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[ July 21, 2017 ]

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[ July 21, 2017 ]

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Knife Jihad: Muslim Migrant Stabs Security Officers in Milan


The endless news stories about Muslim migrant violence, knife attacks, rape, murder, and robbery are reason enough to put a halt to immigration from Muslim majority countries. Basta.

North African Migrant Stabs Security Officers With Knife in Milan

ROME (Sputnik) — A migrant from North Africa stabbed a group of Italian police officers with a knife in Milan and injured two people, local media reported.

By Sputnik News, May 19, 2017:

The incident took place late on Thursday at the central railway station, La Repubblica newspaper reported on Thursday.

During a routine check of documents, the migrant snatched the knife and attacked the law enforcement officers, injuring a police officer and a serviceman, the media outlet said.

The injured men were taken to a hospital, while the attacker was detained. According to the publication, the migrant was previously held accountable for drugs related activities.

Earlier in May, Milanese police conducted a large-scale operation at the railway station to check migrants’ documents and detained about 50 people.

  • Stefania Oliva

    La storia è vera ma Repubblica è un giornale di sinistra che ama gli immigrati islamici e riporta le notizie manipolate. Meglio informarsi su Il Giornale, Il Fatto Quotidiano.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The story is true, but the Republic is a left-wing newspaper that loves Islamic immigrants and reports manipulated news. Better know about The Journal, The Daily Fact.

      • Laird MacTavish

        Thanks for the translation Mahou Shoujo.

        • Laird MacTavish

          I note the word for ‘left’ is SINISTRA.

    • pipo

      Vero La Repubblica è un quotidiano di sinistra anche in certo modo di communista. Meglio il quotidiano Libero. Ovunque in Italia ci sono l’esercito e la polizia in posti pubblici perchè colpa di immigranti. Non capisco bene perchè la sinistra amano gli immigrati islamici. Salute da Napoli.

  • Tumbleweed

    You idiots detained the muslim terrorist! Really?
    There should have been nothing left to detain!

    • Suresh

      Agree ! Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

      I’m sure Left/Liberal Loons will blame Jews ! When jews are nowhere in the picture !

      • Karinmjones

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    • Mack Pooh

      Keep in mind:

      The United States of this America coddles islam. When an islamist, jihadist, or muslim terrorist is caught or captured, he/she is given coffee, cigarettes, halal sandwiches, quran, and an attorney as if our constitution stipulates adherence to islamic statute and law. Sad and pathetic….

      In non-muslim countries like China and Russia, islamists, muslims, and jihadis get one chance. Then, they areceother executed or out away for life with the first being the preferred. I prefer these methods……

  • Alleged Comment

    Aren’t Eurapeon police armed with knives? Since they took their guns away?

  • Laird MacTavish

    Detained? Debrained might be a better solution.

  • StandTall

    “incident” upgraded to terror attack. The attacker was inspired by ISIS

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Should use guard dogs to sniff and check muslims, before humans check their identity documents. Always have to beware of a knife attack when a muslim is within stabbing range.

  • jerrys
  • Mack Pooh

    As I said, “take them out one by one”, and in all non-muslim countries, within a year, islam will be nothing more than orevious history…..

    “Logic is often consumed by false justice, then there is the right thing to do”……

  • joe1429

    A muzrat terrorist just blew himself up at an ariaana grande concert in England!!! 20 dead so far, and more than 50 tweens injured.. God help those kids!! I hate the frakin muzats!!!!!

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