WATCH VIDEO: Pamela Geller: Sharia law “exalted” by the left


Last night I discussed the left’s strange love affair with sharia with the heroic freedom fighter Ezra Levant. Watch.

“Pamela Geller: Sharia law ‘exalted’ by the left,” by Ezra Levant, Rebel Media, June 14, 2017:

On last night’s show, I interviewed Pamela Geller about New York City colleges’ admiration for Islamic extremism.


Considering how many Jewish and Gay people live in New York, it’s ironic that its institutions would invite speakers like Linda Sarsour who promote an anti-Semitic and homophobic ideology.

WATCH my interview to see how New York has been on the wrong side of history many times, and how the left views pro-jihad, anti-American, and pro-sharia sentiments.

  • bl

    The fact that muslims, even the presumably peaceful ones, will never condemn the terrorism committed by their prophet muhammad, and see nothing wrong with it, should ideally make them unwelcome and unacceptable in every non-muslim society. But our dysfunctional and anti-survival societies, allow them to flourish unrestrained.

    • Nefarious420

      You’d have better luck finding a leprechaun, unicorn, Narnias, or Neverland then finding a peaceful or moderate muslim.

      • utj56

        They call ‘moderate’ – those muslims, who do not commit terrorism. So by this definition, they exist. How moderate they are, is another matter.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Shari’a would very well for the left, it also lets them to think they can manipulate the population legally and religiously enforcing the “law” with extreme violence and sanctions by both religion and state , murders. As the left are actually being infiltrated by their supposed muslim enforcers, they gradually are replace, with he likelihood of rapid elimination by their “muslim” allies. Then, with a reign of terror as per the qur’an installed, the elitist muslim hierarchy, which completely controls all aspects of the individuals life, feeds on the carcass of another culture that it destroys, as islam cannot create, it can only destroy.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Do you ever regret moving to a country run by amoral, cowardly, corrupt gaijin?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        No, I like the open spaces and the low population, as I like people but only in small doses on rare occasions, sort of like absinthe, too many or much are toxic. Had no choice, was a captive of parents.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          That makes sense, although I don’t think modern absinthe has wormwood as an ingredient any more. It’s sad when Angola looks like the only sane country left in the world. Happy Friday.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, wormwood is no longer part of the recipe, it was fun while it lasted. There was a concoction available in francs that did follow the original, but as alcohol is not allowed by islam, it, is probably gone, like french wine will soon become fruit juice as per islamic standards.

  • wildjew

    “Not all the left.” Come on, stop painting with a broad brush, OK?

    I’ve been listening to a sit-in for Mark Levin this evening – a Fox News contributor – talking about the mass shooting of Republicans today. He assured the audience, “It is not all Democrats.” Other conservatives want to assure us, “It is not all Muslims.”

    Why do they feel the need to say this? Did Churchill say, “Not all Germans” ? No. What kind of a wartime leader says, “Not all Muslims” or “not all Democrats” or “Not everyone on the left” ?

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      because the west needs islam more than islam needs the west. due to the high number of homos, fags, gays in the west, your politicians are bringing muslim refugees (90% men) to take charge of western women. in modern era women don’t know what they want, True. but mohammad and islam know: women want muslim men who take control and tell them what to do!

      • Nefarious420

        The west needs islam almost as much as homosexuals need aids, except even Aids for all its killing is far less lethal than the cult of Islam. The world would miss Aids far more than islam when it is finally abolished.

        • absolut1

          just as hitler used the brown shirts,then had them killed,we could continue using the muzzies on the democrats with the same ending.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Implicit fallacy of argumentation employed: false equivalence — because even at the height of the Third Reich not all Germans were nazis (not even all Germans serving in the Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe), but all muslums are f’ing muslums. Germans tried to assassinate Hitler, but no one muslum is opposing the fact all their countries are totalitarian, religious apartheid states.

      • wildjew

        OK then. Here is a question for you. (We have no argument when it comes to Islam.) The Germans, Churchill told readers of the Strand in 1935, constituted “the most industrious, tractable, fierce and martial race in the world.” Why didn’t he say “not all Germans” are fierce and martial but some or many? I believe in collective guilt or responsibility, don’t you? Granted there were a few good Germans (that were heroes) who risked their lives fighting Hitler, some because they realized he was leading Germany into ruin; but even among these there were many who agreed with Nazi ideology when it came to the “Jewish question.” How many do you suppose were willing to risk their lives fighting Hitler and the Nazis because of what they were doing to the Jews?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          There’s at least one case of a Luftwaffe pilot defecting as soon as he had the opportunity — bringing the latest BF-109 to the allies with him. Other pilots admitted thinking about defecting, but were worried about their families.
          I’ve read that most Luftwaffe pilots in JG-26 were perversely fighting for Germany, not nazis. A case of misplaced loyalty.
          It’s difficult to leave totalitarian states like Nazi Germany — just ask the Jews of Syria or the USSR.
          I’d be willing to bet there were Americans of Germanic heritage fighting against Nazi Germany.
          If you’re a German living in nazi Germany that doesn’t imply you subscribe to the beliefs of Nazism. If you’re a f’ing muslum it DOES imply you subscribe to the beliefs of islum.

  • wildjew
  • taxpayer22

    Lefties Socialist use Muslim rape gangs against 13 year old white British school girls today — like the Leftie Socialists used Brown shirts in Germany in the 1930.

    And for the same reason.

    • Suresh

      Left/liberal swedes welcomed these savage jihadis gave them free housing, cash . And they settled down to assault , rape , murder the same dumb swedes !

      And now when they want to stop the flood of new jihadis (fake refugees) posing as unaccompanied refugee “children” threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

  • Frank Buono

    ” Considering how many Jewish and Gay people live in New York, it’s ironic that its institutions would invite speakers like Linda Sarsour who promote an anti-Semitic and homophobic ideology.”

    No its not ironic or even surprising that the Jewish people and Gays would invite a hate filled Islamic Supremacist like Sarsour to speak. American children ( and even adults ) have been indoctrinated , in schools , especially colleges , by Hollywood and the main stream media 24/7 or at least 25 years by Cultural Marxist. Look over at Europe to see the future for America. I don’t see any way around this short of a civil war or Conservative states seceding from the Union.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s either civil war or everyone lives (and or dies) under Shari’a law.

      • absolut1

        sad but true.

    • Nefarious420

      It is long term indoctrination of our youth going back to the 80’s with CAIR being invited into elementary and middle schools to teach how compatible the religion of peace really is. Now we have the fruits of Cair’s labors bringing this to the masses.

  • Not only sharia, but Islam itself, is exalted by the left.

  • Common Ground

    …Bill Maher has a blog and YOU TUBE documentary (…Religulous!), that claims Jesus Christ NEVER existed!……………….satire or not, what would happen, if he said the same of Mohammed?

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    in modern era women don’t know what they want, True. but mohammad and islam know what women want: women want muslim men who take control and tell them what to do! This is why the west is bringing muslim refugees (90% men) to take charge of western women

    • Kevin

      its true women need to be beat and controlled.

      • Susan

        Spoken like a true mohammedan sub human. Women need to be beat and controlled. Truth tellers murdered. Gays murdered. Rape victims murdered. Anyone that will not bow down to satan murdered. The god of you cult is the opposite of the God of love. allah is satan.

        • Trump can’t ban islam

          islam FORBIDS muslims to beat their wives. without a good reason

          • Nefarious420

            yes, so true, just look at a muslim wrong and that is good enough reason, or maybe don’t look at a muslim is a good enough reason, even breathing incorrectly is a good enough reason in Islam.

            After all Islam has killed far more homosexuals than Aids ever will.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Good reason” LOL. What would constitute a “good reason”? Whatever machination a room temperature IQ muslum man mind can come up with?

          • Duchess of Pork

            The “sin” of being born female is all the reason required.

    • freebird

      A strong man is able to tie a woman to him with true love, a weak man must bind a woman to him trough fear and violence.
      A strong man take the risk to be hurt by leting the woman her freedom, a weak man fears to get hurt and ( again ) primitive and egoistic as he is he must use fear and violence against the woman to bind her.
      Your cowardly primitiveness is disgusting but normal for Musels or their supporters.

      • Trump can’t ban islam

        oh yeah “a strong man take the risk to be hurt by leting the woman her freedom”, that’s why there are so many cuckolds in the west

    • Nefarious420

      Islam is great, my buddy who is a fake muslim out of fear of his parents killing him, and his wife, and possibly his daughter, has his wife covered up in a Burqa when she leaves the house or people come over, and she is forced to clean the house, cook all meals. He refers to her as the House Slave. Islam rocks in a society welcomes slavery.

      His parents even arranged for their 2 year old daughter’s marriage to a nice Pakistani man in his 30’s. Great culture you got there, if he is lucky his daughter won’t be married off by 6 and raped by 9 like written in the Koran, the story of a pedophile rapist and murderer.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        A Pakistaini muslum tried to pimp out his white, teenaged, step-daughter in marriage to his fellow muslum vermin in Pakistain (as reported right here on pamelageller some ten years ago) against her will. She refused to be shipped back to Pakistain, what happened beyond that I don’t know.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The above happened right here in the USA.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Ezra Levant and Goldie Faith (?) seems to be the only voices of sanity in Canadastan’s media.

  • Mike E

    The left has always sympathized with the enemies of the West.

  • Drew the Infidel

    If Linda Sarsour was a firm believer in sharia we would have never heard of her. After all, to the raghead mentality, a woman’s place is in the ground.

  • Nefarious420

    Things less harmful to the world than Islam, Aids, Cancer, plagues to name just a few. Seems that Islam should be eradicated before we tackle any of the others.

  • Nefarious420

    Things more likely to discover in the real world than peaceful/moderate Islam, Unicorns, Leprechauns, Snuffleupagus, the Dragon from Never Ending Story, Narnia,, Neverland, and the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup.

  • Nancy Stoddart

    Interesting to learn how the Chobani Yogurt cabal perverts justice in Idaho.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I never knew that. Is there any direct evidence that Chobani yoghurt influenced the corrupt judiciary in Idaho?

  • Nancy Stoddart

    What we can safely infer from all this is that muslim=nazi. What a world.

  • The Left and Islam……….It’s a fatal attraction……not unlike the cobra asking the mongoose for a hug…..

  • Israel Forever

    Great interview.

    Pamela Geller is sill inspiring even as she acknowledges the world these days unfortunately seems morally inverted.

    Hopefully things will get better. G-d willing.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

    Shabbat Shalom

    • absolut1

      pam geller is one of the bravest people i know,bar none,i am new to the site,a conservative buddy turned me on to this.

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