FBI Dem Party Operatives Offered Russian Hacker Bribes to Say He Hacked the DNC Email for DJT


While the criminal witch hunt against our President continues apace over the nonexistent collusion between Trump with Russia, here’s a blockbuster front page news story virtually ignored by the elite enemedia. The FBI offered a Russian hacker cash and citizenship if he would confess to hacking Hillary Clinton’s email for Trump. There was just one problem: he hadn’t.

These rogue Obama plants within the FBI and other agencies, who are even trying to fabricate evidence to frame Trump, must be removed and prosecuted, or they could be the death of the American republic.

“FBI Probe Into Clinton Emails Prompted Offer of Cash, Citizenship for Confession, Russian Hacker Claims,” by Tom O’Connor, Newsweek, May 11, 2017:

A Russian citizen accused of being a hacker by both Russia and the U.S. has claimed U.S. officials offered to cut him a deal if he admitted to interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

Yevgeniy Nikulin, 29, has found himself in the middle of an international dispute between Washington and Moscow, at the very center of which lies U.S. allegations that Russia sponsored a series of hacks targeting Democratic Party candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in favor of Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump. On October 5, 2016, days before U.S. intelligence publicly accused Russia of endorsing an infiltration of Democratic Party officials’ emails, Nikulin was arrested in Prague at the request of the U.S. on separate hacking charges. Now, Nikulin claims U.S. authorities tried to pin the email scandal on him.

Nikulin was detained in the Czech Republic for allegedly hacking the servers of major sites LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring between 2012 and 2013. While awaiting trial, he claims in an undated letter reportedly given to U.S. Russian-language news site Nastoyashchoe Vremya by Nikulin’s lawyer, Martin Sadilek, that the FBI visited him at least a couple of times, offering to drop the charges and grant him U.S. citizenship as well as cash and an apartment in the U.S. if the Russian national confessed to participating in the 2016 hacks of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s emails in July.

Trump initially dismissed allegations of Russian involvement in the election, but has since reversed his position, while denying any personal connection to the hacks. Moscow has vehemently denied interfering in the 2016 election.

“[They told me:] you will have to confess to breaking into Clinton’s inbox for [U.S. President Donald Trump] on behalf of [Russian President Vladimir Putin],” Nikulin wrote, according to The Moscow Times.

Nikulin said he refused the deal, but U.S. officials threatened to return. He claims the visits occurred in mid-November 2016 and on February 7 of this year. Czech television has reported at least one FBI visit earlier this year, according to The Guardian, which cited an FBI spokesperson as saying the agency was “aware of the situation,” but declining further comment. The FBI is seeking to extradite Nikulin to face trial in the U.S., something he and his lawyers are trying to fight.

While the U.S. has not publicly acknowledged any connection between Nikulin and the Russian election hacking controversy, Nikulin’s arrest did attract the attention of Moscow. Nikulin is accused by Russia of hacking into and stealing from online WebMoney accounts. The Moscow-based online money transfer system claims 31 million users around the world and Nikulin is charged with stealing $3,450 in 2009, according to the state-owned Tass Russian News Agency. Moscow has also filed an extradition request.

Nikulin, a self-described used car salesman who claims he does not work with computers, denies the charges raised against him by both the U.S. and Moscow. His Czech lawyer, Adam Kopecky, said in January he and Nikulin believed the Russian national was being used as a “political pawn” amid an international feud between Washington and Moscow, according to The Guardian….

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    • Mahou Shoujo

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    • Craig

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  • Dustwitch

    This needs more looking into. If this is found ro be true Comey and and the demo-rats are royally screwed.

    • Suresh

      Why is Trump not Purging obama Loyalists from
      FBI/CIA ?
      And why are those trying to frame the President Not charged with treason/criminal breach of trust ?

      Left/Liberal/Media have history of Lying , fraud and selling out American interests Like Dems selling out to Iran on Nuke deal for few thousands of dollars .

      Shocked ? check http://tinyurl.com/mcake4d

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Even if it did, nothing will happen, look at all the high ranking democrats that made sedition and outright acceptance of bribes and theft, policy.

      • absolut1

        the rule of law does not seem to apply to democrats,some animals are more equal than others.all we have to do is enforce current laws to beat them.

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    • jobird

      Sure hope so,but unfortunately these people always escape conviction.

    • bill

      “They should have known better”. case closed.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • dennodog

      Notice the not so subliminal “crescent and star(s)” formation of the clinton foundation logo?

      • Steve

        Good point. This subliminal crap is all over the place.

    • Steve

      The demoncrap playbook I see this morning. Here’s the one of comedy news network’s cooper doing his wiener impression – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZioEg_XDBw

      • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

        Another pilot show for children ?!!

  • brock marks

    I will never vote for a demon-crat ever again

  • Tim

    We are definitely living in perilous times – thanks to the democrats.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Robert Mueller won’t be investigating this, anytime soon…

  • mypersonalopinion

    The world is fueled by bullshit, but nowhere like it is in DC.

    You have to be pretty naive to think that this Mueller thing this is any more than a show trial. There is nothing to these allegations which were spun out of thin air by political operatives in the Democratic Party. This is what you get in a one-party town like DC, where a conspiracy can be ginned up with a wink and a nod.

    Once the Russia story was put out there, everybody joined the amen chorus and the press reported on the echoes of echoes. One senior Dem says the word “Russia” and it gives all the lesser Dems the signal to follow suit. You end up with a cascade of bullshit and in a place like DC, bullshit can change history for the worst.

  • dennodog

    I believe the real “dirty” stuff started with LBJ back in the 60’s. This liar, along with McNamara, got 60 thousand Americans killed with their phony “Gulf of Tonkin” incident to jump start the Viet Nam war. Since then, theft,currency manipulation,and of course the globalists ran a fifty year attempt to subvert and submit the US to the control of the “one world government”. Trillions have been stolen and the last 10 years showed an outright, in your face, takeover of almost the entire government by career political hacks. Trump is our last hope as he is the one person they all feared would expose them. Drain that swamp, and as part of the “infrastructure” improvement, expand Leavenworth so that it will be able to accommodate all those criminals in DC that brought us to the brink of destruction.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’d like to know why the USN sailed an intelligence ship into Israeli territorial waters unannounced in the middle of the Six Day War.

      • dennodog

        Me too…..and don’t forget the disgraceful “Pueblo Incident”. When you look at all the crap that has gone on for so long, “Benghazi” type stuff should be expected, but never condoned.

  • Steve

    This should be grounds to open up an investigation of collusion between the DNC and FBI including Hillary with the Russians. The way this stuff is going our grandchildren will be watching special investigations. I say with a story like this it should be used as evidence to question anything from the demoncraps.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Tonya Parnell


    • Craig

      He needs to fire EVERY person hired by rat obama in his 8 years of American degeneration.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Any benefit to President Trump that eventuated from the hack of Podesta’s email account was simply a by-product, something that happened along with everything else and not an overt action. You know, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”?

    According to that new book “Shattered” by Allen & Parmes, a 402 page autopsy of Hillary’s monumental loss of the Presidency (thank God!), the excuse of Russian collusion was a fantasy the commiecrats dreamed up within the first 24 hours of the election being called in Trump’s favor.

  • John Galtius

    Help me out here. Keep reminding people that the “Russian Probe,” is a look into the antics of the DNC, and the crimes they committed, ethics violations, backdoor cheating, and official corruption… that the “Probe,” is them trying to find out who drug the bodies out of the closet and exposed thier criminal conduct.

  • foundingfathersfollower

    If one takes a historical view of this era, The Clintons, and the present Democratic party,
    it will be a shameful look-back at their history. Exactly like the historical facts that the
    Democratic party was behind the founding of the k k k and very strongly supported the
    same organization. Shameful.

  • ties

    America has become the laughing talk of the world…. Our government all pointing fingers at each other….Running around lying ,that the sky is falling…. ( And with them ,,it will ) While the greatest leader in the world sits back and smiles watching the idiots are running America …. And Trump is not the idiot…. with out Trump we will be like the EU with terrorists every where….. And woman getting killed and rapped all the time

    • Dorrie

      Who is “the greatest leader in the world”??

      • ties

        I would have to say now days Putin……

        • Dorrie

          Except not the FREE world. Putin’s power is limited due to his lack of finances.

          • ties

            Russians have much more freedom then Americans…. A man is American can’t hardly talk to a girl at the work place with out taking a chance of getting fires or the company getting sued for everything they have…. Same with racial slurs

          • Dorrie

            “can’t hardly”?? “getting fires”??

            Even though I understand what you’re TRYING to say, I disagree. There is still a modicum of liberty in this country, but in the case of male/female in the work place, people need to be careful to always be in public when they speak, to avoid any misunderstanding. That doesn’t diminish freedom or liberty, it’s simply the responsible way to be.

            It’s simply just common sense (which doesn’t seem to be common these days) to go to work, do your work, then leave. Don’t use the work place as a place for chatting with friends.

          • ties

            many people met their soul mates at the work place and asked them out at the work place….. Now if you tell a lady she looks nice today you can loose your job….. … I own many businesses and have been forced to fire good managers who did nothing wrong ,,, except talk…. Or I would take a chance of loosing my business….. that is not freedom of speech….

          • Dorrie

            Some DO meet their life mates at work, but it’s still a good thing to know that “loose lips sink ships.” If God is involved, being cautious will be blessed and not stop what was meant to be :)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    If the F-I-B has traitors of this caliber, maybe the F-I-B should just be disbanded wholesale. I’m sure Molly Norris would breath a sigh of relief, that is if she’s still alive and some muslum operative in the F-I-B hasn’t already dropped the dime on her.

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