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[ August 18, 2017 ]

UK: MP tells the truth on Muslim rape gangs — then is forced to resign...

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Designated Palestinian terror group to run for German parliament

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Two Former Wasserman Schultz Muslim IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.

[ August 18, 2017 ]

ISIS Paris Attack’s ‘Explosives Chief’ Still on the Loose

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Chicago Pastor Urges Mayor to Remove George Washington Statue, Rename Park

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Spain: JIHADIS WITH SUICIDE VESTS, police stop second attack after 13 killed in Barcelona

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Islamic attack in seaside resort is linked to the vehicle attack in Barcelona that killed...

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Several jihadis killed in Spain anti-terror operation after Barcelona Islamic attack

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Muhammad’s Willing Executioners: How Mainstream Islam Threatens Jewish Existence

[ August 17, 2017 ]

VIDEO: CNN says ISIS/Barcelona jihad slaughter may be “copycat” of Charlottesville

Germany: Muslims planned to finance jihad plot with money extorted from the Vatican


This was a sleeper cell operating in Germany. How many more are there? This is the poison fruit of Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies. She will go down in history as the worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.

“Düsseldorf terror plot: Three in court over plan for ‘IS’ bloodbath,” DW, July 5, 2017:

Three men accused of plotting a killing spree in the German city of Düsseldorf have appeared in court. The attack, using explosive vests and bullets, was to be financed with money extorted from the Vatican.

The three defendants, identified as Saleh A., Mahood B. and Hamza C., appeared in the dock on Wednesday, accused of plotting suicide bombings and shootings in the western city of Düsseldorf.

The three were “believed to have plotted to have two suicide bombers set off explosive vests and then open fire on passers-by with automatic rifles,” the Düsseldorf court said in a statement.

The case was brought after 25-year-old Syrian Saleh A. went to a police station in Paris in February last year and told police he “had a certain amount of information about a sleeper cell that was read to strike in Germany.” A. was extradited to Germany in October.

German authorities believe Saleh A. and Hamza C., 27, joined the extremist group “Islamic State” (IS) in Syria in early 2014. It is there that A. was said to have been given orders for the attack from the leadership level of IS. They crossed from Syria to Turkey in 2014 and were said to have reached Germany, traveling separately via Greece, between March and July 2015.

Massacre planned in the old town

Saleh A. was then believed to have drawn up plans for the attack in which two of the jihadis would detonate explosive vests in Düsseldorf’s historic old town. Another attacker would then have been placed at the old town’s exit, where he would have been tasked with killing as many of those fleeing the scene as possible with automatic weapons.

The two were then said to have convinced co-defendant Mahood B., 25, to join them in the plan.

The three hoped to finance their plot by selling to the Vatican a video showing proof of life of a priest who was kidnapped by IS in Syria.

All three men are accused of planning a terror attack and of being members of IS. Two of the three men were to be assessed psychologically to assess their capacity for criminal responsibility….

  • Suresh

    Let all the dumb Left/liberal Loons who voted for Merkel and her Pro-Islamonazi gang can go have Special Iced Coffee at one of these top 3 coffee chains to celebrate.

    3 major Coffee chains employing muslim staff found serving Iced coffee with fecal Bacteria

    Just when you think you know your muslim they throw a
    curve ball !

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Or maybe even worse than Schicklgruber.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Why extort $$$$$$$$ from the Vatican?

    The Vatican is probably financing ISIS in a convoluted way.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Of course they are are not responsible for their murderous criminal acts, they are muslims, which is legally acceptable as insane, therefor not responsible for their actions.

  • Mary

    And how many weeks are they going to get on probation?

  • bannedquran20

    Extorted??!! I see, they (muslim zombies) got the vatican over a barrel concerning the robe guys in white messing around with children in their rooms. muslim zombies do the same….with children. Both of these groups (are meant for each other in a sexual embrace) are a menace to mankind and should be dusted off big time neighbor. .

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