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Child Rapist Fools Immigration Officials To Win U.S. Citizenship


A man who was born in Mexico then convicted of child rape in Texas was able, nonetheless, to fool immigration authorities and win his U.S. citizenship.

Talk about a travesty.

Officials, after discovering his criminal background, deported him.

But get this: The guy, when deported, had been serving time in jail for a different rape.

Bringing in more migrants and refugees to America without first properly vetting them only risks citizens’ safety.

Note to left: This is why we need borders. And this is why President Donald Trump’s temporary halt to refugees and migrants from six terror-tied countries makes sense: It gives immigration officials time to properly vet those trying to come into America.

Breitbart has the sad-but-true story:

This week, U.S. District Court Judge Vanessa Gilmore issued an order stripping 54-year-old Jose Arizmendi of his U.S. citizenship and taking away all rights and privileges, information released by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed.

In April 1996, Arizmendi had pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child in Harris County. According to prosecutors, soon after entering his plea, he applied for naturalization. During a subsequent interview about his application in October 1996, Arizmendi was asked by an immigration official if he had ever been arrested, indicted, charged, or detained for breaking any laws while in the country.

“Relying on his answer,” the U.S. government granted his naturalization application and Arizmendi became a U.S citizen at the end of 1996.

In February 2015, almost 20 years after Arizmendi had raped a child and been granted U.S. citizenship, authorities filed a complaint to strip him of it. At the time, Arizmendi was in a Mexican jail serving an 18-month sentence in a separate case after he was convicted of rape in Mexico.

“We will aggressively pursue denaturalization in cases where individuals lie on their naturalization applications, especially in a circumstance like this one, which involved a child sex abuser. Civil denaturalization cases are an important law enforcement tool for protecting the public, including our children,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad A. Readler of the Justice Department’s Civil Division.

  • gia

    How many freaks will be rallying around this guy in his defence? Let this be a lesson of how easy it is to become a us citizen how easily fooled authorities are. I have had this argument with my stupid liberal roommate, he says so many stupid things I keep wondering how he has made it this far in life , last week he said and did a few things that has me convinced his head is firmly up his butt! I am supposed to trust are intense vetting process? If this stupid Mexicano could fool them, then we are in big trouble!
    According to liberals everybody deserve a second chance ???? Really one rape isn’t enough ?
    If it’s your family or you do you feel the same way , I for one am not willing to gamble on that. We have enough criminals that are born and raised here we do not need other countries problematic criminal element.
    So my stupid roommate likes to remind me that Americans do bad things too. Well that’s true no society is devoid of the criminal element , but that doesn’t mean invite more to come be a part of our country!!!!
    I can’t stand people that live in a fantasy world who have no firm grip on the reality of things .

    • Suresh

      Agree. But Left/Liberal Loons want no borders !

      Maybe we can send free coupons to drink Iced coffee at one of these Top 3 coffee chains with muslim staff making special iced coffee

      Left/Liberals Love it ! Psst …don’t send them the article link before they drink the coffee. send it after they
      drink it !

      • gia

        Lol.. your funny . Oh and that article was disgusting ! I already have a paranoia about eating and drinking outside of my home . I am glad I read this after I got home from the china Buffett tonight.

        • Suresh

          LOL ! The article is not disgusting , muslim staff preparing the special Iced coffee are.

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          • gia

            Quit spamming me , with your stupid crap nobody’s interested in your scams !

          • Dorrie

            Please go to the spammer’s page. There are little dots up on the right and you can click on them and report the spammer to Disqus. Then come back here and report the spammer to moderators, then block it. Disqus is pretty good about deleting their accounts.

        • dad1927

          Buy starbucks, and let them see you seal a sample of it for the lab…..

    • santashandler

      You must be a saint to put up with a roommate like that. The only thing you can do for him is to make arrangements to have him sent to the nearest mental hospital.

    • sportyone

      What drugs does your roommate take? Most of those spacebrains can’t think- they let the drugs do the thinking for them. That’s why the Don, George Soros, has to pay the creeps to put their drugs aside and take to the streets to protest with Antifa banners. Probably why your roommate has a fondness for things south of the border

      • gia

        No drugs no alcohol which makes it even scarier ! Graduated from Brown University. He is 58 divorced twice 3 grown kids and rubbed shoulders with some Kennedy’s back in the day. Met Clinton many times and is a die hard demo !
        Lol …. It’s ok I can deal with it . I try to leave political matters out of our conversation we never see eye to eye on anything he says your a republican I say nope I don’t attach a political label to myself, never have never will.

        • dad1927

          You are a conservative, I think

          • gia

            I really avoid labeling myself. It’s fine for others just not me.

    • dad1927
  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is nothing that will improve society faster than a swift deporting of a foreign criminal.

  • cylde

    Relied on his word?? What kind of crap is that? Canada will not let you in their country at all if you had a DUI 20 years ago.

  • santashandler

    “Relying on his answer,” the U.S. government granted his naturalization
    application and Arizmendi became a U.S citizen at the end of 1996….” Well, isn’t that also a testament to our immigration process? “Relying on his answer?” Really? Was it too much trouble to look up the guy’s record. Did the agent have to run out for his three-hour, taxpayer-funded lunch and didn’t want to ‘mess’ with making more work for himself by checking this guy’s record? Why isn’t that employee fired. Because of his stupid actions, this criminal was able to commit crimes here in the states when he should never have been here in the first place. That employee should also be charged and have to pay restitution to the family of the boy who was sexually assaulted by the man he rubber stamped and let through the gate.

  • David

    British government would have given him a social house, benefits, food, car, furniture, & anything else they could throw tax payers money at. If we complained, we’d be called racists bigots and haters. you know the drill.

  • guymacher

    He should be sent home to Mexico in a bodybag.

  • Richard

    There needs to be a charity whose sole job is to challenge the laws, politicians, and law enforcement who protect, shield, and import criminals. We could call it “Worthless Virtues”, defending those whose lives are ruined, or taken, by leftist virtue signaling.

  • Lia

    What did they say ‘extreme vetting’ was?

    • Robert Batchelor

      There’s no such thing. It’s just a nice sounding sound bite (yes, that was redundant).

      • Lia

        Thank you, Mr Batchelor. I thought it might be something of that kind.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Drew the Infidel

    Notice that this jackwad was granted citizenship during the Clinton years, a time when a lot of craziness happened, such as passing up multiple opportunities to take out bin Laden. Keep in mind that the imported wife in the San Bernardino Christmas party slaughter, Tashfeen Malik, had used a fake Pakistani address on her spousal visa application, a fact discovered well after the final body count, during the Obhammud years.

  • dad1927

    He should have gone to CAnada whee Trud dough would let him stay for muslim votes next election


    Just think of how many illegal alien rapists have fooled the immigration authorities and are still loose in our country to commit more crimes against our children!

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