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[ July 21, 2017 ]

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Christian Pastor in Pakistan Sentenced to Life in Prison for Supposed Blasphemous Texts


A Christian pastor, 51, living in Pakistan was just sentenced to life in prison for allegedly sending around blasphemous text messages.

Christians have been facing widespread persecution in Pakistan.

Legal watchers say the Lahore High Court didn’t really have cause to convict the man, Zafar Bhatti, under section 295c of Pakistan’s Penal Code.

Rather, they say Islamic bias has overtaken the nation, and because of that, the court came down on him with a sledgehammer,

From the British Pakistani Christian Association (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“Christian NGO’s up and down the country are galled by the decision to prosecute Mr Zafar Bhatti under section 295c of Pakistan’s Penal Code, a decision they say is due to an Islamic bias that has consumed the nation.

“Campaigners say there is no solid evidence that allows for the Lahore High Court’s determination on 3rd May 2017. Mr Bhatti who was a Christian pastor until his arrest was accused of sending blasphemous text messages from his phone, yet several reports prove that the SIM was not registered to Mr Bhatti and was registered to a completely different Computerised National Identity card holder (CNIC).

“Mr Zafar Bhatti was a co-accused defendant under blasphemy charges with Ghazala Khan whose CNIC card was registered against the phone SIM card. Ghazala who was arrested on 11th November 2012 was shown some leniency as she was a woman and was fairly immediately granted bail for her charges.

“In an extremely bizarre trial Justice Khalid Mehmood of the Lahore High Court refused to pass judgement against Ghazala on April 8th 2013, he tried to convince the petitioner Ibrar Ahmed, Secretary for Ahle Sunnat Pakistan to forgive Ghazala, stating that Muhammed forgave many people. Pakistani media groups labelled his compassion as a delay tactic (click here). At the time Ghazala asked for a the court to make a just decision of the crime and to exonerate her. However Ghazala insisted did not want to be forgiven by the petitioner as she felt that escape from her blasphemy charges in this manner would indicate original guilt. She remonstrated that as she was innocent of a crime she should be freed by the court on merit.

“Ghazala Khan (39 yrs) passed away in November 2016 after losing a battle with Hepatitis C, thus surviving the ignominy of being sentenced for blasphemy charges.

“Due to the security reasons Mr Bhattis case proceedings were conducted on the premises of Central Jail Adiala, Rawalpindi, where Zafar Bhatti has been imprisoned since July 2012. Mr Bhatti has faced several attempts on his life at the prison including an incident of poisoning on March 31st 2103, which left him bleeding from his nose and mouth and left him in critical condition for days.”

  • James L. Jurena

    When man rules ungodly against the Godly, God himself shall rule from heaven. Standby. Aafar Bhatti you will be freed and found not guilty on merit.

  • h

    Depending on god and believing that one day, god will set everything right is like taking placebo pills for curing a life-threatening disease. You think you are being cured, and everything will work out just fine….but in reality, you are wasting time and the disease keeps getting worse.
    If there was no belief in an all-curing god, then instead of wasting one’s time with false hope and achieving nothing, one would have put that time to proper use and achieved something.

    Of course, muslims do not have this problem, as unlike the christian god, the muslim god commands muslims to kill and die for him. So in islam, there is always doctrinal motivation to strive and fight, as opposed to christianity, where the doctrinal motivation is to become passive and appease. In the struggle against islam, christianity has today become a liability, I’m afraid.

    • JacksonPearson

      Life on mother earth is short and temporary, whereas eternity is forever. I’ll take my chances with the Judaeo/Christian God before a false, made up Allah.

      • peakpower

        He’s false alright. The father of lies. satan is his name. God will defeat all those who follow satan.

      • hmmm

        Any god is better than allah, of course. But where was your god when constantinople become istanbul?
        The entire middle east was christian. Today it is muslim land. Where exactly is this god?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is about time the civilized, to use the tern loosely, west stopped giving international welfare to countries that persecute non violent religions. Any nation hunting muslims should be rewarded.

    • Lauriekpadilla

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      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is nothing great about land rovers.

  • If Pakistan does not allow its Christians to practice their faith in peace in its supposed “democracy”, why should the West allow Pakistani Muslims to practice in our societies?

    • Steve

      Because our country is more civilized – and yet stupid – we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of in many ways. The real truth is we do not like to think of ourselves as having to be the ones to slam the hammer down at times but in fact we need to when circumstances demand it – as we have done throughout history. This reminds me of the movie “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson says “you can’t handle the truth” to Tom Cruz referring to the people in general with regard to things that must be done to defend our way of life.

    • Ari

      You are right. But the MS media doesn’t want that the public is aware of hushed issues, just like Pakistani Christians’ missing human rights.
      Finnish TV news presenter Heta-Leena Sierilä in the picture.

    • Cai

      Because the West is STUPID and has a death wish.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Yeah, Gazala Khan died of natural causes after being convicted of blasphemy in Pakistain, I believe that, just like I believe Pakistain is a republic.
    The two possible punishments for blasphemy in Pakistan (spit) are death or life in prison. I’m willing to bet anyone sentenced to life in prison in Pakistan (spit) for blasphemy will have their life sentence commuted to the death sentence.

  • vercingetorix

    Pakistan is this crazy country where christians end up in jail for life for touching the Quran with “dirty hands” and it is this country where muslim killers of christians and hindus go free!
    The more islam in a country the crazier it is!

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