the core of this ideology,” says the Franciscan.

Thus, in an article entitled “Islam in Statistics,” he says “there are some statistics that show Islam as a violent religion that destroys the whole world.”

On the pages of the Croatian Franciscan Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Fr. Danijel Maljur is described as a Franciscan with an unusual sense of humor, determined in the defense of the faith and ready for the challenges of modern society. Through his YouTube channel, he has been speaking to the general public for some time, and the reason, as he said in an interview on the above-mentioned page, is the fact that the Church has never been attacked in the past as it is being attacked today.

The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread
The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread

A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson's home
A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson’s home

  • The Byzantine Empire had been seriously weakened by the 4th Crusade, which attacked Constantinople rather than the Muslims. After the empire reconquered Constantinople it paid little attention to the systematic colonization by Muslims on its borders. When the final attack came, the place was rife with Muslims who slaughtered anyone and everyone Christian. I am reminded of Dearborn, Michigan.

    • Covadonga

      Some Italian city states of that time (4th Crusade) made a lot of money from the transshipment of slaves from Eastern Europe to the auction blocks of the Islamic world, on the opposite shore of the Mediterranean.

      With Muzz, trade implies attempts at manipulation, many perhaps successful.

      Interesting question if the whole issue of the Crusade going astray and attacking fellow Christians, instead of the Muzz, (and exactly the same Christians who were then locked in a life-or-death battle with none other than the selfsame Muzz,) was due to the presence of some greedy high-ranking counselor among the Crusaders, or among their Italian shipping partners.

      I’m thinking, of course, of some McMaster-type character, whether he was a secret “revert” to the buttlifting faith, or whether he merely took money to enrich himself at the expense of Western Civilization.

      • Ziggy46

        Good post, your last paragraph summed up the post succinctly. Whatever McMaster is or isn’t, he certainly is a switch-hitter in a political sense. He is a brazenfaced, out-and-out subversive; one wonders why this betrayer and Islamist a-kisser has not got the toss.

        • Covadonga

          I have studied Middle Eastern history and Islam off-and-on my whole life, but in the last few years Emmet Scott’s revival and modification of Henri Pirenne’s theories have been truly mind-expanding for me. His books Muhammad and Charlemagne Revisited and The Impact of Islam are must-reads.

          I don’t think we can understand the shape of Western Civilization from the late Roman Empire until today without understanding the sinister effect of Islam.

          Scott (and Pirenne) shed light on everything from the origin of pogroms against the Jews, to the wars between Catholics and Protestants in Europe, to the split between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, to the great destruction of literature that occurred around the end of the Roman Empire in the west.

          • Laird MacTavish

            I ‘ve downloaded both books you mention and another by Henri Pirenne titled ‘Medieval Citiies’ which also caught my eye. Thanks for the suggestions Covadonga👍

          • Covadonga

            Glad I could be of service.

          • tjke

            Excellent books, I can recommand even Ibn Warraq´s latest bookd The Islam in islamic Terrorism

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Some atheists, like George Carlin (before he died) are f’ing defeatists who don’t want to even bother to fight the f’ing muslums.

      • arnoldspriggs


      • tjke

        Yes, McMaster should be fired with his buddies and the President should take back all the persons mcMaster fired.

      • JoAnne Braley

        Many knights and other leaders went astray during the Crusades. The pope was certainly not a good general with battle ready troops…it was a mess. The pope wanted the pilgrims to be able to visit Jerusalem and the Turks stopped that around 1047, so the Crusades was not preemptive move, it was a defense. You see, temptation of gaining riches, control and power got many a pilgrim astray as the road is narrow.

        • Covadonga

          I agree with you that the Crusade movement against Islam was entirely defensive in nature.

          But we were discussing here specifically the notorious Fourth Crusade, which was formed like the others to defend against Islam, but somehow got rerouted to attack Eastern Christianity and destabilize the Empire of the Christian emperor in Constantinople.

          This inflicted tremendous and long-lasting damage to the Greek-speaking Christians of the northeastern Mediterranean, weakening them militarily, politically, economically, and apparently demographically as well. It also greatly tarnished the prestige of their Empire, which was the direct heir of the Roman Empire of antiquity, and which in the Greek language was always known simply as the “Roman Empire”.

          After the Fourth Crusade, the Empire, which for centuries had been the chief bulwark against Islam, suffered longterm internal political disarray and became locked in a downward spiral of losing territory to the Muslim Turks that it was never able to break free from. This eventually led to the loss of Constantinople itself in 1453 (only 39 years before Columbus discovered America!)

          The fall of Constantinople led directly to the Islamic conquest of the Balkans and centuries of tragic and crippling slave raids deep into Christian Eastern Europe, which greatly retarded its cultural, political, and economic progress.

          The Fourth Crusade marked a dangerous turning point in history, and one which was extremely convenient for the Islamic political leaders of that era. So we were speculating that they may have had some kind of Gen. McMaster type in play among the Western Christian knights, to encourage them to redirect their energies against their fellow Christians. If true, the whole debacle would be much more explicable, even if no less tragic.

    • Ziggy46

      Indeed, well said, your mentioning of Dearborn encapsulates today’s America’s little attention to Islam’s colonization of this Republic. Again, excellent post, William E Bauer/

      • Lisacmckinnon


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    • Suresh

      Michiganistan will soon have jihadi governor

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I don’t think Michigan yet has a majority muslum population, but considering the way the Ikwhan light party is willing to fix elections it’s not out of the question.

        • Suresh

          Do you think UK / EU has muslim majority ? Left/liberal loons are there to support jihadis.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re right, my Dem0rat family would’ve voted for Idi Amin if the Dem0ratic party had put him up for office.

    • tjke

      and all the Jews, buddhists, zoroastrians, hindus and all other people who are not muslims.
      Especially women and children will be treated like goods, raped killed and the rest of them will be enslaved.
      Muslims have always been the worst slave traders and cooperated with the African black slave traders.
      The whole North Africa and the present day Somalia and Sudan and more African and all Arabic countries are still selling and buying slaves.
      As for Dearborn, you are quite right. The first muslims who came to the US came to Dearborn where they were invited by Henry Fond who admired Hitler and islam.
      The terrorism by islam must be stopped and the perpetrators sent to GITMO the worst of them must be executed and not only some persons but the whole clan

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’m not surprised the antisemitic pig Ford would invite muslums in.

    • felix1999

      A MUSLIM is running fro Governor for Michigan…. they are eager…

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good article.

  • Ziggy46

    Unfortunately, most of our leftist politicos are not as astute as this Croatian priest… this, needless to say, is not surprising. They, our leftist politicos, prefer to placate, mollycoddle this Cult of Annihilation and barbarity. Nazism, not to forget Communism, was beyond evil, nefarious bent on annihilation of not solely European, but eventually world Jewry, those they deemed untermenschen or subhuman. Islam is of the same psychopathy hellbent on the eradication, again not only of the Jews, but the entirety of which Islam perceives as Infidels. I have no weight or measure for evil but Islam is at the apex of evil; a malignancy that is being enabled by the leftist contagion in Islam’s endeavor to depose of this Constitutional Republic.

    The Democrats and so-called leftist-progressives are equally bent on this Republic’s downfall; hence their unabashed alliance with Islamism. The Democrats are too damn cretinous and utterly imbecilic to fathom their eventual demise if this plague, Islam, were to overthrow conquer this Republic. The Euros have already lost, as well in the UK the indigenous folks are being denied freedom of speech and thought while the Muslims are granted freedom of speech and thought. The Democrats are so damn power hungry, they are throwing this nation under the proverbial bus and loyal Americans along with it.

    • Zavrzlama

      Well, not all Europe is lost. I´m from Croatia and I can certainly tell you that we would never allow Islam to do the troubles and problems to us they´re doing to northern and western european countries and Canada and the USA. Because we simply have way more common sense than the brainwashed Democrats and Libtards who have a much higher presence in the West, which is of course a problem for these countries because they´re falling for Islam exactly because the manipulating agenda of the Democrats and Libtards who are unconscious tools of Islam that only have the temporal function to settle the ground for muslims before being exterminated. Here in Croatia, we can only shake our heads about how naive and short-sighted people in the West are when it comes to the topics of immigration, Islam and common sense.

      • Ziggy46

        Zavrzlama, you are right, sorry, I should have been more succinct with my words. I admire those of Eastern Europe, Croatia and others, for not signing their death-warrant because of weak-kneed, pandering politicos. You, as have other Eastern European nations, have to dealt with tyranny and those out to subjugate your people for millennia. Not that Western Europe has had a wide history of war and subjugation but you folks have had it up to your necks.

        Naive, well said, it is too late I believe for Western Europe, Canada and others whose inclination is to placate or for some spineless reason bow or become submissive to this plague or contagion. You are not alone, you and your countrymen, many here also shake our heads along with you. Take care.

        • Zavrzlama

          Thank you for your words Ziggy. And you take care too, but also take some action too, because headshaking only will not solve anything. It´s something that really astonishes me when I see how many Westerners only talk but actually DO absolutely nothing to solve the problems for real. I guess it´s that “good times creat weak men” issue. Horrible to see how unable many people are to learn from history!

          • Ziggy46

            “Horrible to see how unable many people are to learn from history!” Most frightening and maddening is the lack of historical knowledge within our Western leadership. They continue down a catastrophic roadway with the foresight of road-kill and us with them. Westerners prefer to be sheeple, led by those nose to the abattoir/slaughterhouse without protest.

            Yes, Zavrzlama, good time create weak men… your nation has often tasted its own ashes and blood. America’s war experience has always been elsewhere, overseas. 9/11 gave us a taste but many people have chosen to forget or dwell in denial since that catastrophic time. The leftist scourge, parasites and the Democrats are hell-bent on America’s downfall. If or when Islam conquers this Republic, they, the leftists, will be the first to feel the honed blade of Islam.

            Take care, I am envious of your leadership and the will of your people. Many here have the will but the Democrats and its Allies, Islam and Marxists are making it challenging.

          • Zavrzlama

            Yes, herd mentality is a very bad thing. Especially when conditioned to masochism and self-abolition! Yes, the leftists and libtards will definetly be the first ones to feel the blade of Islam, as they are only being used as a tool within Taqqiya-tactics which they fall so easily for.

            And here is something to make you a little bit more jealous: in our parlamental elections this year in Croatia, the leftists were completely destroyed and the rightists won with huge majority. I´m so proud about this fact!

          • Ziggy46

            Green with envy, absolutely jealous; I believe in the West, conservatism is not conservatism but a hybrid of left and right politics. What was once Liberal is now the extreme left. The mass-media would like us to believe those right of center are KKK members, which is not the case. Yes, there are extremists at both ends of the political spectrum but those of the extreme left outnumber those of the extreme right.

            Indeed, the herd mentality is a kiss-of-death, this has been proven throughout history. Yet, people refuse or do not dare grasp that fact, especially the politicos. The UK is another nation slip-sliding-away; the so-called Conservative/Tory is not right of center but where the Labor Party was a decade or two ago. Labor is even more extreme leftist under the Marxist weasel Corbyn. My wife is English but emigrated from London many decades ago.

            You have reason to be proud, not solely because of the vote but that Croats are not sheeple. They, apparently, grasp their rights more so than in the West. People do not appreciate or grasp freedom until they have been underfoot of tyranny, Totalitarianism. If the Wests’ leaders and citizens continue on the pathway of capitulation, becoming submissive to Islam or another form of Totalitarianism, we will pay heavily in more ways than one. Take care.

      • Laird MacTavish

        I am ashamed by the lack of political awareness here in my home country of Australia.
        Way back in 1975 my best friend was a Croatian who lived next door, his father was an avid reader and student of politics and told me that Australia had made a huge mistake allowing islam a foothold here. “Bigga Troubla Coming”, he had a thick accent. So we had people who knew very well the danger of islam and had we but listened we could have stopped the infection early and painlessly!
        He also thought that because we had it good here in “the lucky country” that Australians had been removed or insulated from really important politics for so long and had become blasé : forty odd years later while standing in line at a polling booth to cast my vote I overheard a women behind me asking which candidate was liberal, which was labour and what do they stand for and then said she would vote for “that” one because she liked ‘his hairstyle’ !
        This woman’s vote carries the same weight as voters like my friend’s father who have taken an interest in geo-politics and modern history for fifty years!
        It is my fear that it will be the woefully uninformed and uneducated gullible masses who will sleepwalk my country straight under the islamic thumb.
        I wish it were otherwise but, bloody hell, there are a lot of stupid people here… grown soft on the good life and never having experienced that good life threatened seem unable to imagine it gone or imperiled. That coupled with a dominant left-wing multiculti ‘progressive’ media makes me pessimistic about the future. I can definitely see why Croats laugh at our ignorance….some days I join them.

        • Ziggy46

          I’m not scratching your back in return, Laird MacTavish, excellent post. Believe me you are not alone with this death-cult and the Western dolts tagging-along to the abattoir without a bleat. It is damn difficult to hold any positivity these days. Hang in, take care.

        • Zavrzlama

          Those few people in western Europe who are aware always demand that Europe urgently needs the “Australian System” which means rejecting the landing of invador-boats at its shores and taking them back to where they came from. But when I see the growing problems Australia has with muslims, I ask myself how effective that “Australian System” is, as you down there also seem to struggle to get rid of that muslim-ballast. I also heard that Australia is deporting all those invadors who came by boat to some islands in the Pacific Ocean and not letting them place their feet on australian land. But if this is true: what will Australia do once the island is overcrowded? Will you send them back directly to indonesian islands? I doubt that Indonesia would tolerate this, as it its a muslim nation and therefore encouraging the Hijra to Australia in order to islamize it with its population overflow. And just like northern Africa, the middle East and central Asia (the whole muslim world basically), Indonesia is too moving more and more towards a more hardcore Islam and orienting itself towards the middle ages (for example public whipping was unknown and unseen in Indonesia 20 years ago but today it´s a common occurence). And although you might have stopped illegal invasion: what will you do about the muslims you let in and who are living amongst you? I can imagine that the muslims in Australia also are fastest breeding group, so Australia is facing the same fate like many other countries who allow muslims to produce childern within their borders.

          Your story about the woman voting for a politician simply because of his hairstyle examplifies the horrible indifference of these (mostly younger) people towards their own people and country! It´s exactly like you wrote: They grew soft on the good life. Way too soft! So the old saying proves itself to be true again: good times produce weak/bad people! Simply because people are too stupid and ignorant to learn from past mistakes made in history! It could be all so easy! But people are more occupied about worring how many likes they wil receive for their next photoshopped photos on instagram! What a sick society! This will lead the western world into hell because Islam uses this unawareness for his goals!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            45 years ago the f’ing Indonesian muslum vermin were committing their genocide in E. Timor and killed between 200,000 to 800,000 assorted unbelievers in islum (mostly Catholic) in the 1970’s. A genocide for which no one in Indonesia has ever been brought to justice and none of the victims’ families compensated.

          • Zavrzlama

            Of course. That´s no surprise. You can´t expect the pupils of the religion of peace reading about the numerous genocides and massacres commited in the name of the religion of peace during history lessons, do you? Muzzies have always been very successfull in manipulating their history and leaving out all the inhumane actions commited by them.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wonder if the muslums don’t brag about their genocides in their home countries while lying about it to everyone in the dying west? After all, killing the unbeliever in islum is what their holey prophet commanded them to do, why shouldn’t they be proud of it?

      • Speak the Truth

        Here’s an interesting article you can Google: “How Europe’s War of Liberation Could Begin,” by Julian Langness.

        • Zavrzlama

          Well, I have some different views on the near future. There will be definetly a war between non muslims and muslims, but it will not affect whole europe of course and not even some countries that do already have a solid muslim population. In Spain and Italy and MAYBE France, there could be some fighting and war. But in the UK, Sweden and Germany no. Simply because most natives from these nations are either so unaware of the situation or so enormously brainwashed with self guilt, that they will submit to Islam and their new muslim rulers without any fight or action. Mostly because they are simply too scared to fight and because they were already indoctrinated to accept some kind of suffering-lifestyle. So they will do anything to please the muslims in the desperate hope to therefore avoid any troubles with them, being totally unaware that they alll will be slaughtered sooner or later regardless of how much they tried to appease them. This is largely because of Protestantism, which is more prominent in Germany, Sweden and the UK than in Spain, France and Italy who are mostly catholic (as well as many eastern european countries). Because Protestantism focuses more on the topics of guilt, deliverance, repentance and expiation than Catholicism, which explains why Sweden has messed itself so up despite not having a “historical ballast” like ex-Nazi Germany. Germany is of course worst off with its self-guilt-cult because of the Nazi past in combination with Protestantism. You can also see very well on the example of mostly catholic Bavaria (southeastern Germany), that the higher the percentage of Catholics is, the more likely is the chance of the people being opposed to muslim mass migration. That´s why you can still find the largest german group of anti-Islam people in Bavaria. There has been an excellent article written by Swiss professor Alexander Meschnig (one of the smartest guys I know) on an independent and critical german blog, explaining why also countries like Sweden who don´t have a Nazi past to be blamed for like Germany, act in such a self-distructive manner by embracing Islam and pushing muslim invasion. It has a lot to do with Protestantism. But please see for yourself. I highly recommend reading it! Just copypaste the german text into the translator and you´ll be able to read and understand. Btw: Googles translator programm can only handle a maximum of 5000 letters at once, so you will need to copypaste a few times until you´ll have the complete text. It´s definetly worth reading. Here it is:

        • Zavrzlama

          Well, I have some different views on the near future. There will be
          definetly a war between non muslims and muslims, but it will not affect
          whole europe of course and not even some countries that do already have a
          solid muslim population. In Spain and Italy and MAYBE France, there
          could be some fighting and war. But in the UK, Sweden and Germany no.
          Simply because most natives from these nations are either so unaware of
          the situation or so enormously brainwashed with self guilt, that they
          will submit to Islam and their new muslim rulers without any fight or
          action. Mostly because they are simply too scared to fight and because
          they were already indoctrinated to accept some kind of
          suffering-lifestyle. So they will do anything to please the muslims in
          the desperate hope to therefore avoid any troubles with them, being
          totally unaware that they alll will be slaughtered sooner or later
          regardless of how much they tried to appease them. This is largely
          because of Protestantism, which is more prominent in Germany, Sweden and
          the UK than in Spain, France and Italy who are mostly catholic (as well
          as many eastern european countries). Because Protestantism focuses more
          on the topics of guilt, deliverance, repentance and expiation than
          Catholicism, which explains why Sweden has messed itself so up despite
          not having a “historical ballast” like ex-Nazi Germany. Germany is of
          course worst off with its self-guilt-cult because of the Nazi past in
          combination with Protestantism. You can also see very well on the
          example of mostly catholic Bavaria (southeastern Germany), that the
          higher the percentage of Catholics is, the more likely is the chance of
          the people being opposed to muslim mass migration. That´s why you can
          still find the largest german group of anti-Islam people in Bavaria.
          There has been an excellent article written by Swiss professor Alexander
          Meschnig (one of the smartest guys I know) on an independent and
          critical german blog, explaining why also countries like Sweden who
          don´t have a Nazi past to be blamed for like Germany, act in such a
          self-distructive manner by embracing Islam and pushing muslim invasion.
          It has a lot to do with Protestantism. But please see for yourself. I
          highly recommend reading it! Just copypaste the german text into the
          translator and you´ll be able to read and understand. Btw: Googles
          translator programm can only handle a maximum of 5000 letters at once,
          so you will need to copypaste a few times until you´ll have the complete
          text. It´s definetly worth reading. I wanted to give you the direct link here, but the system does mark my comment as spam then (maybe becaue of the link), so I won´t do that but instead simply tell you the name of the article. It´s called ” Schuld und Erlösung: zur religiösen Dimension der aktuellen Krise” and was published on achgut dot com. Enjoy!

    • Laird MacTavish

      Nice post Ziggy46, lovely succinct summation.

      • Ziggy46

        Thanks, Laird, take care.

    • tjke

      The present “democrats are actually Communists and many of the are muslims who hate the civilized world.
      There is no more a real Democratic party. Its name should be Communist-Islamic terror party


    There is a lack of coherent historical structure in politics. The priests should stop indirectly idealizing the Nazis by suggesting they would have had nothing to do with Muhammadism (Research Nazi-Mufti Amin al-Husseini).
    The documentary is still censoring but groundbreaking.
    Nazi Secret Files S01E05 Nazi Jihad
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

    • Ziggy46

      It was an excellent series; unfortunately, the people who should watch it don’t, priests and others of their mindset.

      • Exuperancia Pérez

        This Nazi bastard Al Husseini was the uncle of the also Egyptian born “Palestinian” (???) leader Arafat, a thief, murderer, sexual abuser of boys, liar, terrorist fraud.
        The Croats during WW2 allied themselves to the nazis, something I won’t blame the present generation of Croats for, Orthodox Serbians who wouldn’t convert to Roman Catholicism were killed by a shot in the neck back then…
        There are still many facts that should be known, alas, too many people worry more about “Brangelina” and soap operas than about the threats of the ugly faces of evil like islam, nazism, stalinism…you name it!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Al Husseini never joined the Nazi party. Why don’t you mention what he really was? A f’ing Jew hating, fascist, muslum, just like all the rest.

          • tjke

            Al Husseini was a nazi, he caused farhud(pogrom where majority of the Jews were brutally killed)in Irak, in 1942, he loved Hitler and he inspected the gas chambers . he founded the Hanza muslim nazi SS-divisions in Bosnia Hercegovina . he was a war criminal, but Nasser in Egypt gave him asylum like to many other nazis

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’d like to see proof the Grand Mufti ever joined the Nazi party — he never wore Nazi clothing or ornaments. Mussolini was also a Nazi ally, but he never joined the Nazi party. In fact, I’m not even sure if non-Germans were allowed to join the Nazi party.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            You are right, this Al Husseini was a mamzer ,Yiddish for “bastard,” the Ladino term we use is “bastardo” but today’s Spanish speakers used the expression “Hijo de puta,” but this would be an intolerable insult to those women, many of them are forced into prostitution by economic necessity. Those poor women have to please ugly, dirty fat creeps that already look disgusting when you see them dressed, imagine how repugnant they must be when naked! And how many pimps in Europe are Turks, Moroccans, etc. ? Local (European) pimps are a pest already, why do we need the worst of the worst?

            This evil man Al Huseini and his nephew Arafat were abortions from hell and the same applies to their mothers.

            Maybe Al Huseini didn’t “qualify” to join the nazi party as he was not German or Austrian, Dutch nazis usually joined the NSB (Nationaal Socialistische Bond.) I don’t know if French fascists joined the nazi party during the occupation of France, I’ll “google” that when I have more time!
            And before I forget; congratulations and thanks for your comments, that gives me hope that not everyone in the west allows themselves to be enslaved by the evil called islam.


      This movement is making no progress if priests act like Nazis weren’t Islamic, like God is proven, Muhammad didn’t invented the enslavement of Africans & Africans are not enslaved today (by Muslims).
      Franciscan monks should remember that the church-bells they annoy people with were brought in by monk Francis who reportedly was inspired by the Islamic Muezzin-call.
      Also not making children won’t make’em more holier. I’m tiered of girls who were indoctrinated by the Catholic church that sex is a sin. I didn’t have sex in years. This ain’t life..

  • retiredude

    Obama and Merkel believe Germans, and other Europeans, will eventually abandon their own ways of life and embrace the ways of their new populace the Muslims simply as a form of self preservation. It’s time to start to think like your enemy because they will never assimilate to westernized Christian based laws.

    • Deplorable Kulak

      Merkel is nothing but a soulless opportunist with delusions of becoming the Queen of the muslims. She is certainly too ugly for rape but I’m sure the Turks would find attractive her head on a stake.

      • kerrianne

        merkel is mad& mental plus stupid. she has eastern bloc mentality. i do not trust this woman.

        • tjke

          I don´t trust any German

      • tjke

        Merkel is from East Germany and is the worst European politician ever. But the Germans like the Swedes understand nothing.
        Sweden once a peaceful small country in the North is like Germany, destroyed by their Leftist government, the PM of the country is a Nazi, like Palme before him and totally stupid.
        He didn´t even pass a welder test.

      • Exuperancia Pérez

        Have you noticed the physical ressemblance between this female and the Aushwitz beast Ilse Koch?
        If you google that name, you’ll see the picture of this infamous woman.

    • tjke

      Obama is a muslim and it is he who caused the division of the US. it is he and Jarrett and all the leftists like the terrorist Bill Ayers and his company who helped him to seize the power. I am sure that the first and second election was manipulated

      • Zavrzlama

        Me too. I´m still astonished by the fact how it could happen that the USA was ruled by a muslim monkey for 8 fucking years!!! Actually this sole fact leads me to assume that vast numbers of Americans must be hopelessly stupid!

  • Rocinante44

    no mention of the african slave trade by the muslims. when did they start capturing and selling black africans like animals?

    • famouswolf

      That has been going on ever since the first cities were built. Speaking of ‘building’, Rome was built on slave labor, especially in later Roman times. The origins of the slave trade out of Africa are lost in the mists of time, and it was not just from sub Sahara Africa.
      The Coliseum, for instance, was built on Jewish blood and sweat in the aftermath of the Jewish revolts of the first and second centuries AD.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The nazis are bad, but they did stop when there objectives were trained. muslims are worse, they never stop until they murder every one, then continue on with the next victims, even if it is themselves.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Nazis were still trying to kill Jews even after they knew the war was lost. Himmler considered killing Jews the Nazis contribution to mankind. Hitler continued fighting a war he knew was already lost, he didn’t care how many Germans died he wanted them to fight to the death for his psychopathic ideals.
      Hitler sacrificed an entire army of Germans to take Stalingrad — for no other reason than it had become a pi$$ing contest between him and Stalin. How insane is that?

      • Kimberly

        How many jihadis or jihadi sympathizers (who would join up if given the chance) are there in the world? 50 million? 100 million? They would do the same things Hitler did, killing as many people as they could including their own, and for nearly the same reasons (ideology and ego.) That’s Hitler times 100 million. I can see why this priest thinks that Islamism is a worse threat than Nazism.

        • tjke

          Well, more than one billion and yes, islam is the worst danger.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Extremely, war is stupid.

        • tjke

          War is dangerous, but the muslims will only war to et the caliphate all over the world.
          They will attack first, if don´t get rid of them from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other civilized countries

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Sometimes war is unavoidable. For example, I wish the Indian army had been able to invade Bangladesh, save the Hindus there and turn Bangladesh into a wasteland — instead of allowing the f’ing muslums to slaughter 2.5 million Hindus and rape thousands of Hindu women.

      • Exuperancia Pérez

        yes, that’s the very ugly truth. And don’t forget that Hitler sent I don’t know how many 13 and 14 year old boys to their deaths in order to defend an unsignificant bridge against a gigantic allied army.
        There is a film called “DIE BRÜCKE” (The Bridge) of 1959.
        Yes, Hitler was completely deranged and those who still worship him are deplorably deranged and/or evil to the core.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          It’s incredible that the assassination attempt on Hitler’s life didn’t succeed — nearly everyone else in the room w/him was killed, yet he survived.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            Some people suggest that this proved the existence of the spirit of evil and that Hitler was indeed protected by Satan himself on countless occasions. The existence of stalinist communism, nazism and islam among other evils is another proof that there IS an evil spirit we call Satan. If you can’t believe in the existence of God (the idea of an old man with a long, white beard sitting on a throne is totally obsolete and difficult to accept) at least HOPE and WISH He exists! We need HIM!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            After that failed assassination attempt on Hitler you really have to wonder. If you look at pictures of the Nazi conference room after the bomb blast you wouldn’t think anyone would’ve survived.

          • tjke

            The attempted assassinations could have succeeded if the free world listened to Churchill who had a plan how to assassinate Hitler before he became powerful, but nobody believed that Hitler was such beast exactly as the muslims are now

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Just like there are some delusional idiots who still believe in the fairy tale of the good muslum.

          • Covadonga

            There were a number of attempts on his life.

            The conspirators tried to contact the Western leaders via the Western intelligence services, and no one would help them, or even talk to them.

            They wanted to end the war early, or even make an alliance with the West to take out the Soviet Union.

            Accounts of several attempts are in Bodyguard of Lies by Anthony Cave Brown. I read that back in the 80s. But I never realized the answer to the big question of “Why didn’t we help them?” until 2013 when Diana West’s American Betrayal was published.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Did any of the other assassination attempts ever come close to killing Hitler? I’ve only read about the one.
            I read about some German flying to Great Britain on a fool’s errand in hopes he could broker a peace treaty.

          • JoAnne Braley

            Protected by Satan, you know he has great power in this world…ultimately, good wins, but Christ went to his death and could have been saved.

        • tjke

          Yes, and even the girls. The last month of his tyranny he sent kids to “Flak” to “fight the enemy”

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      no, nazism and islam are equally evil. Nazism “learned” a lot from the islam, the Egyptian born mufti of Jerusalem, (the uncle of the also Egyptian born Arafat, a murderer, terrorist, thief and sexual abuser of BOYS) was a guest of honor in Berlin, that bastard and Hitler, Göring, Julius Streicher and the rest of those scumbags shared a visceral antisemitism.
      A nazi chant had among other lines “Heute Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt!” (Today Germany and tomorrow the whole world.)
      Before I forget: Do you know the videos with messages by PAT CONDELL? At least he is ONE of the few decent Brits who won’t kiss the asses of the muzzies. I hope there are more like him! By the way: I suspected that you had Japanese ancesters, I asked a Japanese friend about your name and she told me that it meant “Magic Girl.” I say therefore to you “ARIGATO POSAIMAS” for all your brilliant comments about the viciousness of islam and the utter stupidity of elected and un-elected politicians like tose of the European Union!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I don’t like Pat Condell much anymore, in particular his attitude towards the Temple Mount in Israel.
        I find it particularly interesting that Pat Condell doesn’t seem to care much how many Christians or Yezidi or Hindus the f’ing muslums slaughter/enslave. I also don’t buy into his good muslums theory either.

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          I haven’t watched his videos lately….I’ll try to see and hear what he’s been telling about the Temple Mount. I know he is an atheist, but as I wrote to you before, even if it is understandable that many people have difficulties believing in a God we imagine as an old king with a long white beard sitting on a throne, the existence of (the spirit of) EVIL is evident. Thank you for informing me about this.
          All the best,

      • tjke

        Pat Condell is wonderful

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you, yes I watch Pat Condell’s videos, they are very well researched, accurate and descriptive. Impressive.

  • 🎼🎻 𝕁𝔸𝕔𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤 𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕠𝕌𝕊 ™

    “Du grain à moudre” for anti-Semites…

    • Shirley Rosenhohn

      c’est bien vrai!


    Atheism derives straight from Abraham.
    Even before Abraham there was Atheism.
    No theism, no Islam.
    No lies, no lies.

    • Deplorable Kulak

      That won’t save you from the Turk.


        Think again.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, but it’s so poetic?

  • Michelle

    Actually both Nazism and Communism lifted their brainwashing and barbaric pragmatism straight out of the Koran. Hitler openly admitted as much while both Lenin & Trotsky studied Islam WRT warfare. I support Judaeo-Christianity ONLY because it has moulded the west and because of the man Jesus of Nazareth. I hold ALL organized religions in contempt but islam is an IDEOLOGY NOT a religion. Allah is simply a control mechanism and heaven/houris motivation for that “last ten metres”. Keep making the mistake of calling islam a religion and you shield them.

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      If Jesus had known what his “followers” (???) did with his teachings, maybe he would have never spoken!
      Nevertheless, although Europe HAS learned from its errors (pogroms, the “Holy” Inquisition, the witch hunts, selling indulgences, etc.) the utter evil of islam won’t change ever.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Yeshua never advocated for, nor participated in, the murder of anyone for any reason whatsoever. In specific instances he stopped violence being done in his name or violence being done unto others.
        Furthermore, the f’ing muslums have slaughtered nearly 250 million people since their death cult was founded — orders of magnitude more people than have been killed in Christian atrocities.
        In Soddy Barbaria, in the 21st century, at least three people have been put to death for practicing witchery or sorcery.

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          Yes, you are right again. Jesus/Yeshua never advocated the killing of anyone for any reason whatsoever, quite the opposite of what the child abuser M. from Saudi Saudi Arabia.
          I love what he (Jesus) said to the “frummen” (holier than thou) of the time who were ready to stone a woman to death “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.”

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            I meant “quite the opposite of the child abuser M. of Saudi Arabia,”.the word “what” is superfluous.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yo entiendo.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I think Yeshua’s fellow Jews were testing Yeshua and had no intentions of stoning the woman to death. I don’t think there is a single, documented instance (even in the Tanakh) of the Jewish people ever stoning an adulterer to death.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            I’ll ask the rebbe about this.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’d be interested in hearing what your rabbi has to say as well — because I haven’t memorized the entire Tanakh or N.T. I hope you and your husband have a good week.

  • Mack Pooh

    Without a doubt, the truest statement about islam since 9/11 and before. It is not a religion but a cult of human degradation.

  • bailiwick

    Even though I agree, Islam is evil, represents danger to us and has too much blood on its hands, but so does your Roman Catholic church and your people in Croatia as well.
    You Mr. Maljur dare to compare Islam and Nazism, but fail to mention what your church did to so called heretics protestants in the same time when Turks were invading Europe.
    Even Turks were turning their heads when they’d heard what your church did to heretics in torturing chambers.
    But let’s go to recent history of WW2. Your church supported fascism. Croats, your catholic brothers are responsible for huge massacre of orthodox Serbians.
    Here’s excerpt from book “The Secret Terorists”:

    Some of the many books that have been written about this atrocity of World War Two include Convert… or Die! by Edmond Paris, The Vatican’s Holocaust by Avro Manhattan, and Ravening Wolves by Monica Farrell. These books all discuss the murder of around one million Orthodox Christians during World War Two by the Catholic Ustashi.
    On the cover of Farrell’s book, we read,
    This is the record of torture and murder committed in Europe
    in 1941-1943 by an army of Catholic Actionists known as the Ustashi, led by monks and priests, and even participated in by nuns. The victims suffered and died in the cause of liberty and freedom of conscience. The least we can do is to read the record of their sufferings and keep in mind that it happened, not in the dark ages, but in our own ENLIGHTENED generation. Ustashi is another name for Catholic Action. — Monica Farrell, Ravening Wolves, Protestant Publications, cover.

    The mass expulsion or forced conversion of the Orthodox Christians to Roman Catholicism was on the agenda. All measures, aiming at the elimination of Serbdom in Croatia were carried out under the slogan enunciated by one of the Croatian ministers: “We shall massacre the first third of the Serbs, expel the second third from the country and force the final third to accept the Catholic faith, whereby they will be absorbed by the Catholic element.” — Lazo M. Kostich, Holocaust in the Independent State of Croatia, Liberty, p. 18.

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      I hadn’t read your comment when I wrote to Ziggy 46! (6 comments before yours!)
      Pope Pius XI blessed the Italian planes that bombed Barcelona with holy water because the high catholic hyerarchy was a natural ally of the Franco fascists. Although it is true that the communists and anarchists killed many priests and nuns, Franco and his soldateska also killed Bask and Catalan priests. (Civil wars are the worst kind of wars…)
      And really, is the hatred of the catholics towards the orthodox and protestants because of exegesis (interpretations, explanations) only? I’ve been invited to marriages, baptisms and other services to both branches of christianity that are so similar, this hatred must be because of politics, the Russian orthodox church is now closely tied to the Putin regime like the catholic was with Franco in Spain…

      • bailiwick

        Sure it has much to do with Bible interpretations, this is very important for Christians. But in case of Islam, RCC and Orthodoxy, it has everything to do with power over people, so yes, it has a lot to do with politics.
        Many people don’t realize how much has Islam in common with RCC.
        Besides many religious symbols (yes even those), the basic common thing is, they both are religious-political organizations.
        That alone disqualifies RCC, and orthodox Church, as real Christian church.
        Protestants remembered words of Christ – My kingdom is not of this world, – it was only natural for them to create 1st government in the world, USA, which established in its constitution the separation of church from government and vice versa.

        RCC became political organization the moment it received keys for Rom’s gates from emperor Constantine in 4th century a.d.
        Since then it is deeply involved in many evil political schemes of this world.
        Eastern orthodoxy is no different, it only doesn’t respect Vatican’s authority, which is the main point of contention between those two apostate churches.
        Two books caught my attention:
        THE SECRET TERRORISTS by Bill Hughes (protestant priest),
        and, THE ENEMY UNMASKED, by the same author.
        They nicely explain deep involvement of RCC in politics of world, mainly USA.

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          Thank you very much for this information! I know about the ties of the Catholic Church with the mafia, some branches of the freemasonry, nazis (they helped nazis to escape justice who then enjoyed a comfortable life in Argentina, Paraguay and other countries…)
          I am also aware of the fact that Pope John Paul I was assasinated because he was a danger to the corrupt Vatican mafia around Cardinal Marcinkus (the director of the “Bank of the Holy Sprit…”
          Although the cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican is a magnificent building with impressive works of art, the way it was financed is very questionable, selling “indulgences” doesn’t seem a very honest way to obtain the grace of God.
          I’ll try to get the books you recommend, I am an avid reader!

          • Sandy Shaw

            This provincial hearsay about “Catholic Church Mafia” is nothing more than murmuring of the lilliputians, the little human midgets filled with convictions about notions produced by their petty prejudices. The Vatican is a shut case for them because their pitiable brains wouldn’t know how to approach a first thing about this ancient and holy institution around which the Western Civilization developed itself.

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          One more thing I had forgotten to mention, in this year in which the Reformation took place 500 years ago I attended a concert at a Lutheran Church with music of the times of Luther and cantatas of Bach, afterwards there was a lecture, “Whithout Luther there wouldn’t have been a Johann Sebastian Bach.” Admission was free.
          There was a special beer brewed specially for the occasion, the recipe of that beer was probably Luther’s favorite, with a “soupçon” (aftertaste) of apple.
          Someone asked the minister, “is the beer for free?”
          He answered, “the grace of God is for free, the beer isn’t!”

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Martin Luther became a crazed antisemite later in life. He wanted synagogues burnt to the ground.

    • Sandy Shaw

      o – This Serb nationalist shows to us why the obstinate Serbs have been instrumental in opening the doors of Europe to Bolshevism and Islam. Their leader Gavrilo Princip did not hesitate to murder in cold blood a noble Catholic politician (Archduke Ferdinand) and his pregnant Slavic wife (Sofia Chotek) in 1914 in Sarajevo – an act as gruesome as any Muslim terrorist attack on the West. To this day the Serb Orthodox Church has not condemned this act, and not only that – it practically declared the terrorist killer ‘a saint’ or a ‘martyr’!!

      The Turkish Serbs south of Sava river have been acting with HATE against the Roman Catholic Europeans next door because, sadly, they harbored as much hate for the West as their Turkish patrons have over the centuries. And that stuff about World War Two in Croatia is designed to distract from the crimes that the Serbs have committed during World War Two. The Catholic component in the Ustashi movement was small (although of course not in the cataracted eyes of the Serb propaganda) and it was there just as much as it was there in the Franco’s Fallangisti movement: defence of Catholic values from the attack by the militant Left of the combination of the intellectual gutter of the Left, of anarchism, of primitivism, of nascent Islamism (Muslims supported Serb Communists as much as some of them supported the Nazis).

  • Scooby Doo

    u get the government u deserve and America deserves nothing less than the spineless snowflake politicians who only care about perverted marriage abortion and toilets for trannies. How sick America has become is beyond words! When will Americans wake up and throw this filthy despicable sewer infested porn filled government out and replace it with a good old-fashioned Christian Leader?

  • Mal M

    No surprise. Croatia and the Balkan were under the Ottomans for many years. They know them first hand.

  • Alleged Comment

    IT is NOT Moslems that are destroying your country. That’s a given. It is the crafty LIEBERALS that is doing Europe in and nothing is WORSE than a TRAITOR to your country!

    They are even WORSE Moslems and Nazis COMBINED! The G*d CURSED demon-possessed JUDAS!!!

  • Marino Danielis

    Franciscan Malijur has no hair on the tongue when he speaks of Islam. Unfortunately it is one of the few to put Europe in watch from the Islamic danger. Danger three times blocked in the times passed to Poitiers, at Lepanto, in Wien. Now it is more sneaky because the invasion takes place in a peaceful way with the barges that unload all young people from 20 to 30 years ready for a future jihad. But westerners are dull and do not remember more than the past and struggles against Islam. One day they will wake up and they’ll all be under the dominion of Allah and his prophet Muhammad

  • jerrys

    Yes, we must know of past history to mitigate having to repeat it. But the focus should be on the real danger of tomorrow.
    Western civilization has been warned of the evil islam but has not heeded or understood. By using the unlimited wealth of oil they have corrupted almost all of our political elite. From congressmen, senators, judges and mayors you will find sudden wealth from insider trading tips given by islamist controlled hedge funds such as Blackrock. Mayor Kreisman of St.Petersburg fl. held a grand IFTAR dinner for the muslims, Take the NPR announcer Mr. Tom Ashbrook who has a net worth of over $95 Million. proving treason pays well.
    Quotes follow:
    Islam is the most dangerous thing that the world has ever faced, Stalin and Hitler were insignificant compared to the engulfing and mendacious tentacles of Islam
    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live”. Winston Churchill
    It is the purpose of Islam to destroy all art because it is Jahiliyyah” explains Dr. Bll Warner. The attacker intended to damage or destroy some of the priceless works of art that are exhibited in the most renowned art museum in the world. His intent was to destroy the finest art of Western civilization.

    Why art? Art that involves animals or humans is forbidden in the Sharia. Art is the work of Kafirs and is part of jahiliyya (civilization of ignorance). Islam annihilates a civilization piece by piece and leaves nothing of its native roots. Civilizational jihad destroys the very cultural history of every nation it comes into contact with.

    We see the jihadist annihilation of museums and ancient architecture for the same reason. This civilizational war has been this way for 1400 y

  • primitive

    The men who commit these atrocities are completely absolved of their actions by the Qur’an which tells them it is not they but Allah that committed the acts. If this is worship, why do we tolerate its import and (many) even defend it as “right”, “godly” and “humanitarian”. Recall the parable story of the farm woman who saved the freezing snake which bit and killed her after it was warm and safe.

    • Badger

      Sadly, Western leaders have never heard that story, though every one of their citizens knows it.

  • Halal Bacon

    A little bit to add – this is why Hungary wants zero invaders

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s like the Helm’s Deep battle in the Lord of the Rings and the muslums are the orcs.

  • SRN99

    Mohmamd their filthy prophet is unfit to be my slave. I would have castrated him and feed him to the pigs.

  • Steve

    What struck me in this article was the willingness of some Christians to be renegades. It is the same today in the West where we have so many compromised representatives with their personal motives and traitorous agendas.

    • Badger

      Traitors abound in every age, country and empire

  • Buck

    I want nothing to do with the cult of Islam. They are evil bunch. Like mad dogs. And that is how tet should be treated.

  • Badger

    Looking at the map for 1590 it is plain to see that Turks were extremely reluctant to put to sea. Only Cyprus required ships to conquer it.

  • Semur Jengkol

    is islam ‘invading’ the lands by troops … tanks ..panzers …etc what Nazi did ?? …hehehehe

  • Semur Jengkol

    don’t forget that Nazism is western ideology … well as communism …..capitalism …..nationalism ….totalitarianism ….racism ….etc…etc ……..hehehehe…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      He’s baaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    IF Christians FOLLOW Jesus The Lord, KEEP his Word, and OBEY his HOLY SPIRIT, ALL EVILS will be CONQUERED and ALL THE WORLD will be CHRISTIAN in the TRUE sense. Let us NOT FIGHT the wrong ENEMY; rather FIGHT the ENEMY WITHIN US which makes us IGNORE the Lords Command, “He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16, 15. FOR THIS we need APOSTLES, True Apostles of the Lord as we have them in THE DIVINE and SEHION Retreat Centres, Kerala, INDIA. We have so MANY living and true APOSTLES of the Lord in these two Centres. SEARCH on GOOGLE.

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  • Proud Anti-Islam

    One ex-muslim told me a long time ago and this is his words that I will never forget. “DON’T TRUST THEM (MUSLIMS).

  • Larry Richards

    Islam is the mark of the beast.

  • christian vidal

    How utterly strong they despise and hate us, only the stupid leftists that are daily

    brainwashed by the enemedia and the educational system cannot understand this

    common sense, so ban all muzzies from the US and Canada shut down all mosques for ever.

    Don’t forget when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing and chanting

    in the streets worldwide. They are our deadest enemies since the inception. Their only

    goal is the erasement of the western and jewish civilizations.

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