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[ June 26, 2017 ]

Bloodiest 2017 Ramadan in Modern History

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Belgium: “They’re in such denial. It’s such a frightening thing to admit their country is...

[ June 26, 2017 ]

ISIS Awarding Suicide Bombers, Killers ‘Passports to Paradise’

[ June 26, 2017 ]

The Oxymoronic Prime Minister

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Supreme Court gives President Trump TRAVEL BAN VICTORY #backtheban

[ June 26, 2017 ]

VICTORY: GuideStar REMOVES Bigoted Hate Group Label

[ June 26, 2017 ]

A battalion of jihadis expected to return to France

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Pro-ISIS, Anti-Israel Group Hacks Ohio Websites: ‘You Will Be Held Accountable Trump’

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Madrid Muslim terror group: Manchester children victims ‘got what they deserved’ and ‘worse was to...

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Islamic State (ISIS) Poster Shows Car Crushing Skulls: ‘Run Over Them Without Mercy’

And then he kissed me on an open thread


I have been on a Phil Spector jag, and when the Crystals crooned, I thought Friday Night!

I loved the comment of one fourteen-year-old girl on the YT page:

Mae Lilly
Okay so… Back then… The gentlemen would walk his lady back home by around 8-10 after a romantic milkshake date and a nice walk in the park.. And then on the doorstep of her house.. They’d share a kiss maybe and nowadays… People ‘Netflix and chill’ and grind their ‘booty’ against people… I mean… I’m 14 but I’d much rather have the first… Romantic option… And no, not just because I like milkshakes (even thought I do lolol) but because I’d rather have a gentleman who has kind words and knows what I need (I have one know) but like geez… I’d rather go for a romantic walk through the part and snuggle my love for warmth, instead of ‘Netflix and chill’ and grind my ‘booty’ against him…

Zoe Lopez
mae lily I agree so much

Crackling Vinyl
mae lily you can be very proud of yourself, and your parents who have raised a daughter with morals.

Richard Picone
Remember, Ladies control the romantic ‘speed’. So, set the ground rules from the ‘door’ and you will always get the romance & respect you desire. Sincerely, I’m 67

Canuck Patriot
Unfortunately, a lot of women do that and they end up on their first and last date. Some men respect that behaviour, but the majority just think that the girl is a prude and never call her again. Wasted money spent on dinner with no sex on the first date.

I am so happy to see that YOU and your generation will bring this back. I see it over and over in the comments section.. Your generation will be the new counter culture.

+Minnie 36 here,and a classy approach never worked for me. Where the hell you been? xD

  • Fred

    Excellent choice Ms. Geller!

  • livingengine

    Bawp bawp bawp bawp bawp bawp bawp

    • turkeychoker

      All my stuff was burned or thrown away (by family) when I went in military. But, how about the 1 eyed, 3 toed, flying purple people eater ? Or, as I watch the machinations, manipulations of globalists, I feel like “they`re coming to take me away,ha ha “

  • lostlegends

    Well, all I’ve got to say is Da Do Ron Ron. What do you expect from a Rebel?

  • Pantalones

    Cheese 🧀

  • Mark Steiner

    The notes provided by Mae Lilly were refreshing to read. None of that emanating from the cacophony of noise heard almost everywhere, all the time, today …

  • Bronish

    Mae Lilly…Wow! You sound like a well-adjusted, mature young lady to me. You probably already know that True Love waits…..And it is soooooo worth it. The Real Deal will never pressure you for early sex….Nor will it mock or humiliate your decisions in regard to sexual purity, should you decide to wait until marriage for the consummation of it.
    Today’s Godless, immoral society is fast, heartless and brutal. It’s “money over morals” every time.
    You go, girl! If you choose sexual purity, you’ll have no regrets or aching heartpains later. You will thrive!

  • Thar she blows!

    I’d heard of Phil Spector, or was it Arlan Spector?
    Anyway……..Phil Spector:

    • santashandler

      Phil, who’s now enjoying his senior years, making new friends in cell block D in a California prison.

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