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[ June 27, 2017 ]

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[ June 27, 2017 ]

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[ June 27, 2017 ]

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Suicide Attack: Champs-Élysées terror in Paris as armed driver RAMS police van, car filled with weapons and gas bomb


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The dramatic moment a French police officer checks for a suicide bomb as he cuts the clothes off a driver who has just rammed a police van on the Champs-Élysées

  • Car burst into flames moments after impact in the Paris tourist hotspot which is the main shopping district
  • The driver, who police believe to be dead, was carrying a gun when he crashed into the police van deliberately
  • Witness said he heard shots being fired and saw smoke coming from the car after the collision this afternoon 
  • People were seen fleeing the area as police officers armed with machine guns attempted to get them to safety

A driver with a gun has been arrested after ramming a police van on the Champs-Élysées in a car filled with weapons and a gas bomb.

His car burst into flames moments after impact and he was left seriously injured having deliberately aimed at a line of police vans.

A police officer was videoed stripping clothes from the unconscious assailant to check for a suicide bomb and officials believe he is ‘probably’ dead.

A witness in the capital said he heard shots being fired and smoke coming from a silver Renault Megane which was used by the perpetrator in what is being considered an attempted suicide attack. (Daily Mail)

Police standing by as the perpetrator lies face down in the dusty sidewalk after having his clothes ripped from him

The driver sprawled on the pavement with a bomb disposal robot nearby after a police officer ripped his clothes from him

The car left abandoned on the world-famous avenue and a red canister can be seen in the middle of the road which is teeming with police officers

The car being searched by a member of the bomb disposal team who is seen approaching the Renault Megane with a mask

A witness in the capital said he heard shots being fired and smoke coming from one of the vehicles, thought to be this Renault Megane

French anti-terrorism prosecutors opened an inquiry today after a suspected suicide attacker was seen targeting a line of police vans which were travelling up the Champs Elysee towards the Arc de Triomphe.

‘There was a sudden impact, and then a fireball,’ said an investigating source. ‘A gas bomb was in the car.

‘The man was very badly injured, and then pulled out of his damaged vehicle. He was badly injured in the collision and was taken away.

‘He did not cause any injuries, but the collision was a deliberate act.’

An Interior Ministry source meanwhile said that the attacker ‘is likely to have died following the attack’.

He added that ‘numerous weapons were found in his car boot’.

The specialist anti-terrorism officers confirmed they had opened an inquiry into the kamikaze attack.

It follows a series of terrorism incidents across France carried out by Islamic State terrorists, who have regularly used vehicles as weapons across Europe, including in Britain.

French police secure the area on the Champs Elysees after the car burst into flames in the French capital

French policemen secure the area on the Champs Elysees avenue after an incident in Paris


More here:

BREAKING: Champs-Élysées terror in Paris as armed driver smashes car into police van

THE Champs-Élysées area has been surrounded by police in Paris following a suspected attempted terror attack.
By Zoie O’Brien

The Express, Jun 19, 2017

An armed driver who slammed a car into a police van has likely been shot dead, authorities in France said.

France’s Interior Ministry confirmed emergency services are dealing with a “security incident” at the world-famous Champs-Élysées.

Paris police on Monday said they are “in control” after armed police stormed the shopping district in the city centre.

Witnesses say a police van was hit by another vehicle which was the on fire sparking the major response.

“It looks like this was a deliberate act,” Interior Ministry Spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told reporters at the scene.

Brandet said it was very likely that the driver, who had been armed, was dead.

A police bomb squad is also present.

Champs-Élysées surrounded by police in ParisTWITTER

Champs-Élysées surrounded by police in Paris as France under terror fears

One witness, who was just 20 metres from the scene, said: “Large bangs followed by what sounded like shots fired near a car with smoke coming out of it on Champs Elysees.”Armed officers have been pictured surrounding a police cordon after reports of a man on the ground.Some reports suggest he was dragged from the car.An image has now appeared of a bloodied man lying face down on the floor, while the body is searched by a bomb robot.Police in Paris are asking people to stay clear of the area.

Champs Elysees terror: Police arrest man in Paris REUTERS

Champs Elysees attack: Police arrest man in Paris

Champs-Elysees: Live images after car hits police RUTERS

Police surround area of the Champs Elysees shopping district in Paris

Nearby, the theatre Marigny was evacuated, local reports suggest.The Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau metro station was also closed.France has been in a state of emergency since the Bataclan terror attacks in November 2015, in which 130 people were killed by ISIS supporters.During the last French elections a police officer was shot on the Champs-Élysées.

Champs-Elysees terror: Scene after car hits policeREUTERS

Champs-Elysees: The current scene after police van smashed into by car

Paris terror: Man arrested by police after car ramREUTERS

Terror in France: French police in suspected terror attack investigation in Paris

Champs-Élysées incident: Terror feared as car hit Twitter

A police car has reportedly been hit by another vehicle in the Champs-Élysées area

Earlier in June an Algerian Islamist attacked a police officer with a hammer in front of Notre-Dame de Paris.
  • Ely Caguco

    Today they want to ban guns! Maybe the next move is to ban automobiles?

  • Suresh

    Let the French enjoy their Islamic diversity ! Its so much more exciting to have such news every other day .

    And in America : Muslims In Indiana Are About To Riot After Seeing What Massive Sign Says That Popped Up Overnight about their perfect man

    you can’t please the jihadi can you ?

  • Denis

    this vehicular terrorism is becoming a daily occurance in the enlightened EU.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It could be right here in the USA but we just don’t know it because law enforcement and the enemedia have become experts at covering it up — as they did in a case reported right here on pamelageller when a f’ing muslum ran over a group of people in NYC at high speed (resulting in a British woman having her leg amputated). NYC authorities determined it was a “accident”.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Gee, what religion could the attackers be? Normally I’d say I haven’t seen this story reported on the enemedia, but I don’t bother watching them any more.

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      well, i’m guessing it’s not the Methodist Women’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study group from Topeka ……..

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL. It must’ve been the Amish, they’re extwemists.

  • Howard Hyman

    BAN muslims!

    • Suresh

      Let the French enjoy their Islamic diversity ! Its so much more exciting to have such news every other day .

      And in America : Muslims In Indiana Are About To Riot After Seeing What Massive Sign Says That Popped Up Overnight about their perfect man

      you can’t please the jihadi can you ?

  • lilyred

    When you can’t go out without worrying about being stabbed, run over or blown up.

  • You voted for it, France. Enjoy.

    • Beverleywhowell

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      • Laird MacTavish

        Shove your spam up your arse!

        • Brenda Stines Mills

          i blocked

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      marcon says ” it’s just going to be a way of life now “……….or, death, if you will……..the french voted for a liberal moslem lover……their culture will be destroyed as well as their citizens…….LOVE IT YET?……prayers to the citizens that had sense enough to vote for Le Pen…….this could be the USA if hillary had won……that was her plan….open borders…….

      • joe1429


  • Ari

    I wonder what the EU leaders have a say in the matter, probably nothing good for the Europeans.
    Finnish TV news presenter Mikko Hirvonen in the picture.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Any word if Macron has “condemned the attack in his strongest terms”?

    I hope the Tour de France, which will be taking place shortlly, goes off without a hitch.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Tour de pakistan north.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So? Get used to it, you did vote for the status quo.

  • felix1999

    That should help tourism!
    How is tourism going?

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      check the airfare NOW !…….it is really low…..imagine that… brother-in-law is french……he usually goes every summer to visit his family……not this summer even with airfare so low…..

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It would be mighty interesting to see how the tourism industry has tanked across Northwestern Europe/Eurabia. I seem to remember a busload of Korean tourists being robbed by f’ing muslums in Paris this very year. If I want to get robbed why would I go all the way to Fwance to do so? I can get robbed right here in the USA.

  • knightsstrength

    All these extra police, special forces do not offer any more armed security but more fear.

    The only way to make areas safe is to remove the danger and that is Islam

  • Laird MacTavish

    And remember this stuff, the killing and bombing, that’s not the worst of it!
    The worst is the insidious infiltration of all levels of government and the seemingly unstoppable islamisation of Europe by way of demographics and stealth.
    Ratcheting up the islam bit by bit. Gaining concession after concession and special consideration after special religious exemptions.
    For everyone else there are age of consent laws and age restrictions on when you can marry, not for the muzz it seems with the 12 and 13 year old brides, why not grab a couple or four. One bastard had four wives and 23 children which France pays for!!
    He coudn’t work he said because of his ‘familial obligations’ … WHY would France allow that? It was costing 390,000 euros per year in welfare benefits alone!

  • Are masks optional?

  • James Stamulis

    Gee i bet tourism is way down in beautiful gay Paris! In fact all through Europe it is probably way down thanks to the inbred invasion!

  • joe1429

    Ban muslums from driving

    • Tobias Keith

      Just ban moslems.

  • R.S. Helms

    Shows what communist leaders do best, then they joined the EU who provided all the Muslims. I loved the time I spent in France, but you could not pay me to go there today.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder why Fwench law enforcement feel the need to conceal their identities behind balaclavas? Why don’t they just use keffiyehs?

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