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Christians May Be Forever Barred from Mosul, Thanks to ISIS Training of Kids


Way to go, President Obama.

Barack Obama led America’s foreign policy into such a state of diplomacy first, diplomacy only, the world cowered, ISIS spread — and now Christians, once a sizeable force in Iraq, have fled Islamic persecution and ceded Mosul, likely to never return.

More than 1.8 million Christians called Iraq their home in 2004. Under Obama, however, tens of thousands fled, fearful of persecution by the spreading and growing ISIS terror forces. In 2014, more than half of the Christian population had left the nation. Another 100,000 fled Mosul over the next couple of years.

Tens of thousands of Christians have fled Mosul in the face of concerted Islamic persecution from ISIS.

And it’s not looking like they’re going to be able to return home any time soon.

“It would be very hard for children here and children in Mosul to get [along] together,” said one vicar, in the Express.

The times, it seems, have changed so dramatically that modern day Mosul is home to ingrained jihadist beliefs.

“We can go back,” the vicar said. “But it is a question of safety. We are dealing with a new generation bred by ISIS. They have a radical anti-Christian viewpoint and so it would be really hard to go back.”

Sad but true.

As PJ Media has reported: Videos show children of ISIS being trained to carry on the murderous Islamic ways, based on Koran teachings.

Training camps for jihadists are populated by the youngest of Muslims, who are taught from an early age to kill for Allah — and that Christians and Jews are automatic enemies.

From the Express:

“Father Daniel said the terror cult’s destructive ideology has already spread to the next generation, sparking fears ISIS will continue their chilling campaign to boot Christians out of the Middle East. …

“‘It would be very hard for children here and children in Mosul to get together. Can they even get along together as two groups? Could they adapt to each other? We really need to work with the children in Mosul to change what ISIS has implanted there.’

“ISIS has long used children in Iraq and Syria as it aims to eradicate Christians from the region.

“Children, dubbed the Caliphate Cubs, armed with knives and guns have appeared in propaganda videos featuring executions.

“There have also been reports of youngsters being trained as suicide bombers.

“Father Daniel, who left his Iraqi village when ISIS invaded, works with Christian children devastated by the trauma of ISIS, who tortured and killed their loved ones.

“He warns education could be their only weapon against the jihadis and their young supporters with children once terrorised by the group now starting to work against ISIS.”

  • Dwight

    More of the poisonous fruit of Barry Soetoro.

    • movingwaters

      Just having to catch a glimpse of his photo gives me the creeps. Evil radiates from Obama. How can others fail to see that?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Abandon the parts of the middle east that are too brainwashed to associate with anything but other fanatical muslims. Then includes all charitable, food, medical, scientific or cultural contact. Let them live as the qur’an tells them to, when they are ready and request it, start to discuss change. A few years of starvation and disease will be required to de-programme the animals. They will never be human but they may become conditioned to the presence of humans.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Hence the need for border control, to keep the savages out.

  • DVult

    Boot all of the muslums out of Mosul. It is Assyrian Christian territory and has been for some three thousand years at least.

  • santashandler

    There’s the picture of a lost generation. There’s no hope for these kids. But, I’m sure that between the U.S., Britain, Germany and Sweden, we’ll all be getting our fair share of these ‘children of the corn.’ They’ll all grow up to hate the countries that took them in and each host country will have higher crime rates for years to come. So, win-win.

  • movingwaters

    Several American missionaries were killed in Mosul just recently. But the Christians there will continue live for Christ where they are.

  • sony_dc

    Christians living under islamic rule is a death wish. No Christian is safe from muslims. The Christians of Iraq have been persecuted since the beginning of Islam (1,400 years ago), it continued in the 1914 by the muslims Turks, then after the overthrow of Saddam Huessein and now with ISIS. The same is true for Christians in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, etc. The US continues to give aid to muslim countries with no rules or how to treat their citizens especially the Christians. We then look at the western Christian countries falling for the “FAKE” narrative about “moderate muslims” when in truth, its complete BS, it doesn’t exist. They, the moderate muslims, are just waiting until the muslim population in those western countries overpopulate or get to 20% then demand sharia law. This is what we call madness!

  • Maranatha

    Same thing for Europe and Middle East and even America.
    There’s is high fever and the bacteria is multiplying.

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