Condo tower with Islamic museum and mosque to rise at proposed Ground Zero Mosque site


“We are still building an Islamic museum and sanctuary,” says the shady developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque scheme, Sharif El-Gamal.

An Islamic sanctuary is a mosque. The article adds: “An Islamic museum ‘is just as much of an insult,’ Pamela Geller, a blogger and one of the center’s most vocal opponents, wrote in an email. ‘It will be like having a museum touting the glories of the Japanese Empire at Pearl Harbor.’”

This is what I actually told the New York Times: “The 16-story mosque that El-Gamal initially planned to build there has not been built. Our efforts in showing what an insult it was to the American people and to the victims of 9/11, and how many Muslims worldwide would inevitably view it as a triumphal mosque built on the site of a jihad attack, defeated it. Now El-Gamal plans an Islamic Museum, which is just as much of an insult; it will be like having a Museum touting the glories of the Japanese Empire at Pearl Harbor. A genuine Islamic Museum that detailed the 1,400-year history of jihad warfare, cultural annihilation, land appropriation and enslavement would be appropriate at that location, but El-Gamal’s museum is certain to be a whitewash of the doctrine and history of jihad and a paean to imaginary Muslim contributions to various important inventions and achievements.”

“Condo Tower to Rise Where Muslim Community Center Was Proposed,” by Ronda Kaysen, New York Times, May 12, 2017:

The sales gallery for 45 Park Place, a 43-story condominium that will soon rise three blocks from the World Trade Center, is not unlike the galleries for other luxury condos in New York. Oversize photographs showcase the spectacular views that come with living in a 665-foot tower. The mock kitchen and bathroom offer a glimpse of the refined finishes one would expect in a building with a $41 million duplex penthouse.

But unlike other New York City condos, this one is something of a consolation prize for the developer, and one that is opening in a cooling luxury market. The tower replaces the developer’s 2010 plan to build a 15-story Islamic mosque and cultural center on this site, an idea that erupted into a national controversy and cable news network bonanza.

The mosque’s opponents — among them some families of 9/11 victims, politicians and conservative media pundits — balked at the notion of a mosque so close to the site of the largest attack by Islamic terrorists in the nation’s history. Critics called it the Ground Zero Mosque, the Victory Mosque and a “megamosque.”

Its name was Park51, and the project’s developer, Sharif El-Gamal, the founder of Soho Properties, compared it to the 92nd Street Y, a community gathering space where New Yorkers could go for swimming lessons and lectures.

But by 2011, Mr. El-Gamal bowed to public pressure, little of it local, and abandoned the idea for the cultural center.

The new design replaces Mr. El-Gamal’s vision of a vast space for public gatherings with more standard New York City fare: a very expensive glass and steel tower for the very rich. The site, which extends from 43 to 51 Park Place, will open in 2019 with 50 apartments at 45 Park Place and a much smaller, three-story Islamic museum and public plaza, designed by Jean Nouvel, but no mosque, at 49-51 Park Place.

Gone is the name Park51, although a new name for the museum has not been announced. Mr. El-Gamal’s critics have been largely silent since 2011, even though prayers, events and gatherings continued to be held regularly at 49-51 Park Place until the property closed for demolition in 2015.

Looking back on a period of time that he described as “surreal,” Mr. El-Gamal said: “I wouldn’t change anything. What has transpired here has been an absolute blessing.”

Blessing or not, Mr. El-Gamal is entering the luxury real estate market at a difficult time, with the sales office opening on June 1. Sales of trophy apartments have been lackluster since late 2014. The number of sales of new luxury apartments dropped 25 percent in the first quarter of 2017 from the same time a year ago. During that same period, inventory rose almost 20 percent and new condos sat on the market 49 percent longer, according to a Douglas Elliman report that was prepared by Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants. With inventory saturating the top of the market, buyers looking to spend $5 million or more have plenty of options.

“This is yet another high-end project coming on in the last innings of the development cycle,” said Jonathan J. Miller, the president of Miller Samuel.

One-bedrooms at 45 Park Place start at $1.92 million; two-bedrooms at $3.725 million; three-bedrooms at $4.595 million; and four-bedrooms at $10.5 million. The second duplex penthouse will be listed for about $39 million. Michel Abboud, a founding partner of SOMA Architects, designed the tower; Piero Lissoni designed the interiors.

Asking around $3,400 a square foot, 45 Park Place ranks among the most expensive condos in Manhattan. Only 11 buildings have a higher price per square foot, according to data provided by StreetEasy.

Consider 30 Park Place. The Robert A. M. Stern-designed tower is a block away and has a Four Seasons Hotel beneath it. Apartments there start at the 40th floor and are selling for $3,132 a square foot with 82 percent sold, according to StreetEasy. Thirty Park Place has another advantage: The building is open, so buyers do not have to shop from floor plans and wait two years to move in.

“The idea that 45 Park Place would be able to garner a higher price per square foot a block away seems somewhat far-fetched,” said Grant Long, the senior economist for StreetEasy.

Mr. El-Gamal is confident that 45 Park Place, with 11-foot-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, will attract buyers eager to live in a high-rise in a neighborhood he describes as TriBeCa. “If I was anywhere else in New York, I would be nervous,” he said, sitting in the offices of Stribling, which is marketing 45 Park Place.

Although the project is marketed as a TriBeCa tower, the area right around 45 Park Place does not have the lofts and the historic ambience of TriBeCa, nor is it within its boundaries. TriBeCa is bounded by Canal Street to the north, West Street to the west, Broadway to the east and Murray Street to the south — which is one block north of Park Place, according to Community Board 1.

At 44, Mr. El-Gamal does not see the outcome of his project as a defeat, but instead as proof of his grit. “Real estate in New York is a blood sport,” he said. “It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Describing the controversy as “a fabricated issue,” Mr. El-Gamal, who received death threats at the time, insisted that the scaled-down museum would still achieve his original objective. “We are still building an Islamic museum and sanctuary,” he said.

For his opponents, even a small center is too much. An Islamic museum “is just as much of an insult,” Pamela Geller, a blogger and one of the center’s most vocal opponents, wrote in an email. “It will be like having a museum touting the glories of the Japanese Empire at Pearl Harbor.”…

  • Fred

    I’m all in favor of the project- with a few stipulations of course. In the city of Mecca, build a Catholic Church, Jewish temple, Buddhist temple, a Protestant church- etc.

    Once those places are built in Mecca I’ll accept the project.

    • name

      Urgent –

      In the south of Madagascar, Muslims have organized an operation that consists in buying bibles in order to destroy them. “A bible is bought for 100 euros. Books of gospel songs for 25 euros” Luc Raoeliariseheno revealed to Géopolis

      • Steve

        The golden age of muslamists strikes again!

      • starmannate

        Let them spend every dime on book burning. We can print more…..

        • Joe1938

          Also, we can print qurans for burning!!

    • tatka150

      But it’s still different and inconceivable. It’s not only about the religion. It’s about the insult of the memory of 3,000 innocent victims. Stop it New Yorkers!

      • Drifter12

        They can’t stop…they don’t even see the problem…they are the problem.

        • tatka150

          Yes, you are right.

      • Joe1938

        Re “the religion”; Islam is not a religion! islam Is a political system wrapped around a pedophile’s plagiarized materials from several sources and from imagination during drunken stupor. Goals of the islamofascist movement, which encompasses all mullahs, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and many others, is to promote a political ideology that seeks to subjugate all the world’s peoples, by physical force, under the supreme governing authority of islamofascist law, in every area of life and thought. The islamofascist goal is to enforce submission in body and mind—on pain of death. When considering taqiyya and kitman, one realizes that there is only one outcome between islam and infidels and that is a fight to death.

      • kat747

        It is difficult to believe that those democrats in NYC can be so uncaring and uncompassionate to allow those people to built anything anywhere near the Memorial of 9/11/2001. Disgusting.

        • tatka150

          Let’s start the petition to WH and collect the signatures. I’m sure many people will support us. I don’t know how technically to do it. But they’ll definitely get the signatures from me and my family and friends.
          It wasn’t only New Yorkers tragedy.
          It’s national tragedy and can’t be forgotten and the memory of the innocent victims insulted such a terrible way.

    • Rob Porter

      I knew that these Muslim bits of filth would not stop their efforts after Pamela helped win that first round at ground zero. These are just evil, vile and filthy people devoid of morals and decency, the pigs droppings of the earth.

      • notislam

        Sabotage out of camera range would give them problems–and the creativity of this is boundless. Then as they use our laws against us then there must be a way to use laws against them what ever the situation.

        • Rob Porter

          They are without question the enemy within and if we had politicians with the knowledge of Islam and a good amount of spine of course the law could be used against them. They are waging war against us both quietly, secretly and the violent ones openly, and yet the West with its absurd politically correctness tolerates the enemy.

  • Robinske2

    Islam never gives up. They can retreat when confronted with a superior force, but will return as soon as they see weakness. Islam has been conquering for 1400+ years and they see a weak west that has rejected the values that gave it foundation and is ripe for conquest. Within 30 years- there will be a mass conversion of western liberals to Islam. Eventually ground zero will have its monument for the 19 “Brave” Islamists who helped convert Pagan America to the house of Islam.

    • Kook of the East

      There will be no mass conversion of westerners to islam.
      Westerners are leaving sane religions and won’t be interested in an 8th century desert cult. Liberals belong to the church of big gubmint first and only.

      • mobuyus

        You give liberals way too much credit. Yes the liberals of old belonged to the church of big government but these new liberals flooding our countries with islamopiphicines are a different animal (my apologies to real animals).

        • Dorrie

          What they are now are Marxist Fascists.

          • mobuyus

            Correct. Racist marxist fascists. Clowns.

          • Dorrie

            I disagree with the “clowns” description. Clowns are harmless and silly, leftists aren’t harmless or silly, they’re dangerous and on a path to destroy America.

          • mobuyus

            Exposing them to themselves as clowns makes them seeth with anger making them all the easier to trip up or over play their limp clammy hand.

          • Dorrie

            I’d rather ignore them and steer clear. Life is much more uncomplicated that way :)

          • Drifter12

            If you want to get rid of them you are going to have to do more than “steer clear”.

          • Dorrie

            Drifter, I don’t intend to attempt something that will never happen unless hearts are changed – and that can only happen one (1) at a time. That takes one-on-one conversations, which I DO get involved with, but not on a large scale, only on a scale I’m capable of with God’s help.

          • Joe1938

            Add to that… From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

        • Kook of the East

          They flood the country to change demographics in their favor at the ballot box. Doesn’t mean they are enamored with the “religion”.

          • Dorrie

            Of COURSE they are! Why ELSE would they be protecting them from all criticism?!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wonder if the lieberals who are presently “allies” of islum think the muslums won’t drop them like a bad habit when the muslums gain sufficient political power to make their alliance irrelevant. Iranian communists certainly found out the hard way what their alliance w/the muslums was worth when the Ayatollah Khomeni took power.

        • Drifter12

          They’re called Progressives and there is nothing liberal about them…

          • Dorrie

            Oh indeed there is! They are the EPITOME of liberal! And it is a mental disorder!

    • hasn’t for centuries why would it now? and too many in America willing to accommodate as Londoners did when they dragged through their gates an Adhan warbling horse and made it mayor

      • Rob Porter

        Why now? Because while Muslims believe in their sick and mentally retarded Islamic trash, too many Westerners now don’t believe in anything – other than their creature comforts and pursuing wealth, or booze or drugs, or gambling! Western society is rotting. If many Westerners no longer believe in anything, why would they fight for anything? As I said above, they’ve abandoned their once mostly Judeo-Christians beliefs with it’s accompanying values and are now simply useless pagans who believe in nothing and accommodate pretty much anything – much of it totally rubbish – other than Judeo-Christians values. So they allow the enemy, like the “Adhan warbling horse” because their blind eyes fail to perceive danger in their own actions.

        • I guess you missed the part where I said too many westerners are willing to accommodate.
          Your suggestion is to resolve decay of west by incorporating Islam?
          I lived and worked with it. I know what it means.
          Do you?

          • Rob Porter

            I think you are right about “too many” Westerners being willing to accommodate Islam. They are extremely ignorant of Islam and the Qur’an, delusional and stupid if they think that Islam would accommodate them. Islam wants our surrender, no less, but how the devil would you arrive at the conclusion that I am suggesting a solution to Western decay is to incorporate Islam? My point is that the West’s spiritual and intellectual decay is making the fight against Islam that much harder because today too many Westerners believe in nothing and don’t want to be put out by putting up a fight for anything, but as to capitulating I would never entertain the idea.

    • Rob Porter

      Meanwhile, on good authority I’ve been told that many Muslims who have arrived in Europe have converted to Christianity. Evidently the sickness of Islam suddenly penetrated some minds when they see civilization and civility. If this is true, then long may it continue because with the West’s mostly pathetically weak and stupid leaders selling out the West to Islam, Muslim conversion from Islam could prove our saving grace. Nothing about Islamic savagery seem to faze these ignorant liberal imbeciles. The reality is that like that of Canada, a sense of moral outrage against Islam’s lies and savagery has largely
      deserted American society, both societies long ago regarding it sophisticated
      and clever to reject the Judeo-Christian values that, faults and all, brought
      coherence and the common values that brought sanity and civilization. With this largely
      gone, the once United States has transformed into an incoherent, hate-filled
      and intolerant mess, liberals and leftists now just a disgusting lower form of
      life. If you need proof of this just watch the endless, mindlessly stupid discussion on CNN, CBS, MSNBC and others. Lies to these fools is the truth and truth becomes lies.

      • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

        A trick maybe?

        • Rob Porter

          No, I got this from a reliable source.

  • guymacher

    BDS–it will work against the companies which help this project. Start with the banks, then the engineering firms and architects. If it goes further, go after the general contractors, and so on. This will work. We have the economic power.

    • Karen Poxon Beckwith

      But do the companies have the guts? I pray this never happens but money always talks.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    In a NORMAL America there would have been a REAL backlash against Islamic arrogance. In which case no one would come near these condos at half the price. The most astounding thing since 9/11 is America’s LACK of Islamophobia – and spine.

    • Garymgilliam

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      • Cecil Howard

        Fack news

    • marlene

      I agree, adding, in a “normal” America, conservatives would be activists and liberals would be defeated. And most importantly, there would be NO muslims in America at all.

    • mobuyus

      In a Normal America there would be no islam after 9/11 and saudi arabia and iran would have been bombed back to primordialism, islam would have gone the way of nazism or imperial Japan.

    • Dorrie

      You’re ABSOLUTELY right! And if you look closely at the top of the tower of the new World Trade Center building, you will see a spire that resembles the top of a Muslim minaret!! That is the doing of Obama.

    • Rob Porter

      The lack of spine is what bothers me most. That and the ignorance of Islam is deeply worrying. If we had leaders with knowledge and spine were could crush the Muslims bastards like crashing so many ants.

    • Joe1938

      Re “islamophobia”; Even the muslims have to suffer “islamophobia” because they kill each other with complete lack of inhibition or restraint..

  • TD

    Many Muslims condemn 9/11, but BLAME America for 9/11.
    The Imam who wanted to build a mosque at ground zero said America “was an accessory to 9/11” (in a 60 minutes interview). and he also said Bin Laden was “MADE IN THE USA”.

    Don’t let anyone ever forget this video:

  • Mahou Shoujo

    new york deserves a monument to its total and unmitigated stupidity.

    • JacksonPearson

      All Islamic monuments, should be fucking blown up…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That would be a suitable memorial as well.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Strangely enough Sunni muslums have been blowing up Shitite holey sites all over Iraq and Syria.

    • marlene

      it has one – the wall of victims.

    • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

      statue of DeBlasio?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The could re-brand cuny as “Clown College” and put it up there.

  • Mark Goldberg

    I remember how dedicated to the facts and truth of the matter Pamela, R Spencer, and couple others were, in bringing this abomination to light back in 2011. And for that they were smeared as haters and bigots but it was oh, so obvious, that it was no ‘community center’ for all the way the apologists were painting it. And it was obvious that we wouldn’t as in the case of Japan, ever consider a japanese museum at pearl harbor, nor a german one at dunkirk or london or anywhere else, simply because it defies human decency, and the common sense reality that they were our enemies then, even if they aren’t now, and the evil brought then is not erased by our ‘friendship’ now. The evil was what it was and we had to fight it and endure it. Similarly, the evil of Jihadists, to destroy 30 billions of dollars worse of real estate, some 3000 human beings, is not erased by muslims putting up a ‘museum’ or ‘communtiy center, let alone a mosque because it is critical to understand that Jihad was guilty of homicidal assault, mass murder and destruction.
    And to forget that, in favor of some bogus museum of muslim harmony with others is nothing but a false attempt to erase the evil that was done that day and what it cost, and does cost, and will cost.

    • Michael Copeland

      Jihad was, indeed, responsible for mass murder that day.
      Jihad has not gone away: it means “to war against non-muslims”.
      Jihad is “a communal obligation” (Reliance of the Traveller o9).
      “Jihad will remain as long there is Islam”, explains Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, professor, imam and eminent Saudi scholar.
      Islam self-identifies as the enemy of the West:
      “Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers”, says Koran 2:98, part of Islamic law.
      That means all muslims are required to be enemies to the disbelievers.

    • john

      Perspective: Think the Spanish inquisition was bad?
      More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition* combined.
      The Spanish inquisition (Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición) from 1478 to 1834 was established due to muslim invasions. It was the war and battle to try and end Islamic infiltration, Arab fascism and conquest. It’s quite interesting how similar to muslims their methodology was. Was it habit by long association under muslim rule or a strategy?
      Note: The Spanish Inquisition was an answer to the multi-religious nature of Spanish society following the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim Moors.
      After invading in 711, large areas of the Iberian Peninsula were ruled by Muslims until 1250, when they were restricted to Granada, which fell in 1492. However, the Reconquista did not result in the total expulsion of Muslims from Spain, since they, along with the enslaved Jews, were tolerated by the ruling Christian elite. Large cities, especially Seville, Valladolid and Barcelona, had significant Jewish populations centered in Juderia. Muslims tried to take control throughout the entire country and expand into France to install an islamic state wherever they went.
      To expel the vicious Islamic parasite from the nation the Tribunal killed anyone and everyone who were suspected of being contaminated by Islam, even those enslaved by the muslims.
      The Inquisition not only hunted for Protestants and for false converts from Judaism among the conversos, but also searched for false or relapsed converts among the Moriscos [moors], forced converts from Islam. Many Moriscos were suspected of practising Islam in secret. They killed anyone suspected of being traitors or disguised moles. No one was spared.
      So successful was the enterprise in 1609, in the space of months, Spain was emptied of its Moriscos. Expelled were the Moriscos of Aragon, Murcia, Catalonia, Castile, Mancha and Extremadura.
      In other words, the Spanish inquisition saved the entire region from being taken over by Islamic rule. It was a brutal but quintessentially heroic act in history that saw the sacrifice of millions of people to exterminate Islam fully and completely from the land. It took them nearly 400 years. Imagine the sheer volume of muslims in the country for it to take almost four centuries to get rid of them.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I can see the point of persecuting the muslum bums, but the Sephardim (Maimonides was one of them) should’ve been left alone.

        • Rob Porter

          The problem for Jews during the Arab occupation of Spain was is that many collaborated with the Muslims and through that gained positions of authority over Spaniards. Not a subject much discussed nowadays, possibly that collaboration stemmed from Spanish anti-Semitism prior to the Muslim invasion in 711, but for Jews it later brought consequences during the Inquisition. Similarly it brought consequences for the Jews of Jerusalem in 1099 when they assisted the Arab Muslim in their failed effort to fight off the Crusaders and duly Jews suffered the consequences. However, little doubt the Jews in Jerusalem had heard about the pogroms against Jews down the Rhine conducted by members of the pauper’s or peasants crusade that preceded that princes crusade, so found themselves (once again) caught between a rock and a hard place.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Sad, caught between two groups of antisemites. All thanks to the Catholic Church… Although I’ve heard Paul/Saul may have been the person who gave Christianity an antisemitic bent.

          • Rob Porter

            Yes, the Jews were caught between a rock and hard place in these circumstances, and in that regard they have my sympathy. The thing is this, two crusades left France in 1096, the paupers or peasants crusades that was a shambles and largely ignorant people who turned on the Jews down the Rhine. Most of these people got slaughtered upon entering Anatolia (Turkey). They weren’t remotely skilled in fighting. The ‘princes’ crusade followed and I don’t belief resorted to pogroms, but the Jews in Jerusalem would not have known this, so thought they were fighting for their lives.

            Just remember this, Paul/Saul was a Jew and never did I ever get or ever have got the impression that he gave Christianity an anti-Semitic bent. I think that had much to do with the early Catholic church. Just remember, too, that many, possibly most early Christians to whom Paul wrote in his epistles, were Jews, so why would he be anti-Semitic? I kind of enjoyed it a long time ago when while interviewing Cathy Lee Gifford, Larry King asked her how she “reconciled being a Jew and a Christian”. She said that she had no problem and added, “Just remember, all the first Christians were Jews”. King was stumped.

  • Alan Beeton

    Meanwhile, in China, a country that totally rejects political
    correctness and is realistic about the dangers of multiculturalism…
    “Chinese government authorities in the northwestern Muslim-majority
    region of Xinjiang have banned parents from giving their children
    ‘extreme’ Islamic names, names with overly religious connotations – such
    as Jihad, Imam, Mecca, Saddam and Hajj – as part of an
    ongoing crackdown on extremism in the area. Any babies who are found to
    be registered under the listed names will be barred from the hukou
    household registration system used throughout China – effectively
    denying them access to public healthcare and education.” Impossible to imagine such a decision by any country in the West.

  • pennant8

    Wait, what? A Muslim museum? al Qaeda, ISIS and all the other alphabet soup jihadist groups go around trashing museums as “un-Islamic.” Will there be any paintings or sculptures of Mohammed?

  • kat747

    Let them build it. I am sure we can find a psychopath in a F/A18 A to fly into the top half of it !

    • Barbie

      I’m sure we can find some Muslims that want to crash a plane into a Mosque for the supreme reward of 72 VIRGINS.

    • notislam

      Just a drone attack—would do–there is plenty to poison them

      • kat747

        You are right ! Why waste a great plane ?

  • Glen Hubbard

    muslims should be banned from buying properties in the united states just for the fact of the ideology that they worship. They want nothing more than to destroy western culture and it’s values, and that does NOT sit well with me. Send each and every one of them back and never let them back into the country.

    • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

      Guess NYC won’t be collecting property taxes from said building. Bet the plans change from the designs submitted. Happened that way on an old Navy Base in San Fran Bay. No religion, just no ethics. Pelosi family involved.

  • Like a Japanese museum featuring war memorabilia next to Pearl Harbor memorial
    One more sick reminder of the sleaze that is NYC ‘greatest city in the world’
    at least that is what they bray……

  • Emmett

    I ‘am sure we could find a name for this iSLAMIC PILE OF SHAT !! I’am kind of partial to; ” TAMERLAME’ S TOWER OF HUMAN HEADS ” or ” MONUMENT TO THE CHILD RAPING MO ” or perhaps ” TRAITORIOUS APES AND PIGS TOWER ” . Lets see if we can come up some more moslem app. names .

    • Barbie


  • karl59

    The people behind this project originally had to sell this as a “multi-cultural” project,
    but with time it will be totally Muslim.

  • Barbie
  • John Dickey

    When muslims take over a country, they like to take the building that most represents the conquered country, and either destroy it, or turn it into a mosque. They also like to build a mosque at or near where a MAJOR VICTORY occurred, such as BRINGING DOWN THE TOWERS. This is why they want a mosque AS CLOSE AS THEY CAN GET IT TO WHERE THE TWIN TOWERS WERE.

  • Cellestial Fenner Join this organization which is on the offensive against the Muslim cultural jihad

  • Cellestial Fenner

    “Understanding the Threat provides threat-focused
    strategic and operational consultation, training, and education for
    federal, state, and local leadership and agencies in government, the
    private sector, and for private citizens. UTT is the only
    organization in America which is training leaders, elected officials,
    law enforcement, military personnel, and citizens, about the Global
    Islamic Movement and the jihadi networks in communities around the

  • Alleged Comment

    You build a monument for murder and they build a Mosque as your tombstone.

    George Bush and lieberals are working hand in hand with Moslems to BURY YOU!!!

    This is about WHITE GENOCIDE at the hands of your own kind.

  • katzkiner

    The next time moslems hit us big like 9-11 we should start at Mecca and level the landscape out from Turkey to Pakistan.
    You don’t play paddy wack with islam,
    you completely erase it.
    No moslems=no problems.

    • Steve

      Spoken from horse’s mouth – islam is islam. Yet our apologists deny it. Its unbelievable.

    • notislam

      Better to start now —the mosques in the USA and the moslem terrorist camps are a big order but worth the trouble and the arms and ammo and a dead imam that are collateral.

  • Jenny Rau Gagliardi

    Why would someone want a mosque there? I can imagine the anger and disgust among New Yorkers. Surprised the building is going up.

    • InfidelCrusader

      The Muslims want to plant a “victory mosque” at the site to commemorate and celebrate the Sept. 11th attacks, an event they consider a victory against the hated Great Satan (that would be us). The same reasons that motivated them to build a mosque on the Temple Mount in Israel.

      • Dorrie

        BINGO! That is EXACTLY their intent! And Patriots who love this country MUST put a stop to the insanity!

  • Steve

    The only thing muslamists will respect is force of power in all manners of relations. Force is something that worked defeating them in the past and will work again in the future. Muslamists are a brainwashed culture – birth to grave -and any who stray are brutally punished by force. I was trying to explain that to someone the other day who is trying to find a way to meet them half-way – culture to culture. The cultures, however are ages apart – literally. Poop france-ass washing feet is not a move that the muslamists respect. They see him as weak and they see NYC as weak.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Let them build it since we have been sufficiently educated on just how quickly and decisively it can be brought down.

  • sheikyermami

    Whoever said they would give up? No matter how you slice and dice it, it will always be a mosque.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Would generous servings of pig’s blood and entrails spread over the construction site not make that a more suitable location for the worshippers of Allah and Mohammed?

  • marlene

    Keeping our minds on the illegals from Mexico and South America allowed the muslims to expand into every facet of our society, change its culture, and take over our cities. While the news pointed out eyes on the sanctuary cities, the muslims were building no-go zones. After all, as Alinsky might say, how many acts of tyranny against the people can any people focus on at any time?

    • foundingfathersfollower

      Well said. The IT-industry are full of muslims, driving their “islam-creep” quietly
      and very effectively in our country.
      Just google as many of these companies as you can and you will find many.
      These executives in their turn will hire likeminded people.
      I welcome people from anywhere in the world if they are seeking peace and
      a way to live, work and support themselves and their families. However the vetting
      process must be thorough and the need for political asylum must be proven.
      Other than the political asylum reason, the need for approving workers/employees
      from outside the United States must be established.

  • john
  • john
  • marlene

    No doubt a lot of money went into the pocket of New York’s vile bureaucrats.

  • Cecil Howard

    Museums are trash thay stink because thay refuse to shower every day. I have had it up my eye balls with these less than human. Thay need to be thinned out. How many WOOD kill a-few. My self when I run out of ammunition. And I have alot. 46 clips 500 rounds

    • Dorrie

      Museums?? I happen to enjoy visiting museums and learning about things from the past!

      • InfidelCrusader

        Something tells me that non-Muslims will not be welcome at this museum unless they’re interested in converting to Islam.

        • Dorrie

          I have a feeling that IF the building construction is started, it will never be completed.

  • Jerry

    I disagree. I think that I would feel safer living in a building with a mosque an islam museum. Surely the muzzys won’t attack this building. .

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Take a look at down town anywhere muslims live, Beirut, Damascus, Detroit, notice how islam approaches urban renewal.

      • Jerry

        This is not Beirut, amascus or Detroit. This is a 43 story condo tower in Manhattan, N.Y.C. The builder is a muslim. This will be one of the safest anywhere.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Beirut, Damascus and Detroit were all safe too, at one time. Considering that more muslims kill other muslims than anyone of group kills muslims, the best put in sloped floors, drains and water hoses to facilitate cleanup when the religion of piece, gets exceptionally peaceable.

  • Joseph111

    would someone please just shoot this bastard and end all this muslim nonsense at ground zero? please?

    • Dorrie

      I would imagine that IF they begin building, there WILL be some violence. Anyone with half a brain KNOWS that it is their culture to build on top of things they destroyed, thus claiming victory! That’s why it’s so disturbing to see the MSM coddle them as if they’re fragile little newborn puppies that are pure as the driven snow!

  • Drifter12

    The people of the City of New York are denigrating their own cultural presence and intellectual integrity…

    • Dorrie

      Look who/what their Mayor is!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorist Organizations.

  • Metatrona

    Bastard Muslim acting like a bastard Muslim! No surprise here!

  • Toni Foster

    Good then we could destroy it the way they did our towers.

  • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

    Typical real estate developer. Will service dogs be allowed. Saw a pic of high rises blotting out the light into Central Park. How has the diversity of NYC changed in recent times?

  • westcoaster

    Have you read the book The Harbinger? This is the death of America right here. If this goes through, it is over.

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