German Magazine Spiegel Portrays Trump as Jihadi Beheader in Cartoon Front Page


The left has no bottom, no morals, no decency and never, ever a sense of fair play. They are as vicious and depraved as the jihadis.

This is further proof that the Germans and more broadly Europeans do not understand freedom and the defense of liberty.

German Magazine Spiegel Portrays Trump as Islamist Beheader in Cartoon Front Page

By Oliver Lane, Breitbart, February 5, 2017:

Best-selling German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel [The Mirror] have published their weekend cover featuring a heavily stylised cartoon of the new American President, apparently in the style of an Islamic State propaganda video.

Showing President Trump holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty in one hand and a blooded knife in the other, the cartoon was produced for the magazine by United States-based Cuban artist Edel Rodriguez. The design follows a number of other covers and articles by the magazine, one of Europe’s largest, which have been highly critical of Trump, both during the election campaign and after his election.

Past covers have included a renditon of President Trump as a meteorite speeding towards Earth with the headline “the end of the world”, and a picture of the now-President standing with former challenger Hillary Clinton covered in mud in a snipe at the hard-fought campaign.


Another, showing President Trump surrounded by shooting flames, asked the question with its lead article: “USA: The most dangerous man in the world: Why do we have to take Donald Trump seriously as a candidate for presidential elections?”.

The latest edition simply states “America First”, in an comparison of President Trump’s unabashed desire to further American interests and the bloodthirsty Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In creating the picture, illustrator and erstwhile Time art director Redriguez said “It’s a beheading of democracy, a beheading of a sacred symbol”, when speaking to the Washington Post about his work.


The shocking front page image accompanies a lead article which claims quite matter-of-factly that “The president of the U.S. is a racist. He is attempting a coup from the top; he wants to establish an illiberal democracy, or worse; he wants to undermine the balance of power”.

The depiction of President Trump brandishing a large knife and the head of the Statue of Liberty — a gift to the United States from the people of France — comes one the same day that a group of French soldiers foiled a terror attack in Paris. Shooting the Egyptian citizen assailant as he charged the patrol with a large knife, the soldiers hit the would-be killer five times in the stomach and leg.

In 2016 a French Catholic priest was martyred by beheading by an Islamist killer as he celebrated mass in his parish Church. Pro-Islamic State killers have launched a number of other attacks in France over the past two years, including the murder by stabbing of a senior police officer and his wife, the Nice attacks, and Bataclan bombings.

SPIEGEL behead trump 2

The new cover has attrracted considerable attention, both from the media, and social media. Even among followers of Spiegel’s Facebook page, the sharing of the new cover has attracted hundreds of comments, with many criticising the poor taste of the image.

Many on Facebook and Twitter have made comparisons to the gruesome beheading videos and pictures [warning: extremely graphic images] released by the Islamic State, as they execute enemies of Islam.


  • buck

    Maybe the German magazine has it right. Trump is cutting off the head of the statute of liberty because the leftists have perverted what the statute of liberty means and it is time to reset as it is meant to be!! The Germans would LOVE to have a Trump replace their citizen-hating, islamic-loving “leader.”

    Maybe someone should inform Germany that when the French gave the USA the statute, the European immigrants who crossed the Atlantic on ships in the late 1800s and early 1900s were greeted by the Statue of Liberty. But before they could embark on their new life in the United States, they had to undergo examination and inspection. The Immigration Service collected arrival manifests from incoming ships. The manifests contained passenger names as well as answers to several questions. An inspector, usually accompanied by an interpreter, asked each passenger a series of questions about potential destinations and job prospects. IMAGINE THAT!! ASKING THEM ABOUT DESTINATIONS AND JOB PROSPECTS! HOW HATEFUL RIGHT LEFTISTS?

    If immigrants failed the medical or immigration inspection, they were placed in detention until they could have a hearing in front of the Board of Special Inquiry, composed of inspectors. According to the National Archives at New York City, about 10 percent of immigrants had hearings, where evidence about the immigrant’s medical health, economic conditions and beliefs was provided. HEARINGS AND DETENTION? HOW COULD THEY CARE ABOUT PROTECTING THE USA CITIZENS FROM THIS?

    Immigrants entering the United States had to pay a head tax of 50 cents per person. This money contributed to the funding for the Office of Immigration. IMAGINE, ASKING IMMIGRANTS TO PAY US TO FUND THE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION! NOW, WE ARE GIVING THEM MONEY, CLOTHES, FOOD, HOUSING ETC AS SOON AS THEY LAND HERE AND WE DO NOT VET THEM!!

    • Lorena Ashcroft

      Well said.

      • Craig

        Yes, hit the mark succinctly.

    • Dan Knight

      Excellent points … and we got good immigrants who wanted to be Americans (mostly) … not anti-American scum come for the welfare fraud and special privileges.

    • spfg

      Great article…These brainless mindless bleeding heart libtards with their smooth flowing comfortable deceptive lies will be the coming ruin and weakness of this once great nation…I can only take at most a couple of minutes of watching the media on television before I get so fed up listening to them spewing their barrage of lies that I just shut the damn thing off in disgust with the thought of who out there believes any of this sh*t…

  • gn

    Now portray actual muslim jihadis the same way….

    What’s that? No? Why not?

    It seems to me that there is a survival, self-preservation gene, that must exist in every human, for him to be able to act in the best interest of himself and his society. And after the post WW2 period, this self-preservation gene started depleting among the westerners, to the point that today, nearly half of the westerners lack it (mostly leftists).

    What is to be done? To find out what is to be done, we need to get the reason why this happened. Was something mixed in the food or water of the civilized world? It does seem so, but the actual reason I believe, is our own mentality:

    When we implement the ‘No one can be discriminated against and everyone is equal’ clause, it automatically kills the loyalty.

    This is because being loyal to one’s group necessitates that the group’s members favor their peers over others, that they put their group members above others To treat everyone equally, would require placing equal value on all members of all groups. No preference can be made. Preferring one’s group members over others would be discrimination. And since that is forbidden, loyalty is stigmatized and deterred. One can either stay loyal to one’s group and condone discrimination, or one can reject discrimination and turn disloyal to one’s group. Loyalty to one’s group is stigmatized when no discrimination is institutionalized.

    And when one has the imperative to not discriminate, then it automatically deprives one of his loyalty, making one lose the self-preservation gene mentioned above. And this is why we see in the west today, such pervasively self-destructive atmosphere.

    • william couch

      With a phallus in there mouths!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    In reality, the only time you see a picture of some one holding a severed human head, it is a muslim. germany is a nation of blind fools, not that it matters, soon it will cease to exist, no one will care, as it is a useless waste of real estate and resources.

    • Craig

      They are experts at drawing severed human heads, after all, they have seen plenty in kraut land at the hands of the muzzies. How TERRIBLE, they see it when a man speaks his mind and wants the best and security for his country and people. These krauts are truly lost.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is no hope for germany, it, like sweden, demand to be ethnically cleansed with their inferior dna eradicated from the human gene pool, which is a good thing, as it is inherently stupid.

        • Craig

          From what we have seen the muslims are busy eradicating those gene pools.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            At one point I thought that was a bad idea, the way germans are behaving, I am not so sure any more.

        • harbidoll

          are they being ruled over by the same Libtards as US was? Is there no hope?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Look at what germany does about the violence of islam. It sacrifices its children, sisters and daughters to muslim rapists without a complaint, it is as though that is what they want to do. germany as is most of western europe, lost to civilization, it is merely animated compost waiting to get buried.

          • harbidoll

            its the second step towards slavery- international white slavery. Black slavery has been allowed since forever!

          • spfg

            Where on this earth have the Muslims ever brought into slavery the white European Anglo-Saxon people. It has never happened. We will find a way to subdue these unbelievers because quite frankly we are smarter and more powerful than they are and we have the one true God the Most high on our side…Count on it.

          • rondu1142

            The difference is that, since our God gave us free will, we can think with the brains He gave us, and behave as we’re supposed to.The Muslims MUST follow Islam and Shariah law, or be badly punished, or even killed. Our God is a benevolent God; Allah is a sick, sadistic, evil God – unless it was Mohammed whispering to himself, and “Allah” was a figment of his imagination. And by the way, spfg, Islam (that means Muslims), once ruled almost every corner of Europe. When they defeated a country, they killed most males and made the women (and young girls) into either concubines or slaves. Thank God Islam’s back was broken at the Gates of Vienna, when Poland, I think it was, marched to Vienna and attacked the Muslims there. Then the Austrians inside the city walls came out and, caught between the two armies, the Muslims were defeated. So yes, they did enslave white European Anglo-Saxon people.

          • spfg

            They never had complete control of them. I would have to do more research to know exactly what happened and how extensive it was. However I realize they were defeated at Vienna and were pushed out of Europe. Were not they the Ottomans that were pushed back at Vienna?

          • spfg

            Germany is not lost to civilization. Stop making these idiotic brainless remarks!!! I will tell you that these refugees will on the flip of a coin will move back to Syria once when things get back to normal. These Muslims know they are not welcomed there and they don’t want to have to deal with the fallout of the German people no different then what is going on in Poland…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Fake comment, alternative facts.

          • spfg

            The Germans have gotten away from reading the bible because if they did they would never have allowed this to happen to their country. Instead Turkey would be supporting them and Erdogan would be in exile…

        • spfg

          Germans are some of the smartest and the most industrious people on the planet. Where are you getting your information from. Who invented the BMW, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi. and that’s just for starters. Clean up your brainless remarks because without Germany the EU would be without an economy…On a scale from 1 to 10 where in the hell do you rank in comparison with the German people?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            german engineering is the most overrated over prices mechanically awkward available on earth. Japanese is far superior, at a reasonable price and reliability that germans cannot even envision, much less match. As an engineer, I have a pretty good idea how to assess mechanical devices, german, over priced, mediocre quality, not recommended. The e.u is a write off to begin with, germany makes no difference to that money pit, other than to drag others down with it. If germany is 1, on an increasing scale, Japan would be 10+ out of ten. If germans are so smart, giggle, why are they giving their children, daughters and sisters to muslims as sex objects? germans invented a few brands of automobile, none of which are anything more than unreliable expensive road apples. Why do you invite muslims to germany to colonize it, while you pay them welfare to do so? Is importing welfare recipients considered schmardt? germans may be smart and industrious by arab standards, they are sloths and dolts by what is normal.

          • spfg

            Japanese made autos do not last compared to German autos. Just ask anyone out there who owns one. However autos from Japan were of better quality for a number of years namely mid to late 70’s and throughout the 80’s and then the American auto manufacturers eventually caught up. Japan however kept the American auto manufacturers on their toes. German built cars however somewhat a bit pricey were and still are the top of the line in quality hands down…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Having owned bmw’s, v.w’s, north american and Japanese vehicles, the german are definitely inferior in quality with abnormally high incidents of expensive repair. Friend had a mercedes, could not take it out of town as it broke down so frequently, she was on a first name basis with every tow truck driver locally. In northern Canada, reliability and serviceability re critical, german vehicles fail on both counts. Then there is price, german vehicles made by unskilled imported labour, again low quality, shoddy workmanship, should say “Made in pakistan” on german vehicles.

          • spfg

            Not the people I know…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You know different people, I have had first had experience with these vehicles. Also have the receipts to prove it. Northern Canada is not a nice urban drive, vehicles have to perform, the bottom line becomes the top line immediately. It was -31 c this morning, Japanese car started and ran as expected it was not plugged in.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wonder if your personal experience w/the Boche hasn’t clouded your judgement.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Dumb bosch is better that lucas, prince of darkness, to say the least.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The Germans were the first to introduce:
            Cruise missiles
            jet aircraft
            infrared detection equipment
            remotely guided bombs
            rocket powered fighters
            acoustic torpedoes
            into combat.

            They were also experimenting w/RAP rounds and anti-aircraft missiles at the end of WW2.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That may well be so, but look at where they are today, resting on their laurels chewing their cuds, these the the worthy heirs of german ability.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The Dolphin subs they gave to Israel? No one else has ANYTHING like them. I’ve also read their Leopard MBT’s are pretty good.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Who invented mass gas chambers? Intelligence has nothing to do w/being good or evil.

      • spfg

        Being an American and having some German heritage myself it saddens me but does not surprise me that the German media stoops down to this level of sensationalism. My take on it is let them have their fun because no one with a peanut sized brain or larger really takes that magazine article very serious anyway…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Germanistan, to be ruled by barbarians allah over again.

      • spfg

        It will never happen…Germans will not fail to defeat Islam. They fought back during the crusades and won and will certainly do so again and this time will put those Muslims away for good. Islam is dead and never will show its ugly face again. It needs to be completely and decisively wiped off the face of the earth…forever and ever and ever..

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Hmmm, I thought it was a famous Polish king and his winged hussars that turned back the muslum hordes.

          • spfg

            I do not know when the Poles came into the picture but I do know that the French and Germans fought against the Muslims in the first Crusade.

            The German Crusade of 1096 was the part of the First Crusade in which peasant crusaders from France and Germany attacked Jewish communities. Although anti-Semitism had existed in Europe for centuries, this is the first record of an organized mass pogrom.

            Pope Urban II did not mention the Jewish people when preaching the First Crusade, and later condemned any violence perpetrated against the Jews. In some cases, authorities and religious leaders attempted to shelter their Jewish subjects.

    • John Galt

      Resistance is on the rise, our german government will not be capable to fool all people all time. Brexit and DJT’s election are a proof for establishment overbidding their cards.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Much as I would like to be optimistic about western europe coming to its senses and taking action to solve the islamification problem, it does not look like there will be any real change.

    • Germany today is almost as fallen as Islam itself.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Even lower, they offer their sisters daughters and children to muslims as sex slaves. german men are grubs.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re well rid of your Boche husband. I don’t know how the Boche barbarians ever produced anyone like Heisenberg, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc. or how their country isn’t a third world slum in Europe/Eurabia.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Teutons of today are has beens. Their ancestors demonstrated ability, today, they demonstrate stupidity.

  • HaShem’s revenge is upon them. Their nation is truly finished

  • Craig

    Funny how a person with a backbone who says what he thinks is portrayed as a monster, when the stupid krauts have REAL muslim monsters in their midst.

    • Lorena Ashcroft

      Angela Merkel should be hung for treason for allowing the Islamic World Domination Ideology “refugees” into her country. By doing so they have caused terror, murder and rape throughout Europe. I really cannot understand why the left refuses to see how morally bankrupt those people are and that Islam is not a religion only, but a religion of land grabbing, nation grabbing and inslaving the native populations. History proves it out.

      • John Galt

        IMHO she should be jailed for lifetime. Folding bags she could be a valuable member of society.

      • spfg

        The German people need another Hitler in charge but this time to defeat this cancer that is Islam..

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        She should share the fate of nazi collaborators in France.

  • Vlad

    Arschloecher, alle sind arschloecher.
    Der Speigel, all Germans should hang their heads in shame, all of them are arse holes and I am being polite here.

  • Mal M

    Why all the golf countries do not accept even one refugee from Syria and other Arab states?
    Answer. They know them very well firsthand. Better they do troubles to the silly West countries like Germany.

  • Jon Sobieski

    I read an article today about Correctiv, the censorship company hired by Facebook and Germany to patrol ‘propaganda’ on the internet and have Google and Facebook and Twitter remove the offending material. The article said Germany was very worried about propaganda and fake news on the internet, and ‘professional journalists’ at Corrective will solve the problem. So I guess the govt. has exclusive rights to produce and publish ‘propaganda.’ What could go wrong?! lol

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Any relation to King Jan Sobieski of Poland?

      • Mohammad Izzaterd

        Just my hero. No relation

  • santashandler

    This from the country who brought us Hitler and the deaths of 20+ million in WWII. That’s really rich! If these off the chart leftists really believe Trump is akin to a jihadi, then we need to withdraw all of our troops from Germany immediately. All of them. Let Russia fill that vacuum, since America is ‘so bad.’ That’s what the suicidal Germans want anyway.

    • John Galt

      You are right beyond any doubt, our elite’s hybris on high moral ground is really breathtaking. But the higher the self-exaltation the deeper you fall.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Russia is chock full of muslums. There are 2 million muslums in Moscow alone and it’s predicted Russia’s military will be 50% muslum by mid-century.

  • Drew the Infidel

    I find it somewhat offensive and hypocritical that the world should be lectured by the very country that gave us Adolph Hitler, a country where his bigoted and dangerous screed “Mein Kampf” is a best seller to this day.

    • harbidoll

      they think they have now taken the “high road”. & the US (& Israel) are the new Nazis. Instead they are taking the “new Nazis” in & surrounding themselves with them. Im glad we can tell whos who. PTL (by the Grace of G-d )

      • JWM

        They have taken the high road by importing tens of thousands of Islamic Jew haters. Nothing new under the sun.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. You know how short-sighted these “master races” can be.

  • harbidoll

    First they take our Statue of Liberty’s law book (Torah/Bible -Constitution) from her left arm, now they behead her? Sooo messed up.


    Trump’s superficiality & weakness against Islam is dangerous to the liberty of the US.
    Trump would have to refine his stance in a condemning sense against Islam & refine Wikipedia & the scientific structures of the law & academia to ensure he or the people don’t think the statue of liberty might be a statue of Islam’s founder attempting to burn non-Muslims alive (Islam’s founder as I’ve read at Wikiislam had an episode of wearing women’s clothes).
    If the statue of liberty is a statue of Islam’s founder maybe while he commands in the Koran to burn non-Muslims alive it should be taken down.
    In any case Trump if he’s mentally capable of it, Trump should refine the law & academia to expose, condemn & ban Islam. What is worrying is that criticizing Trump doesn’t put those who criticize him in the morally conquered position as would be the case if I’d be President as I would demand the liberation of African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania from Islam’s founder’s emulated enslavement of Africans.
    Is Trump purposely superficial? I very much think that.
    Islamistisis, Boko Haram & so on are not destroyed with armed drones, the Barack Hussein Obama-administration is not prosecuted for arming Islamistisis & for proclaiming Boko Haram would “have legitimate concerns” & for obstructing military efforts against them, Wikipedia & media is free to glorify sadist Islam & Facebook is not prosecuted for strategic harassing, censoring & disabling accounts of those condemning the Islam-tyranny & conspiracy. Is this on purpose? It seems Trump is just a white wash-house trojan horse to impose Islam.
    Germany should adopt English as official language, expose the Islam-Nazi history regarding Ottoman General Amin al-Husseini, the other Nazi-troops outnumbering Muslim Nazi-troops, Hitler’s belief to do the work of “Allah” & ban Islam.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      R U and Englishman? What’s your love affair w/the English language? I believe more people speak Chinese than any other language on earth.

  • Raul

    the irony of this of course is that we have just survived a presidency in Obama that was anti freedom to the core. That is what socialism/marxism/progressivism or whatever you want to call it is all about. Trump just trying to get America back on track.

    the Democrats had Michael Brown’s mother at DNC.. .he tried to kill the cop in Ferguson.. and they bring her on as if she was a victim.

  • aebe

    Has been more than sixty % of Germans approve of continuing the invasion by islamites . When Germany falls , the rest of western Europe will follow .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights .. Carry

  • Raul

    I live abroad… I have had to listen to Germans take the Palestinian side … they truly ..ruined Europe. There would probably be more than 20 million Jews in Europe today.

    At Holocaust Museum in DC there is a display that mentions that one third of Germany’s Nobel prize winners were Jews Far less than their population percentage. (that was before Nobel prizes were given out for political reasons.. like Obama peace prize…or totally absurdity of giving one to Yassar Arafat).

    Hitler basically got what he wanted …making Europe Jew free

    And what do the morons do… replace the Jews with Muslims. Sorry if this is politically incorrect.. but I am in the real estate business… good to buy where Jews live. I always ask a liberal with some means if they are fine with bringing in refugees, is it ok to dump a few thousand in your neighborhood. Say upper West Side NYC… or Marin County in bay area. How about Beverley Hills?

    Trading Jews for Muslims… is sort of like benching Tom Brady and having me go in for a fabulous comeback. I cannot even throw a decent spiral.

    Probably karma for the Germans… but I would prefer if they dropped their socialist leanings, get with the liberty agenda and prosper. Too late. Even the Dalai Lama told Merkel to send them back to Syria when it is safe. He understands ethnic cleansing.

  • Skip Worther

    The psycholibs are the same wherever you find them — the US, Germany, France, or Israel. Sick and psychotic.

  • charlie baker

    Der Spiegel…Ha ha ha…who cares? Like CNN and the NYT all in one.

  • Dan Knight

    “The left has no bottom, no morals, no decency and never, ever a sense of
    fair play. They are as vicious and depraved as the jihadis. …”

    Yes, exactly …

  • pipo

    Der Spiegel used to be a ‘political right’ leaning magazine. Well, they have shown their red colours now.
    But they are right in one respect: Das Ende der Welt (Wie wir sie kennen). Meaning, the end of the world as we know it. Thank you Mr. President Trump for doing that. By the by, when the Krauts need help just fool about and pretend your phone is not working.

  • The Germans are a joke, the Muslims have done much more harm to their people than any Republican ever could.

  • AlexanderAthos

    Lest the Germans forget their past: Salafist religious teaching/dogma radicalizes young Sunni men and turns them into terrorist Wahhabi Salafi Jihadi just as surely as Hitler Youth reading Der Stürmer turned into SS zealots

    Europe is under the financial sway of Saudi Arabia that propagates a puritanical and extreme form of Islam, Wahhabi-Salafism that under-girds the philosophy of ISIS.

    Our Homelands are not for today’s fascists the Salafists

  • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

    Idiots got it wrong as usual. Obummer was the left handed precedent that loved beheads. The president is right handed.
    Besides after what Hitler did what the hel* would be wrong in beheading a statue anyway?

  • joe1429


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