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Trump Admin To Boycott U.N. Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Agenda


At last, an American President who stands with our allies. After eight years of betrayal of our allies and treason at the highest level, this is breathtaking.

“Trump Admin To Boycott U.N. Council Over Anti-Israel Agenda,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, March 20, 2017 7:16 am

The Trump administration will boycott the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, or UNHRC, due to its efforts to advance an anti-Israel agenda, according to senior administration officials familiar with the effort who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

The UNHRC, which includes member countries cited for mass human rights abuses, is poised on Monday to adopt at least five anti-Israel resolutions, prompting outrage in the Trump administration over what officials described as the council’s unjust bias against the Jewish state.

The action on these items has prompted the Trump administration to boycott the council and refuse to attend the Monday meeting, according to administration officials apprised of the situation who spoke with the Free Beacon.

The boycott comes on the heels of the resignation of a Jordanian U.N. official who had sought to advance an anti-Israel agenda opposed by the United Statesand other nations.

Trump administration officials said the increased pressure on the U.N. is part of a larger effort by U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley to significantly reform the international organization and root out those who use it as a platform to push anti-Israel initiatives.

On Monday, the UNHRC is set to consider an agenda known as the “human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” It is said to include several anti-Israel declarations that the Trump administration fiercely objects to.

Senior Trump administration officials who spoke to the Free Beacon said the upcoming resolutions affirm the U.N.’s unacceptable bias against Israel, which remains the only member nation that has specific agenda items aimed against it.

The efforts to criticize Israel threaten the council’s credibility and are said to have motivated the Trump administration to boycott Monday’s meeting.

Haley and other senior administration officials have determined that this anti-Israel bias must be addressed before the U.S. rejoins the council and gives it legitimacy, according to sources.

The Trump administration told the Free Beacon it is fully committed to voting against “every resolution” targeting Israel and that it will encourage allies to do the same.

“The argument that the U.S. has to participate in bodies like the United Nations Human Rights Council or risk losing our influence over it is ridiculous,” said one senior administration official familiar with the boycott. “The UNHRC is, like its predecessor, morally bankrupt and the only good news is that its actions have little practical effect in the real world. We’ve wasted enough time and money on it.”

The declaration signals a vast departure from the Obama administration, which, in its final days in office, helped craft and garner support for a fiercely anti-Israel resolution. The Obama administration’s efforts, which were widely condemned by Israel and U.S. pro-Israel groups, broke with decades of U.S. policy when it promoted this effort.

Newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated recently that the United States intends boycott the UNHRC until it implements much needed reforms, chiefly its anti-Israel bias….

  • Ed Heavner

    This is a good start. The UNHRC got flushed down the toilet years ago when Libya was elected to run the Commission.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Boycott the u.n completely, de-fund and charge it rent for the real estate it is contaminating with its presence.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      lol … at first I misread your comment as “Boycott the U.N. Comedy …” :)

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Not much difference really.

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    the UN is the enemy
    the so called ‘human rights council’ has more resolutions against Israel then All other countries combined.

  • Tm.

    The UN should be moved elsewhere and it should be equally funded by all countries. The US has much debt and cannot be the one who pays all the time. The left is bleeding the taxpayers dry and spending the money unwisely. This boldness was facilitated by the former President of America.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. Trump or one of his business competitors in the NYC commercial real estate market should buy that building in its prime Manhattan location and turn it into a tremendous money making condo enterprise, contributing to the tax base instead of being a drag on it.

  • unboundried

    Israel is a notorious human rights violator. If we side with Israel against a human rights body, we have no business being a member of that body because we don’t support human rights.

    • Susan

      +unboundried – What BS Israel is the only democratic country in the ME. How about we go after hamas who keep trying to kill innocent israels or how about the UN go after the islamic countries that are murdering Christians because the koran tells them too? 100,000 Christians a year murdered by muslim in islamic countries and you want to go after a civilized country like Israel. You are either a muslim or a uneducated moron.

      • unboundried

        Israel selects targets knowing women and children are present.
        Israel attacks targets knowing women and children will be killed.
        Israel targets women and children.
        It’s not a close call.

        The only difference between Israel and Hamas is that Israel has better weapons courtesy of American taxpayers.

        • Susan

          Hamas sends rockets and then the civilized Israelis let them know where they are going to retaliate so that the women and children can be moved to safety. Hamas forces the woman and children not to go to safety they are more interested in propaganda than their lives. Islam is from the depths of hell it has no soul it has not conscience and has no connection to God. You are so evil to come here with your BS and lies. Thank God America is helping protect Israel from the non stop attacks by a cult that wants to murder every Jew. American needs to stop giving any aid to islamic hell holes where muslims murder 100,000 Christians a year because satan, sorry allah commands it. Where the money is used for terrorism. Thank God the muslim traitor has been kicked out of the WH. Get out of here your evil soul is actually making me ill. May the real God have mercy on your soul.

          • unboundried

            I agree that Israel is as uncivilized and immoral as Hamas.

          • Susan

            Not hamas alone but all of islam, muslims are murdering 100,000 Christians a year in islamic Countries because allah commands it. Islam has a doctrine to kill all the Saturday people first and then the Sunday people. Thank God for Israel standing tall and maintaining a heart a soul when confronted by this satan worshipping nazis cult.

          • unboundried

            I agree that the only difference between Israel and extreme Islam is the scale of their crimes because Israel is much smaller.

          • Susan

            There is no extreme islam, islam is islam, they all follow the same satanic book. Defending yourself is a smart and not a crime.

          • unboundried

            That’s what I said. Israel and Muslim extremists are the same.

          • Susan

            Israel are not lairs only muslim are and it is actually condoned by satan or allah as muslims prefer call it. There is no such thing as a muslim extremist all muslims follow the same satanic hate filled killing manual. Your female hating death cult is going down. suck it up. God is watching and he will step in and destroy your death cult.

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