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Pakistani Boy, 13, Asks for Wages — and Gets Hand Chopped Off


A woman in the Punjab district of Pakistan became so angry when a boy, 13, working for her asked for his wages that she turned around and chopped off his hand.

A boy, 13, in Punjab, Pakistan, got his hand chopped off for the crime of asking for his wages.

The boy was working at the woman’s house, according to his mother. And he was supposed to receive regular wages for his work.

But that didn’t happen.

From NDTV:

“A woman in Pakistan’s Punjab chopped off a 13-year-old boy’s right hand with a fodder cutting machine for allegedly demanding for his salary.

“According to the boy’s mother, Jannat Bibi, Irfan was employed at Shafqat Bibi’s house in Safdarabad for a salary of Rs. 3,000, as told to the police.

“‘Last week Shafqat Bibi got furious with Irfan when he demanded salary. She cut his right hand with a fodder cutting machine to teach him a lesson that he demands salary but doesn’t complete his job of feeding the cattle,’ she said.

“The incident took place in Sheikhupura village, 50 kilometres from Lahore.

“He was shifted to a local hospital where his condition is stated to be critical, his mother said.”

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    • Mahou Shoujo

      This is islam. This is the way things are done when islam’s demonic cult has power.

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    • patriotusa2

      Oh my God! Tell me this isn’t true! Chopping off the kid’s hand was bad enough!

    • aebe

      Man , this was bad enough to last me , the first time .

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, in civilized countries, there is a right to work, in islamic ones, there is only a right to insanity and violence.

    • spudmans1

      and slavery.

  • Sadly, this is actually quite common in places like Pakistan.

    • aebe

      I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia , driving a truck for an oil company . The recruiter queered his pitch by telling me about a truck driver who hit a kid – He had a towel wrapped around his legs and a truck was driven over them . Ever the humanitarians , there was a doctor standing by .

  • aebe

    Might be time to point out that Pakistan and Bangladesh were stolen from India , by muslims . And just as with Israel , the UN gave them a charter .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.. Carry

  • Alleged Comment

    You want to see why a people are so rotten you have to look no farther than their woman.

  • RayG1

    Is there any other term to describe such people other than “barbarians”?

  • marlene

    How many of the hundreds of thousands of rapists have one hand?

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