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[ July 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO Protests ERUPT: DEMAND MAYOR BETSY HODGES’ RESIGNATION, shut down press conference

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Police Chief Resigs over Damond Shooting, But Killer-Cop Still on Force

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Green onions on an open thread

[ July 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Pamela Geller Facebook LIVE on Facebook bans, jihad in Israel and Minneapolis Muslim Cop

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Muslim stabs two Israelis to death in Judea and Samaria, wounds a third

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Three Killed, Over 200 Wounded As Muslim Rioters Rage Over Temple Mount

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Linda Sarsour’s Jihad

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Minneapolis police chief: Muslim killer cop Mohamed Noor “very suited to be on the street”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Netanyahu: “The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel”

[ July 21, 2017 ]

Former Reagan Attorney General: “No responsible media outlet should parrot the SPLC’s hate list”

WATCH VIDEO: Trump Trashes Fake Media For Falsely Reporting On American Health Care Act


One of the greatest aspects of the Trump administration is his refusal to treat enemedia propaganda outlets as if they were actual news sites. President Trump tells the truth about these haters and saboteurs. It is a truth that needs to be repeated everywhere, until the influence of these Goebbels-like propagandists is definitively broken.

“Trump Trashes ‘Fake Media’ For Falsely Reporting On American Health Care Act [VIDEO],” by Christian Datoc, Daily Caller, March 17, 2017:

Donald Trump took a shot at the “fake media” Friday morning while speaking to reporters after a policy meeting with Republican congressmen at the White House.

“I want everyone to know I’m 100 percent behind this,” POTUS told the room. “I want everyone to know that the press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be. They have not been giving it a fair press.”

“The press is, as you know, in many cases I call it the fake news, the fake news. This is going to be great for people. I watch, and I say that’s not the bill we’re passing.”

Trump emphatically stated that “Obamacare is dead. It’s a dead health care plan.”

“It’s not even a health care plan frankly. Only because everybody knows it’s on its last dying feet, the fake news is trying to say good things about it, the fake media. There is no good news about Obamacare. Obamacare is dead.”

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Deep government, Republican traitors and Media. Good luck taking on all that at the same time as governing.

  • Suresh

    Left/liberal/RINO Loons including Media, college admins, politicians are in the saudi/OIC pocket to help advance their agenda of islamisation of EU/America.

    They deserve the politically incorrect horse treatment like these jihadis are getting

    Its Brutal but Hilarious !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The lame stream media are acknowledged liars, there is no point in even discussing it, as the constant stream of lies from the lame stream media are so redundant as to be predictable beyond boring.

  • While the media is lying, the fact is that this current bill is not constitutional and should not be passed. A full repeal of Obamacare is what is needed and it can be written in a single line. Then pass Senator Paul’s bill for a constitutional, free market solution for Americans to purchase health insurance.

    • Mickey Emerson

      It can’t be repealed all at once, three phases, this phase has to pass first.

      • suqsid4

        Is that a certainty?

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is a switch. The reason there was almost no reporting on the original health care bill while it was winding its way through Congress was because the media was MIA. That was the same time that Sarah Palin’s official emails as Governor of AK were being released and the whole gaggle of them left on a wild goose chase to Anchorage in the hopes of finding something incriminating her in some fashion and finding nothing.

    I remember the news reports. There were so many emails they had to be moved using a hand truck and media outlets had to hire college students to help read them all. And they still came up empty.

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