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NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind EXPOSES Linda Sarsour’s BOGUS Cemetery Employee


Last week, I reported on the bombshell story of  another one of Linda Sarsour’s fundraising scams. After leftists designated sharia supporter and notorious Jew-hater Linda Sarsour a “leader” of the feminist movement, her ugly past came to the fore (scroll). In a bid to deceive and deflect, Sarsour staged a narcissistic publicity stunt. Hundreds of Jewish gravestones were desecrated and destroyed at various cemeteries, so Sarsour glommed onto the news story and made it her own. She jumped on a campaign to raise money to repair the the vandalism (and her reputation due to her long history of antisemitism).

Needless to say, the intended recipients are still waiting. The plot thickens. Linda Sarsour pointed to a cemetery employee — “Read this from Jennifer Goodland of Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado…” — as proof of her integrity. It’s proof, all right, not of her integrity, but of her contempt for truth and the kuffar.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind exposes the latest fraud:



NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says there’s something fishy about Linda Sarsour’s “Jewish Cemetery Advocate.” Sarsour gained headlines after boasting about raising big bucks for Jewish cemeteries, but when one of those cemeteries said they’d never seen a dime, Sarsour trotted out Jennifer Goodland. “Read this from Jennifer Goodland of Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado…” Sarsour tweeted and posted on her Facebook as proof of her integrity.

Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post also tweeted Goodland’s letter and glibly asked, “Hi @HikindDov, any comment on this?”

The letter from Goodland attacked the Algemeiner Journal, which had first claimed that Sarsour’s fundraiser on behalf of Jewish cemeteries was less than honest.

Just one small issue: Goodland is NOT an employee of Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado.

On July 12, two of Hikind’s staff members spoke with Neal Price, executive director of Golden Hill. Price told both Yehudah Meth, Director of Communications, and Inna Vernikov, Esq. (Special Assistant to Hikind) that Goodland is not now and has never been an employee of the cemetery nor a spokesperson for Golden Hill. Price said he had only spoken with Goodland once when she called to “offer help.” He said he never heard of Goodland before then and that she was not officially involved with his cemetery in any official capacity, nor is she a cemetery spokesperson.

Vernikov challenged Goodland on Facebook. On July 15, at 9:21pm, she wrote to Goodland, “I spoke to Neal Price myself. He barely knew who you were and didn’t understand where you came from…Neal did have serious questions about your involvement and about receiving the money. Bottom line is I care that the money goes to the cemetery. Is that happening?”

Goodland replied, “Ask Neal. I never see any of it because this (was) my mitzvah.” She went on to admit, “I am neither with Celebrate Mercy nor with the Golden Hill checking account and thus perhaps you should go call your best bud Neal, ask him because he knows, and you two can have a little congratulatory session about acting this way toward a woman who was doing all of this as an act of CHARITY…I’m not your punching bag any more or Neal’s. You guys figure out who’s lying because now it’s all the cemetery has. Congrats.”

According to LinkedIn, Goodland’s occupation is as owner of Big Year Colorado which “uses public history techniques and storytelling to improve the accessibility of history for all competency levels.” She is also the author of HUNGRY – Cellar Door, which she blurbs as follows: “Safe sex means a lot of things in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.”

“Not surprisingly, Sarsour’s pseudo Jewish Cemetery advocate sounds like quite a character,” said Hikind. “And Ms. Sarsour just might possibly be a liar who got caught. As I’ve said before, Sarsour is a fraud in every other capacity. One minute, she claims to be an advocate of non-violence, the next she’s glorifying terrorists. Is anyone really surprised by this latest episode? I’m sure now that she’s been exposed, Sarsour will make certain that dead Jews somewhere benefit from the missing money. After all, she’s never had an issue with dead Jews.”

  • Civilcivilian

    Susan is like walking with the devil.

  • Fred

    Sarsour deserves a bullet to the head.

    • DR Jensen

      that would be too kind

    • katzkiner

      Don’t say that over at the SPLC Hate Watch site.
      They have Pam as a “hater” and the jihadi as a reasonable person.
      They called me a basement dwelling nazi before I could click out.
      It is really the Twighlight Zone over there.
      Where do they think they are going to live if islam conquers the USA?
      Here is my new secret weapon against terrorists:
      Clyde the Karate Crusader Monkey.
      He takes counter jihad to a whole new level.
      From now on we put the monkey on them.

      • Fred

        SPLC is a domestic terrorist organization.

        They can kiss my white Irish ass.

    • santashandler

      But not before a proper FGM…..

  • JacksonPearson
    • JUSTsss

      Hang her up from a lamppost.

    • Kimberlytanderson

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Internet beggars, especially muslim ones are not a good bunch to donate to.

  • Emmett

    This goodland skank, reminds me of that skank in idaho, that attacked the reputation of that little 5 yr. old rape victim, maybe they are related . I don’t think we should shoot moslems, I’am saving my ammo for the people that enable the jihad !

  • Lia

    One question: if the money garnered was NOT going to the designated cemetery, where was it really earmarked for?

  • Drew the Infidel

    If someone is going to tell a lie to further a narrative, they should at least make the lie believable to keep from insulting the intelligence of the intended target. You know, like “The Benghazi slaughter of four Americans was caused by a video”, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, etc.?

  • santashandler

    Gee, Linda Soursewer lied. Again? Perhaps it’s time to start a campaign as ambitious as the one she is pursuing to fight her. Without mercy. Relentlessly.

    • mztore

      does she remind one of killery or not?

  • Vlad
    One is a vicious, deadly creature, the other is an Australian Redback Spider. Both should be treated with the disrespect that they deserve.
    Notice the color scheme is quite similar.

  • Ron rockit

    Linda is and always has been an arabist…and, a fraud.

  • David Square

    The money purportedly raised by Sarsour to rebuild Jewish cemeteries was spent purchasing weapons for Islamic sleeper cells in Canada and the US.

  • Stephen Honig

    And her bother is no better; Diya Sarsour who threatened me because I said the truth about Islam and the Koran.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Keep pursuing this story Pamela Geller.

  • Koroviev,Behemoth&Woland LLP

    Dove needs to send some undercover buyers into her husband’s Brooklyn bodega, to exchange Food Stamps for cash, buy untaxed cigarettes, synthetic marijuana, and bath salts.

    They’ve already been caught selling alcohol to the infidel minors.

  • spudmans1

    What could you expect from a woman who has had her Clitoris cut off of her body? There is no estrogen left in this eunuch so it does not have the capacity to rationalize logically nor have compassion for other human beings, especially women. She is green with jealousy wondering what depth of pleasure women can achieve by romance. tsk tsk

  • Meg

    Why isn’t she being arrested for fraud?

  • NewsdogH2017

    It’s time to send Linda Sarsour to the Cemetery !

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