Germany: Iraqi Christian family applies for asylum, gets rejected by hijab-wearing federal official


A German reader of The Geller Report wrote me: “Imagine that a hen family runs away from Foxfield, arrives to Henhouse, and files for asylum. Then imagine that their application gets considered and rejected by a hen official wearing red fur. Well, you do not have to imagine that, because it did happen: the asylum application of an Iraqi Christian family in Germany just got considered and rejected by a hijab-wearing Federal official.”

This is Merkel’s Germany. And just imagine what it will be like in ten years.

That same reader has provided this translation of “Deutschland – Asyl von Christen: Bosbach kritisiert Kopftuch-Praxis beim BAMF,” by Manuel Bewarder, Welt, February 17, 2017:

Germany – Asylum by Christians

Bosbach criticizes hijab practice at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

By Manuel Bewarder | Published on 02/17/2017

Of all people, a Muslima with a headscarf processes the asylum applications of persecuted Christians. Wolfgang Bosbach, the domestic expert of the CDU [Christian Democratic Union, a German political party] finds that problematic. The Nuremberg authority, however, defends this practice.

A few days ago, Wolfgang Bosbach met a family in his electoral district in North Rhine Westphalia that had applied for asylum in Germany. The people told him that they had fled Iraq as Christians, out of fear of Islamists ready to use violence. Bosbach, who as a domestic politician has already been engaged in the topic of asylum for long, listened.

Eventually, they told him about the hours as they had filed their asylum application in one of the many field offices of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge / BAMF). According to this, a female BAMF coworker with a headscarf sat across from the Iraqis at the submission of the application. Of all the people, she was then to decide if the Christians would obtain protective status over here.

Altogether about 97,000 Iraqis filed for asylum in Germany last year. With that, Iraq is one of the main countries of origin. In the month of January, 64.6 per cent of asylum applications by Iraqis were successful. The family, which spoke to Wolfgang Bosbach, was nevertheless rejected. The Iraqis told him that they had felt being discriminated against, because of all the people, someone with a headscarf had to decide their application.

Wolfgang Bosbach can understand that. If these Christians “have to describe their fate of persecution to a headscarf-wearing Muslima, then I have understanding for the concern of the applicants, that their application could potentially be decided not solely objectively and free of prejudice”, says the domestic expert.

His opinion is that in such cases, it does not come down to the point whether the relevant female coworker “is actually biased or not.” What merely counts is “whether the applicants have reason to fear that their application could potentially be decided not objectively.”

Again, such fear in such cases, “in my belief, is not entirely unfounded”, says Bosbach. “That is why it is incomprehensible to me why only Muslims should decide in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees whether Christians, who fled from radical Muslims, obtain or do not obtain the right to say in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

“Women are allowed to wear a headscarf at the workplace”

For the Federal Office with its headquarters in Nuremberg, such discussions are not new. Last summer, the then-chief of BAMF Frank-Jürgen Weise answered the question in an interview, whether one perhaps has to take the headscarf off in case of an internship at a public institution. “No, I do not hold that as rational. If the wearing of a headscarf does not converge to such behavior that contradicts our values, then it is okay as an article of clothing.” Then he has no problem with that, said authority chief Weise.

The answer that the BAMF gives sounds similarly when the depicted case is being addressed. “As a general rule, women are allowed to wear a headscarf at the workplace, and the employer can only restrict that if there are objective reasons therefor, for example safety at the workplace, disruption of industrial peace etc.”, a spokeswoman explained.

That does not convince Bosbach. “Apparently, it is not an ‘objective reason’ for the BAMF if asylum applicants fear that the female interviewers or the female decision makers at the BAMF could consider their application not entirely unbiased, neutral and free of prejudice”, the Member of Parliament says. “This reasoning is not comprehensible to me.”

The Iraqis have filed a lawsuit versus the decision

Even the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the authority super-ordinated over the BAMF, represents this position, too, as the Office of the Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) imparted upon request. In a directive from the year 2014 on the “issue of religiously motivated wearing of a headscarf by female officials or by female employees of collective bargaining”, it is stated: the Basic Law [the German Constitution] relinquishes it “basically to the individual to decide for himself, what religious symbols he acknowledges and worships, and what he rejects.” The headscarf is, other than the Christian cross, indeed not “a religious symbol on its own terms”, stands in the directive. “In connection with the person who wears it, and with her miscellaneous behavior, it can nevertheless develop a comparable effect.”

For the purview of the Federal Administration subsists “neither a Civil Service Law nor a Collective Bargaining Law regulation” that forbids “the wearing of visible religious or world view symbols.” The conclusion eventually reads: “To guarantee a coherent policy in the scope of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the religiously motivated wearing of a headscarf is thus to be granted.”

According to the information of CDU domestic expert Bosbach, the Iraqis have meanwhile filed a lawsuit versus the decision of the Federal Office for Migration. He says they feared that “their lawsuit will now be decided by a female judge as well, who likewise wears a headscarf.”

  • Wolfgang Bosbach is now in pension

  • Mahou Shoujo

    germany is as islamic england and the rest of the west european caliphate. All Christians will be disposed of in time, germany, in particular, has experience in genocide.

    • santashandler


      • Mahou Shoujo

        Moderately apologetic if I hit a nerve.

        • santashandler

          Just spot on……

      • Keith

        I must admit the truth hurts doesn’t it. Time our leaders done something about it. I have spoken to my MP but got completely ignored.

        • santashandler

          Hey, it’s like that here in the states too. We have no connection to any of our senators.

          • Dorrie

            They do town halls, so that gives their constituents a “connection.”

        • Keith

          It would appear there are two of us.

          • Keith

            It would appear so. Must admit it is a good name.

    • Tm.

      The future is unknown. Anything can happen and often does. People are aware now. The world seems upset, frenzied, discontented.
      I feel something will happen in the years to come. Too bad it had to come to this. If people only stayed where they fit, where their culture is. We could have shared, had discourse, traded, supported one another to some extent.
      Humanity has shunned the peaceful ways to act. So, what is coming will be big, long, violent. If only we took history seriously, it might have been avoided.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, regrettably greed and stupidity always supersede over knowledge and experience. There are always fools who think they can succeed where many better persons failed. When they fail, no lessons are learned.

      • Mindy Robinson

        I have stated this as well , just not as elegantly. :)

    • Duchess of Pork

      And experience in forming alliances with Mohammedans to accomplish the genocide.

  • Skorpa

    Germany is evil.

  • Fred

    Merkel is Hitler reincarnated

    • santashandler

      You’re far too kind…

    • berserker

      May I ask why Merkel is single handedly responsible. She is an elected representative who had the support of the German parliament. And a significant portion of the German population supports her policies.
      – Merkel or Schulz will win the election later this year. If it is Schulz, expect to see a more liberal immigration policy.
      – The problem with the Germans is that they are trying to force the people they invited on to other countries. Committing suicide is not enough for them, others have to join in as well.

      • pipo

        In case Hern Schulz will be elected Germany is really over and out and only a putsch will do the trick.

      • Fred

        She’s not the only 1 responsible. Yes you’re correct she was elected.

        So was Obama and Jimmy Carter.

        We all know how well that turned out.

      • Dennis Durkop

        I am German! Would never visit that hellhole now! They say Paris is much worse!

  • santashandler

    The German Federal Ministry of the Interior states: ….”The headscarf is, other than the Christian cross, indeed not “a religious symbol on its own terms…” Really? When was the last time one of those ass clowns prayed without one, or went to a mosque without one. What a f*****g joke!

    • sony_dc

      Germany is dying a slow death. When the people finally wake up, it will be too late.

  • Fred

    This post is in response to the photo at the top of the article.

    Tolerance? That does nothing but destroy nice neighborhoods.

    I have family members that lived in Brooklyn when the Dodgers were there. They didn’t lock the doors to their homes. Once “tolerance” and diversity arrived, they had to start locking their homes and vehicles.

    • Janet

      Exactly! I remember going on vacation many times for as long as two weeks with my parents and we’d leave the door unlocked. Newspaper boy and mailman would leave mail and newspapers on the kitchen table. Can you imagine doing that now?

      • Fred

        All of your stuff would be gone and the perps would blame whitey for it. BLM would say they were entitled to take your things because of atrocities that occurred over 150 years ago.

        I’ve had savages accuse me of owning slaves. The look on their perp faces was priceless when I remind them I wasn’t alive in 1865 and before.

    • moose

      I’m 80 years of age. I lived in Brooklyn at the time you mentioned. Neighborhoods were SAFE…Cops walked their beats and they had call boxes where they would check into their station houses. Neighbors KNEW one another and there was NO crime to speak of. As a kid in the service several years later, in small town America you could leave your keys in your ignition with your car doors unlocked and your car would STILL be where u parked it the following morning……Those were the GOOD days.

      • Fred

        I’ve heard stories from my elders and I’ve seen reel to reel home movies of the good old days.

        How about this- family picnics in Highland Park in East NY Brooklyn. No one got shot. My mother remembers everyone celebrating the Dodgers in 1955 after they won the World Series. No one got shot.

    • joe1429

      Agree… Mom grew up in florida in the 50s. Never locked doors! No Crime… Until the crapbag Kennedy

  • pipo

    Me as a born western European had always Germany as example now (not only now) I have to look for a new example. I found one: Mister President Donald Trump. That Germany became like that no-one can explain really. But also the French I meet claim there are no problems in the main cities of French. Walla, they are French and my mother always told us not to trust the French because she was French.

    • Speak the Truth

      How do the western European born citizens feel about Germany allowing muslims to decide who and who does not receive asylum? It is now obvious why so many terrorist-tied immigrants and violent criminals receive asylum.

  • Tm.

    I am tired of the lies the left is feeding us. Look at that first picture. What is the meaning of that? Are we supposed to believe that it is representative of how women dress in Muslim countries.
    First if all, the hair is showing. The pose is seductive in that the woman is smiling, not serious. Is she wearing makeup? Does she have earrings? The multi color of the headdress? And she is showing neck and upper chest. People need to read. This is BS from the left. Why don’t they show the real truth? How about women under Taliban rule or from Saudi Arabia? I understand it is their culture, and I have no issue whatsoever with that. It is not compatible with western secular society. Therein lies the problem.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Why does the Nuremberg Authority defend this practise when there are regular reports emanating from Germany of Christian refugees in asylum centres being attacked by Muslims? They are colluding with politicians and media to discriminate against those who are truly fleeing from persecution in the Middle East.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      germans are bigots, they have allied with islam to try destroying Jews. They will fail, again. Fools never learn.

      • tatka150

        Today is Purim. It’s a proof.

        • Joy Daniels Brower

          Indeed! We SHOULD be celebrating our FIRST victory over the Persians! Now we should be contemplating our SECOND victory over the despicable Iranian mullahs! Ever onward!!

        • Dorrie

          Purim is the prophecy of the Great Tribulation

    • deepkimchi

      The islamists, along with their fellow travelers, use a big heavy club to beat it into the kafir’s head that islam is the religion of peace. If you doubt that, they’ll kill you.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      They defend this practise because of their guilt feelings over W W 2, they are too tied into the U N, and they were told what to do by the head honchos at the E U.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another reason to despise muslims, avoiding them whenever possible.

  • Mithrandir

    Germanistan, Londistan, Swedistan, Canadistan. The Muslims must be VERY PROUD that a little sacrifice in Syria, and led to the weaponless and bloodless MUSLIM CRUSADE of Christian lands at a very low cost to their brethren.

    Good job liberals! Take over, let welfare / 3rd worlders in, they kick you out and take over, just like every place you’ve ever been in charge of. Well done!

    • sony_dc

      The libtards are too stupid to realize that once the Middle East and Northern Africa were all Christian lands.

  • wilypagan

    I would love to gather all the hijabs, burkas and niqabs on the planet and burn them next 4th of July. That would be a real Independence Day. Take that, Nike!

    • rickyoo

      It would be even better if the occupants of these garments were part of the fiery celebration. That would be a day to remember.

    • Duchess of Pork

      I believe a very courageous ex-muslim Sandra Soloman plans on doing exactly that in Toronto on July 1 with the launch of a national Burn Hijab Day.

      • moose

        Makes SENSE to ME !!

  • Janet

    A Christian family fleeing Iraq. Enough said!

  • sony_dc

    I can only imagine how many times this has happened to other Christians fleeing muslim terror from Iraq and Syria. The journey to Germany is not an easy one especially for Christians, but to finally get to Germany and then denied entry is beyond sad. This is criminal.

  • lucila

    not interested in tolerating BAD evil behavior. Nope.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    My beef is with the mainline Protestant churches in North America – and the Catholic Church as well! – for their abject failure in mounting an international RESCUE of ALL Christians from the now uninhabitable Middle East!! Do as Israel has been doing with the Jews from Ethiopia over the past generation – SHUN the federal $$ to relocate Muslin refugees and turn to your own to rescue and resettle Christians!! This is SUCH a black eye for ALL these non-participating, but wealthy, Christian religious orders!

    • Dorrie

      The modern day Protestant churches are just Catholic Lite. They are all part of the Holy Roman Empire, spoken of in the Great Tribulation.

      • Joy Daniels Brower

        I’m not very familiar with the history of the Christian Church – just what I vaguely remember from World History that I studied in college more than 50 years ago! And although I attended the Episcopal Church of NA with my late husband for many years, at that time the politics that we’re experiencing today – even/especially in our religious orders! – was almost non-existent. At that time, too, “patriotism” was not the anathema that it seems to be in today’s “mainline” churches (and from what I read in the Church bulletins that I still receive – and actually enjoy! – from the two Episcopal churches (in different parts of the country) to which we belonged for many years.

        • Dorrie

          Episcopal is the original Catholic Lite, but Protestant churches began with Martin Luther, a rabid anti-Semite.

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Yes, I knew that about the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church, but Henry VIII’s split with the Papacy was really the first sign that the Christian Church was not a monolith.

            I never knew when I studied just a wee portion of this in World History that Martin Luther was “a rabid anti-Semite.” I just knew that he really got Protestantism going.

            You sound as if you have a very real – indeed, keen! – interest in this subject! I’m afraid that I don’t.

          • Dorrie

            The ONLY reason Henry VIII split with Rome was so he could get a divorce. No other reason than that. If you Google Martin Luther, you can read exactly what he said about Jews – it wasn’t nice.

            I’ve pretty well studied much of history regarding “the church” and what Constantine did to bring Paganism into the midst in the 3rd century. He was the one who wanted his Pagan friends in Rome to join in, so he established “Easter” and “Christmas,” which were both forbidden by the Pilgrims here, because they knew neither was Scriptural and both were highly Pagan.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Constantine also declared religious freedom throughout the empire — a 1st in world history.

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