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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

Muslim mob brutally beat non-Muslims on Liverpool streets after asking “Why aren’t you a Muslim?”

[ July 27, 2017 ]

CNN’s New Fake News Hitman: Simon Ostrovsky

Muslim Migrants Storm Town Hall to Protest France’s Immigration Laws, 14 people injured


The hijrah (immigration jihad) is an invading army. Don’t kid yourself.

14 Wounded After Illegal Migrants Storm Town Hall to Protest France’s Immigration Laws

By Virginia Hale, Breitbart, April 19, 2017:

A crowd of around 200 illegal migrants from Africa stormed Alfortville town hall on Tuesday morning, demanding the government relax criteria for regularisation and give them residence papers.

Illegal migrants occupied the town hall for about an hour, frightening members of the public in the building as well as staff who had to retreat to their offices.

The migrants, who work at Rungis International Market, the world’s largest wholesale food market, began piling into the town hall at around 8.30 am, but staff didn’t notice their arrival until it was “too late”, according to Le Parisien.

When officers arrived to break up the protest and evacuate the town hall, they were forced to use tear gas as a group of around forty illegal immigrants were blocking access to the building. Le Parisien reports that following clashes, 14 people received medical treatment with three hospitalised.

“This illegal occupation prevented Alfortvillians from accessing public services throughout the morning, and caused anxiety among town hall staff and families who were already present in the building,” the commune’s Socialist mayor Luc Carvounas said in a statement.

“Although staff received the men, and listened to their demands, the members of the collective did not wish to enter into any dialogue, instead contenting themselves with denouncing government policy.”

Suggesting the protest was linked to the far left, the mayor denounced the action as having been “exploitation of human misery for political purposes”.

Carvounas argued that it is unreasonable for far left groups to target his town hall, “since, in October 2015, Alfortville was one of the first communes in France to declare itself in favour of welcoming migrants”.

  • Teresa Scott Bolen

    Pretty much as one would expect. I am not surprised at all.

  • This will really help the French open their hearts and show their love for illegal African migrants. NOT
    The french have a chance to change the direction their country has been going in over the last dozen years.
    Hopefully they are brave enough to take that chance. For the future of their country.

    • tatka150

      Go Marine Le Penn!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Deport the lot, immediately, france is lost, at any rate, at least it could go through the motions of being concerned of its own fate. Or not, really who cares about the french, they don’t care about themselves.

    • tatka150

      They eat and sleep

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They eat, they sleep, they sing, they dance, they are a simple people who will, like the simple dodo bird, simply become extinct.

  • felix1999

    So now it’s “unfair”.
    Why is that? You are here ILLEGALLY.
    Normal people do not WELCOME illegals.

  • felix1999


    • S. Haugen

      Deport, no no no…. reintroduce the guillotine LOL and lets dance in the blood LOL

  • Ka-Zee

    Not surprised either.
    When will these governments learn that the invasion is in progress? The USA included. Although it does seem Trump understands, maybe.

    • J Ian

      Trump knows. Think about the last 14 days. 1. Bombs Syria (Red line). 2. Meets with Chinese Pres., and convinces him to tell N Korea to take back their coal, and decides to buy coal from Trump. 3. Drops MOAB on ISIS. 4. Sends Military fleet to Korean penn. Not a bad set of strategies if you ask me

  • christian vidal


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