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[ July 21, 2017 ]

Three Killed, Over 200 Wounded As Muslim Rioters Rage Over Temple Mount

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Linda Sarsour’s Jihad

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Minneapolis police chief: Muslim killer cop Mohamed Noor “very suited to be on the street”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Netanyahu: “The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Former Reagan Attorney General: “No responsible media outlet should parrot the SPLC’s hate list”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

After Dyke March Scandal, SlutWalk Chicago Bans ‘Zionist Displays’ From Upcoming August Protest

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Sweden Town Segregates Asylum Homes on Heels of Widespread Child Sex Abuse

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Teenage Girl’s Stabbed Body Found in Freezer in Suspected Honor Killing Plot

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Italian MP Demands Referendum to Leave EU Over Migrants: “Europe is Crashing!’

[ July 21, 2017 ]

South Dublin County Council Flies Palestinian Flag in Solidarity With ‘Oppressed’ Palestinians

Kosovo: Nine Muslims Arrested For Jihad Plot To Massacre the Israeli Soccer Team


Kosovo, 06.14.2017: The ambition of the Jihadi terrorists who operate throughout the Balkans thanks to their safehouses among the local Muslim populations knows no bounds. A friendly soccer match scheduled late last year between Israeli and Albanian soccer teams in Skadar, Albania was supposed to end in tragedy after an attack on the visiting Israelis and their fans by the Kosovo-Albanian branch of the Syrian ISIS hardcore terrorist organization. There were nineteen known terrorists in Kosovo whom the Kosovar police arrested last year on suspicion of plotting just in time to forestall the planned slaughter of Israeli sportsmen. This month, nine of them were found to be directly linked to evidence for their indictment on terrorism charges. This case brings to mind the 2009 case in North Carolina involving four conspirators connected to Kosovo. At that time a federal judge sentenced three of them (Albanian Muslims) to life in prison for conspiring to target the Burlington County base Fort Dix in a crime prosecutors said was inspired by al-Qaeda in Kosovo with its sprawling Wahabi mosques built by Saudi Arabian money there. Given how large the Unites States military base in Kosovo is (Camp Bondsteel is the main base of the United States Army operating under KFOR command in Kosovo) it begs a question: why are terrorists operating so freely all around the US military force? The Kosovo Force (KFOR) is a NATO-led international peacekeeping military unit still in place in Kosovo 18 years after the successful war of the Clinton Administration against Serbia. Is this force not there now to protect the interests of Western civilization (including America) from Islamic expansionism, the only aggressor in the area?

Nine Kosovo Albanians were arrested for planning attacks on the match Albania – Israel

Prosecutors in the Kosovar capital Pristina say they have filed charges against nine Albanians from Kosovo (and Metohija) for planning attacks on the match Albania – Israel last November. The targets were visiting Israeli team and its fans, reports Reuters today. Last year, Kosovo police arrested 19 people, including the nine accused, under suspicion of having links to the militant group ISIS of the terrorist Islamic state, and to have planned for additional attacks in Kosovo and in neighboring Albania. Because of these fears, the Albanian authorities had changed the venue of the match to the region of Tirana. Originally, the match was to be held in the city of Skadar in northern Albania.

The prosecutor said that the accused were in contact with Lavdrimom Muhaxheri, a prominent member of the Islamic state and self-styled “commander of the Albanians in Syria and Iraq,” who ordered the attack.

As was confirmed by members of his family last week, Muhadzeri was killed in Syria.

Lavdrim Muhaxheri, the main Kosovo Albanian Wahabi Muslim terrorist plotter of attack on Israelis

Lavdrim Muhaxheri giving a speech to Jihadis

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The democrat legacy continues to bestow its curse on europe,

    • #facepalm

      This has nothing to do with any democrat legacy.

      • Mahou Shoujo


      • Mahou Shoujo

        it does.

        • #facepalm

          Convinced me with that.

  • Nefarious420

    Someone needs to show these people their family history and how their foremothers were raped, forced to convert, and breed more muslims while their rightful forefathers were slaughtered. Maybe once they know they are the product of rape, they won’t feel so betrothed to the Satanic Cult of Islam.

  • SCS

    “Why are terrorists operating so freely all around the US military force?” Because a US led coalition gave Kosovo to these animals, that’s why.

    • Kelliejthurman

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  • Liatris Spicata

    As the “prophet” Mohammed said, I am made victorious through terror. Of course, terror has nothing to do with Islam.

  • Alleged Comment

    I must put the blame on your leaders. Turnig Europe into a Mid-East HELL HOLE!!!

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