Germany spent more than $21 BILLION on refugees in 2016 as crisis outstrips state budgets


Yet still Merkel refuses to change course, and wants to bring in still more Muslim migrants. She seems to be hell-bent on the destruction of Germany. She must be voted out, or she will achieve her goal.

“Germany ‘spent more than €20bn on refugees in 2016’ as crisis outstrips state budgets”, by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, March 10, 2017:

German states spent more than €20bn (£17.5bn) on refugees in 2016, government figures have indicated as Angela Merkel continues to come under pressure for her policy on migration.

Statistics seen by The Independent for the states of Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and Berlin show that the cost of housing and integrating asylum seekers has far outstripped official predictions.

The Bundestag’s statistics service has listed a total spend of over €7bn (£6bn) for those four states alone in 2016, meaning the nationwide figure is likely to be far higher.

Johannes Singhammer, Vice President of the German parliament, told Die Welt: “[The figures] show that if the costs are added up for all federal states, around €23bn (£20bn) has probably been spent on migrants and refugees in 2016.”

The four states recorded have taken around a third of asylum seekers currently living in Germany, where more than a million have arrived since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015.

Berlin set aside €685m (£600m) for accommodation, unaccompanied minors, integration programmes, healthcare, language lessons and other projects but spent around €1.3bn (£1.1bn) in total – almost double the budget.

The state of Bavaria spent €3.3bn (£2.9bn), Hesse €1.6bn (£1.4bn) and Schleswig-Holstein €783.7m (£685.9m).

A spokesperson for the Bundestag’s statistics authority said a complete report would be made public when other states had calculated their spending.

An official survey conducted in December 2015 predicted that federal states would spend €17bn (£15bn) on dealing with the refugee crisis in the following year but with a huge backlog of asylum claims and difficulties with deportation, costs have spiralled beyond expectations.

Germany’s government has drawn up a new package of refugee funding for state authorities, as well as plunging money into new housing construction to prevent migrants sleeping in emergency accommodation like school gymnasiums and military barracks.

Despite the huge financial cost of the ongoing crisis, Germany’s federal government announced a budget surplus of €6.2bn (£5.4bn) last year.

The unprecedented number of refugees arriving in 2015 generated a huge backlog of claims that civil servants are still working to clear, with more than 430,000 cases outstanding at the start of 2017.

Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, said about 55,000 migrants returned home voluntarily, compared with 35,000 in 2015, while another 25,000 were forcibly deported….

  • Suresh

    Blame the Dumb Left/Liberal voters who voted for these stupid Anti-German jihadi “leaders”. Some Germans are fighting back

    Left/liberal Loons including Media, college admins, politicians are in the saudi/OIC pocket to help advance their agenda of islamisation of EU/America.

    Can’t believe it ? Here’s sample of how Politicians on Iranian lobby payroll pushed through the Nuke deal

  • Inmate of Diversityland
    • Dwight

      Part of the enrichment immigration provides. Courtesy of Frau Merkel.

    • berserker

      1. Finland 2. Sweden

    • santashandler

      WTF? Where are her parents?

      • tatka150

        Lost in translation

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        They provided their house for the festivities.

        • santashandler

          Oh yeah.

    • tatka150

      Damn perverts

  • Inmate of Diversityland
    • Fern

      I saw that photo on a Jewish Defense League website. ewwww

    • Tm.

      OMG, very telling. Frightening pictures. Men should never put a hand on women, leave women alone, do not bother them. Oh this is shameful. How could she? Has she no children, no siblings? Why this woman do this? Impeach this woman.

      • tatka150

        Stasi don’t care about the family values

    • dad1927
      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I nominate this italian idiot for a Darwin Award!

  • berserker

    “She must be voted out, or she will achieve her goal.”
    – The other candidate is Schulz; he is worse.

  • shirley versace

    yup… and if Germany follows Holland to vote back in the same policies or worse (Schulze) then it’s bye bye for freedom as you knew it

    • Mahou Shoujo

      western europeans do not want freedom, they want socialism to tell them what to do. They will pay for the privilege.

      • Fern

        Same here. Obama voted in twice as prez. Sad commentary.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          History will look back of the time of o’bimbo, merkel and the colonization of europe, and wonder whatthefuck people were thinking at the time

          • tatka150

            They don’t think. They were counting their 30 silver coins

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are right.

      • santashandler

        Bingo! You win the prize for today!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Hurray, I get to go to a european union propaganda fest.

          • santashandler

            Don’t forget your headscarf, or dirty night shirt.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            O, right, maybe I will watch it on the computer.

          • tatka150

            Please watch it on the computer Mahou.
            Just to be on the safe side

      • Peter Joffe

        This will not be socialism it will be genocide against all Infidels.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is entirely possible, as things look now, verging on probable.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    A fool and there money are soon parted. germans prove and validate this every minute of every day. Poverty becomes the european union, for surely they are the stupidest of people.

    • santashandler

      Trouble is, they make such damn good cars……..mostly.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is a myth, german vehicles were, at one time fairly good, now they are incredibly over priced samples of mediocrity, assembled by apathetic or openly hostile turkish migrant workers under the supervision of german propaganda inspectors. The volkswagon “taqiyya” diesels were a fine example of german engineering propaganda, giggle.

        • santashandler

          Never thought of it that way. “German propaganda inspectors.” So, that’s where they gather…..

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Having owned volkswagons and bmw’s they are show, no go. Just like the zones in wester europe.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I’d hazard a guess that the German MBT is a pretty good “german vehicle”. Maybe even better than anything manufactured in SE Asia these days.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It would sink out of sight in the first swamp it came across, which would happen almost immediately.

  • Commieobamie

    Could have spend billions on weapons for the LAZY LEECHing Slime bellied moHOGmad demons to fight in their OWN country to free themselves…… oh…….yeah…… LAZY coward LEECHES.

  • Croatia Calling

    The problem is if Merkel is voted out,then Martin Schultz one of the jesters in the EU will be voted in and it will be much worse since Schultz will send immigration into overdrive.Also Germany is a pretty notorious left-wing country,during the Cold War there were protests and riots over the deployment of the Pershing 2 nuclear missiles because the German left hated their deployment in the country,also Germany is the country where the Black Bloc and Antifa movements originate,both were founded in the early 1980s.And AfD with PEGIDA is the only credible conservative/right-wing movement in the country which opposes the insane ideas of the left.But the main problem is that Germans are taught that patriotism and conservatism are bad

  • ☠️DarkSideOfTheMoon☠️

    There is no “crisis”, this was all planned.

  • Deplorable_ Manhattaner

    That is BS
    Germany got 2.7 million immigrants in 2016 and 2017 officially and over 3 million unofficially .
    That with average cost of 20000 EU per immigrant a year comes out to 54 billion EU a year .
    But this is pocket change for getting all the doctors and engineers …

    • tatka150

      Road side doctors. Mostly -naturopats

  • santashandler

    Well, really, what’s $21B amongst friends? It’s not like those refugees just took that money and went hog wild and, oh wait……..

  • Tm.

    What we read today is beyond belief. I sometimes feel I have stepped into an alternative dimension, one where only nightmares exist. This is very bad. I don’t know if I see any hope here.
    There is an election in September, if they vote as Austria and Netherlands, I shall force myself to never pity them again. Demand a referendum. Leave the EU. How much can you take? Come to your senses. They have one woman who is good, I forget her name.

  • Peter Joffe

    If you import a virus it will take over your country. The virus of Islam is now rampant in Germany and there is no civilized cure for it other than mass spraying of DDT and eventual civil war..

  • Alleged Comment

    I cannot imagine the MONEY WASTED on WORTHLESS Moslems who only seek your death and destruction. Think of the money that could of been spent on Germans. Improving schools, roads, infrastructure, lowering the price of food and fuel.

    Every bit helps but they think MORE of it is better wasted on WORTHLESS Moslems. Worthless because they SEEK your death!

  • Rainer Sturm

    Merkel and her vassals will destroy Germany and Europe deliberately! Merkel wants to make another country from Germany.
    According to Merkel’s mentally ill vision, Germany should no longer exist in the future.

    The whole world is watching as Germany and all of Europe are destroyed.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Eventually refugee costs should blow-up the German budget, I would expect.

  • Amethyst_2012

    “Despite the huge financial cost of the ongoing crisis, Germany’s federal
    government announced a budget surplus of €6.2bn (£5.4bn) last year.”

    I do not believe this. These are probably made up figures. Merkel’s people are saying this so she can bring in a few million more muslims. That woman(sic) is beyond MAD. I would like to know what she really intends to do with all those muslims, who are all of fighting age between 20-30. Her own private army perhaps.

  • James Stamulis

    The left has always believed in euthanasia and are now in the process of using it on their own countries.

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