Nikki Haley Tells U.N. More U.S. Military Action in Syria Possible


U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told a tense United Nations assembly on Friday that America would indeed take more action in Syria, if necessary.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said America may indeed use more military force in Syria.

“The United States took a very measured step last night,” she said, referring to President Donald Trump’s ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airbase. “We are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary.”

The U.S. attack came after a chemical weapons attack on Syrian citizens left more than 70 dead, including women and children. America and the United Nations said the chemical weapons were unleashed by Syria’s president, Bashar Assad. But Assad and Russia both denied that and said the chemicals were unleashed during an air strike against a rebel facility that was used to make the weapons.

Meanwhile, Russia has come out swinging against the U.S. strike.

From the Hill:

“The U.S. military response was hailed by many world leaders, while Russia, a staunch Assad ally, condemned the attack as an act of ‘aggression.’

“Russia called the emergency Security Council meeting on Friday, where the country’s U.N. representative, Vladimir Safronkov, blasted the U.S. attack and accused the U.S. of aiding terrorist groups in Syria.

“‘It’s not difficult to imagine the spirits of these terrorists have been raised after the support from Washington,’ Safronkov said.”

  • TD

    Trump’s strategy is to “CONTAIN rather than COMMIT to a larger war”!

    History shows that Bush the FIRST (NOT the 2nd), did the right thing by using “CONTAIN without COMMIT” in the 1990s when dealing with Saddam. Israel took out Saddam’s nuclear reactor years earlier. So it was a win win.
    (unfortunately, his less capable son, Bush the 2nd, decided to abandon that strategy)

    This strategy could work against Iran.

    Give Trump some credit! And If you voted for him, give YOURSELF some credit too!

    • Garbage, Trump attacking Assad = Attacking Putin.
      If Trump does not stop Obama and McCains mess, he will have brought us into WW3

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Destroy isis and its enabler, islam.

    • Rob Porter

      I agree, this Syrians gas incident is taking eyes off the real enemy and Assad’s enemies are ‘milking’ it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The issues of the middle east are not all that complicated, the stupid donkey dance around islam is the problem. Ignore islam, do what is humane, which means put islam out of the rest of humanities misery, that will make the world a better place, starting with the levant.

    • Exactly

  • Steve

    Go Haley. She’s got “balls”.

    • movingwaters

      I thought she was a neocon, constantly on the lookout for a way to pin things on Russia. This incident has all the appearance of a false flag setup against Assad. No investigation was done, just a jump to conclusion and the usual pics of dead children. I am old enough to remember the made up story about preemies ripped from incubators. It turned out to be a lie that was well coached by the CIA. I like Trump, and believe he is being fed false intel.

      • Steve

        You are weak on your presentation and speculating. Experience may also be wrong. Make a better case showing both sides and you might have an argument.

        • movingwaters

          I know I am weak on my presentation. I have an enormous amount of things of greater import to my life that must be done. As far as speculating is concerned, you would have to tell me specifically where I am speculating. I never like Nikki Haley as the UN pick to begin with. She always seems anxious to pin things on Russia prematurely. The story made up by some tearful young woman about premature babies being pulled out of Kuwaiti incubators and left to die on the floor was a lie. She admitted it later. Her day was some bigwig and she was coached to say those things so American heartstrings would be pulled, and we would go after the Iraqi devils. I don’t have time to find you the sources for that, but it should be easy.

          In reading your posts to others, I can see that we are not going to be on the same page. That’s fine. Is it possible that Assad did drop some kind of mortars on them, but that did not contain any chemical agents. Someone mentioned that the poor victims were surrounded by neatly stacked howitzers that are used in making IED’s. But he said that those same howitzers can be used to project Sarin gas or other chemical agents. This is speculation. Perhaps the poor, gentle Al Qaeda rebels killed themselves and their kids with their own chemical agents. It appears that these may not have been “Assad’s people,” but people at war with his people.

          • Steve

            You seem mixed up on some things in my opinion and i’m not sure where you are getting your information to connect the dots but its a complicated situation. I think its best to agree to disagree as you already seem to have your mind set that we are not on the same page.

            As far as haley, there are others who see things your way and others who see things my way but i think as you already don’t like her I will not attempt to defend her to you. I think she’s great and we need someone like her in the UN that is not going to fall over with a few disagreements.

          • movingwaters

            I really thought highly of Nicki Haley as a Governor, but was always against her for this position. Perspective really can change with age, and I thought she looked silly plopping those pictures of dead kids down and speaking so firmly about a situation that simply has not been investigated. It is possible that President Trump did make the right decision overall with his display of force. I do truly believe that Assad did not do this. He isn’t stupid. Trump had just announced days before that we would stop seeking regime change in Syria. Assad was not going to follow that up with dropping chemicals on the rebels, especially little children. Trump is known for his soft spot for little children. As I said before, I think this needs far more investigation before we would blame Assad outright, just like we did in 2013. Obama was lying through his teeth, as usual.

            I like Trump very much but I am concerned about the Neocon presence in his admin. I pray for him, and want him to show wisdom. I am extremely busy with really hard things, and need to keep my inner newshound at bay. It is fine for us to disagree. Most wars are economic wars, and that is what is going on here. We aren’t there for humanitarian concerns. This is about control of pipelines, and also about protecting the dying petrodollar from countries like Russian, Iran, and China that want to use a gold backed currency. That is smart, but it will destroy us. And it will happen. Hence, lots of people will die.

          • Steve

            I am for Trump too and certainly there is a shadow government as we have been seeing. Neither assad nor isis are our friends. Yes, petro is a concern but let me add it seems odd that russia would want to stir up problems if they were after the oil. If assad didn’t do it then I still have a problem with his allowing a stockpile of poison gas that could be tapped for the deed even if someone else used it.

            As for the UN enforcement of a ban on chemical weapons, it would never be enforced without the US. Assad has a history of ignoring the ban and killing his people prior to this. Even if it was say some rogue US player then it seems that the horde of poison gas would have been hard to ship in through some secret military drop without being discovered since there is a big US presence in the area.

            In any event the sooner we get rid of assad and isis the better and hopefully we will set up syrian refugee camps for the muslamics to stay there and let the christians get out – what’s left of them. I’m glad you pray for them as I do. I hope they get rid of this current pope too. Maybe we can avoid more tangles there by developing US energy options.

          • movingwaters

            I will warn you right off that I am way too busy, and cannot take the time for a reasoned argument. But, I will address a few points I think you may not know. No time to send links.
            It is my understanding that Assad was less than 48 hours away from having a written document confirming Trump’s recent verbal assurance that the US was not going to continue to pursue regime change in Syria. No way would Assad pick that time to use chemical weapons. Also, Assad was making progress in his fight against the rebels. Those victims, by the way, were terrorists. Several years ago the international community declared that Assad no longer had chemical weapons. The rebels did, of course, because Obama allowed his bosom buddy, Islamist strongman Erdogan, to let chemical weapons through Turkey and into the rebels hands.

            The sooner we get rid of Assad the sooner that Christians in the area suffer even much worse than in the past. Remember that the Obama admin. dumped Mubarak and promoted Muslim Brotherhood Morsi to the head of Egypt. All hell broke loose. Crucifixions across Morsi’s palace? Detention, torture, and murder of Egyptian citizens that did not want that previously outlawed terrorist group running the nation. Egypt was bad enough w/o the MB. The ONLY reason Egypt has stabilized is that the citizens there kept standing strong against the MB, and the Egyptian Army deposed Morsi. Libya: I did not like Gadaffi. But he was trying to help Africa. He wanted to move to a gold standard and get off our petrodollar, as most nations do not want to pay more for fuel because they have to go through the US as a middleman. Neither Libya nor Syria wanted the globalist Rothschild bankers to install a central bank in their nations. Can’t blame them for that. Look how that has destroyed America’s finances and hopes. The paper dollar is worth 1% of what it was worth 100 years ago. What we are saying is that other nations have no right to carve an economic destiny apart from our own system, which is Vatican controlled.

            All this murder and mayhem is also about who gets to build an control a pipeline that will deliver oil to Europe. There is the Russia, Iran, Syria nexus. And there is the US/Saudi Arabia nexus. Certainly the former is not to be trusted, especially Iran. I just don’t think the globalist scum that control us are much better. The US lost its moral authority as it lost its morals.

            I think it is quite possible that Trump made a brilliant move bombing that base. What I have a problem with is the dishonorable way Assad was accused; no proof and no investigation. The victims were terrorists. We see “rescue” scenes narrated by a doctor who was convicted of terrorism in Britain, and removed from their registry of doctors. We see supposed rescuers tending to those dying from a nerve agent, and they are not wearing any protective clothing. They would be dead. We see stacks of howitzers in the field of view as we watch the last gasps of the dying. These are for making IED’s, or could be used as shells for delivering a chemical agent. Did those rebels who were hit have chemical agents there, on the scene. Someone from that area had announced there would be a chlorine attack just the day before. By chance, did Assad indeed shell these terrorists using conventional warfare, and hit their own chemical stockpile by mistake? I think these things bear investigation. And I would not put it past these people at all to have had chemical weapons in close proximity to their own children, and then cry out their perpetual victim hood to the whole world. They are like Progressive Democrats on steroids as far as I am concerned.

          • Steve

            I’m also busy. The truth is that both are our enemies if they are muslamic. A pretty general statements but looking at muslim polls around the world its with substance. I don’t know if we can truly armchair the details though I do still think the move was good for us. As far as Christians go its a decided truth that they should get out of that place and be welcomed as true refugees from genocide. There may be some muslims in the bunch but the problem is in vetting out the terrorists that needs to be resolved. I don’t think this country should absorb the risk. As far as assad it hasn’t been proven that he had no chemical weapons and going on his track record he has himself to blame for associations true or not. I don’t think the russians though negligent wanted to stir up possible benefits to them in the region.

          • movingwaters

            Oh, I definitely agree they are our enemies. The refugees from Syria cannot possibly be vetted. It is really easy to get a fake Syria ID. But all this invasion of every Western country is intended as just that; an invasion. The NWO crowd always like to Balkanize people and break down unity. BTW, the Obama admin. was the ones who said Syria had no more chemical weapons. I don’t believe anything they say. Trump seems very convinced that Syria and/or Russia really did this. I can’t imagine that, but I really do hope he is operating on good intelligence. It sounds like we have a rather large invading forced headed to Syria right now. Isiah 17 comes to mind. It has been nice chatting with you. God’s will be done.

          • Steve

            Amen. I’ll pray for them and for us.

    • Rob Porter

      Are you kidding? I watched her in the U.N. after the attack and ended up thinking the Russian U.N. ambassador had a better point of view. Tens of thousands of Christians in particular have suffered horrific deaths in Iraq, mainly, but also Syria; crucified, burned to death in coffins, decapitated, children’s eyes gouged out before being either decapitated, buried alive or cut in two, Yazidis murdered by the thousands, older women mass executed for being regarded too old to have sex with ISIS vermin, Kurds roasted to death in cages; yet because Donald Trump and others saw on television images of the result of a gas attack (or gas being released through a bombing attack), Syria got bombed and suddenly Assad is now, evidently, more evil than ISIS.

      So the 70 odd people who died in this gas incident suddenly became more important than the tens of thousands of Christians and others who have died horrible deaths in Syria. That is stupid! Evidently Nigel Farage also thinks so. This is not balanced or mature thinking and I am disappointed. Assad for all his evils has for years allowed Christians and other minorities to live peacefully in Syria and he did not start this war in Syria.

      Let’s have Nikki Haley show in the U.N. photos of decapitated Christian and apostate heads, film of Christians, Yazidis and Kurds dying horrible deaths at the hands of ISIS and al Qaeda, and then begin seriously smashing these vile Muslims groups, but the West must not stupidly hand over Syria to ISIS or other Islamic groups.

      In 1999 through Bill Clinton’s gullibility and stupidity, NATO bombed the hell out of Serbia and in the process handed over Kosovo to Muslim rule, thus creating a hostile Muslim country in south-east Europe. Let’s hope that America doesn’t make another stupid mistake, this time over Syria, and keeps focused on the real enemies, ISIS, Islam and Islamic jihad. Assad’s enemies are ‘milking’ this gas incident to the hilt and Nikki Haley is helping them.

      • Steve

        I’m not kidding. She’s taking an assertive US stance much more appreciated than the previous administration. Furthermore, many countries in the world are glad to see us walking tall including israel. I’m not sure where you’re getting the impression that assad is being branded as more evil than isis. It was circumstances and timing that led to this. Chemical warfare has long been a united nations issue and assad has violated using them in the past. No one is discounting that christians have been and are still suffering terribly in the mideast including haley. I think you’re reading into it more that is there. It’s not a perfect situation as both assad and isis are our enemies. We are still attacking isis as we speak and imagine if Trump had not done anything and demoncrats would be claiming his colluding with russia via the main slime media.

        • Rob Porter

          You and I have no idea whether this was a gas attack or the result of a gas supply being hit by a bomb. Trump didn’t see on tv Christians and others in Iraq being brutally murdered by depraved Muslim jihadists, so no huge attack resulted. He saw some of the 70 odd suffering the effects of gas and suddenly it became ‘to hell with all those many hundreds of thousands, Christians and other, being murdered by Islamic jihadists’ and 70 plus people took priority. That is not clever. As to Nikki Haley, she’s a lightweight whose ‘courage’ is based upon what her president decided. Why has she never shown in the U.N. pictures of Christians and others being behead or crucified? Anwer: Because it was not the flavour of the hour and gas victims were.

          I will agree that the side benefits regarding North Korea and Iran could be beneficial, but we will have to wait and see. I am bothered by the kind of advice he might be getting from Mattis and McMaster who in regard to Islam don’t know their ass from their elbow.

          • Steve

            We’ll just have to disagree on this one for most of the points. Assad does have a proven track record of barrel bombs and chemical weapons use. The weapons were supposed to not be in existence so even if I granted that a misplaced bomb caused the gas release its still the responsibility of assad in my opinion. Survivors reported seeing falling bombs.


            I do get what you are saying about the christian genocide and wish the U.N. would take immediate action in this regard as well. I still think trump, haley and mattis are on the right track. Its a complicated situation especially with the nature of the muslamic tribal conflict and their tendency to draw others into their problems.

          • Rob Porter

            Some time ago I saw a photo of a ‘rebel’ (probably one of John McCain’s al Qaeda buddies!) rocket about to be fired at government forces. To the rocket some kind of cannister was attached. Evident that contained some form of gas. My attitude is that there are no innocent parties in this war and that one is as bad or almost as bad as the other.

          • Steve

            Most definitely. If it has anything to do with muslamics I will know something smells rotten. Lets hope we can oust assad and isis both -and very soon. Maybe refugee camps could be built there for the muslamics and the christians could get out so the genocide would stop. Actually the genocide would still continue since the muslamics would kill one another fitting their natural state of existence.

    • Why? Because she wants to help close the borders?

      • Steve

        Not at all. It’s because she believes in enforcing the law. The borders are simply borders. On a larger note she is following in the steps of the best of the United States regarding humanitarian concerns for the world.

        • So, you’re a globalist.

          • Steve

            No. I’m not a globalist. You read simplistically into what is there on the page. Humanitarian concerns for the world does not mean a new world order. Muslamics and leftists are working toward that end. Borders being simply borders does not mean the law cannot control legal immigration.

          • Well, I put “America first”.
            And, it aint in the best interest of America to aid ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.

          • Steve

            War and terrorism to me are never in the best interest of anyone but if you look at the animal world its the strongest that survive and isolationism may not always keep us safe and sound. Imagine if hitler and hirohito had been successful.

            Now that we are being invaded by muslamics it seems to me a better stance to let muslamics feel that force will be met with force. It would have been ideal to never have wound up in the mideast wars but looking at muslamic history, they were bound to invade us anyway.

  • Philip Markus


  • Chet

    Haley’s star is rising for sure… If she keeps performing in such manner, well, who knows, perhaps 2020 will take a major pivot should President Trump cease with one term and return to life as it once was…

    • How? Is she lobbying for closed borders?

      • Chet

        No, I don’t think so. However, she is performing very well in presenting American interests at the deadbeat UN. The USA’s borders do not come under her purview… But, then again, you knew that, no…

        • She is an American.
          Borders should be a concern. Exposing what Obama’s Syrian Rebels have done to EU should be a priority.

          She is not ‘presenting anything well’.
          She wants us to possibly go to war with a nation that has not attacked us-Syria.

          • Chet

            She’s in synch with her boss and that’s what matters most. Borders are indeed a concern, I said not under her purview. Are you familiar with ISIS, Islamic States of Iraq and Syria… Standby and we’ll see what happens next…

          • ISIS and the Syrian Rebels are THE PROBLEM not Assad.

          • Chet

            I fully trust current USA leadership and do not question their rationale, thus far… And I’m sure they are much more knowledgeable about who and where the real enemies are than you and I. Further, if your pen name is indicative that you are indeed a Jew you should be relieved America has Trump at this time, even as PM Netanyahu is so pleased… He too knows exactly what he is doing, when, how and why…

          • ‘I fully trust current USA leadership and do not question their rationale’

            Kinda how Obama people trusted Obama??
            Well, I dont trust govt when it has been wrong on foreign policy now for almost 30 years.
            My Jewishness has zero to do with this. So, keep your Jew garbage to yourself

          • Chet

            Wrong. People and media adore the former president enough to elevate him to a pedestal as he could do no wrong and was responsible for nothing that was/is wrong yet today. And he had eight long years to undertake America’s “fundamental transformation” under duress. President Trump is now in office just under three months, and, never, have I seen any man in America so hated and so maliciously maligned. One would think he was a mass murderer, part of the Manson cult or perhaps aligned with MS13.

            I see America nowadays supporting the land of Israel as never before, even as our embassy is highly likely to soon be relocated to Jerusalem. Jews have a friend in America, presently, under conservative God-fearing Christ honoring leadership. Not sure what you mean by “Jewish garbage”… Should I note this nation suddenly distancing herself from the land of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, King David and the Lord Jesus Christ, I’ll then change my position, fast. Have a blessed day…

          • All those blindly supporting Trump without ever questioning his decisions or hold him accountable, are equally as stupid as the typical leftist.
            If you agree with every single thing a person will ever do, you’re not “loyal”-you are just sheep.
            Question everything and everyone. Search for truth.

          • Chet

            Agree. Whereas as Americans we are to trust our leadership till they prove unworthy of such, one’s ultimate faith and trust should not lie in man, any man. The best of men are sinners at best. The only being 100% trustworthy without reservation is the Holy One of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary. Been good chatting with you and thanks for the exchange of views…

    • Steve

      Or maybe VP.

    • Rob Porter

      If this what it takes to become U.S. president, God help all of us. Haley’s a lightweight, not an initiator of ideas. Frankly, I don’t care all that much about Muslims dying, whether adults or children. For years they’ve cheering the death of Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims. So time ago, in Mosul I believe, ISIS people took numbers of little Christian babies and through them into a dough making machine in a bakery. They turned it on and that’s how those children died. Did Nikki Haley need to see the results of that to get passionate about killing ISIS savages? The U.S. is losing sight of who is the real enemy.

      • Chet

        When the demonic atrocity you described above occurred neither Trump nor Haley nor conservatives in general were in power. Now that President Trump and his UN Secy are in power they have the wherewithal to make the needed differences. I think they know full well just who the real enemy of the USA is – ISIS and others… And regardless of the barbaric monstrous and Devil inspired acts of those murderers you described, little children and babies are not the guilty parties… Remember, Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, yellow, red and black and white, they are fairest in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world… And we as responsible citizens ought to do what we can to stop the madness, mayhem and murder of such…

  • Drew the Infidel

    When did Sheriff Wyatt Earpski knock the tarnish off his badge to start crowing about adherence to international law?

  • Merchantseamen

    I have not seen or read ANY evidence that Assad did it or ordered it. If you are winning a fight WHY would you pick a fight with the rest of the world? Yes he is a totalitarian but his government is secular, hasn’t he tamped down the radical muzzys? Has he not protected Jews and Christians? This does not make sense. And then you have an avowed enemy of Trump who all of a sudden wants to be best friends in the name of upchuck shumer. If Assad goes down and there is NOT a war then Syria will be just like Egypt, Libya and Turkey. A lot of Syrians have bailed to Europe remember?? and what is happening there. This gas attack is so fishy to me Assad old man died and he came home from the UK to take over. He wanted to be an eye doctor.

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