Three Muslims Charged with Supplying Arms to Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Supermarket Jihad Killers


These savages need to be held to account, and the West has to stop its pathetic cowardice and submission to barbarity. They were just cartoons. Enough already. The Muslim world has stop imposing its savagery on the non-Muslim and secular Muslim world. It’s time to stand up

“Three Charged with Supplying Arms to Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Supermarket Attackers,” AFP, April 29, 2017:

PARIS (AFP) – Three people have been charged with supplying arms to jihadists who staged deadly attacks in 2015 on a Jewish supermarket in Paris and the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly, a judicial source said.

Those charged this week include Samir L., believed to be linked to the sale of weapons to the supermarket attacker, as well as Miguel M. and Abdelaziz A., who are thought to have been involved in trafficking arms between Belgium and France.

Seven people have already been charged over the assaults. The attackers had a wide array of weapons including guns that came from Slovakia.

Investigators are trying to piece together how France-based jihadist Amedy Coulibaly obtained the weapons used in the January 9, 2015 attack on the supermarket.

Coulibaly killed four people after taking shoppers hostage at the Jewish store. Elite police later shot him dead as they stormed the building.

He had killed a policewoman in the Montrouge suburb south of Paris the night before, when authorities think he may have initially been targeting a nearby Jewish school….

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