LIVESTREAMING President-elect Trump press conference at Trump Tower days before Inauguration


Live stream of President-Elect Donald Trump’s press conference at Trump Tower in New York just days before taking the Oath of Office.; at 11:00 AM EST

  • Patrick

    Trump couldn’t have done better at this press conference. I am as proud as I can be of this man!

    • disqus_dfgyrjh4356

      My sentiments exactly!

  • RCCA

    You you say, “Delish.”

  • Media low life scum

    I only watched a few minutes of it but it seemed like they gave Mr. Trump a less than warm welcome – few claps for him or for Mr. Pence as they were introduced – maybe there weren’t many people there? I hope Trump puts the media in their place over the next 8 years. Treat them like the lowlife scum they are.

  • myworld5

    Why do we have to allow anyone – the likes of John McCain and Graham – or anyone – to make fun of our President elect Trump ? He is a great man – an honorable man – and he has put himself in grave danger to become the man WE NEED ….at this time – HE DOESN’T NEED US he is the one sacrificing everything because he loves this Country …Shame on these people that can’t act like adults and honor him as he deserves to be honored ……

  • joe1429

    Me and my wife are in love….. WITH TRUMP!!!!!!

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