Christians Under Sharia in Iran Arrested, Face Floggings, for Communion Wine


Three Christians in Iran have been arrested and charged with “acting against national security” for drinking wine during Communion in violation of Sharia law.

Now the three face sentences of flogging.

While the drinking of wine, which symbolizes the blood of Jesus, is common to the Christian faith, Sharia law apparently takes priority, and Iran’s police took the trio into custody this week. Initially, a pastor and his wife were detained, but police let them go.

Their court date is set for sometime next week, the Express reported. And if they’re found guilty, they will be flogged.

The website Persecution, citing the Express, offers this commentary:

“Iran continues to demonstrate its intolerance for Christianity by sentencing three Christians to be flogged for drinking wine during Communion.

“Iranian police initially arrested five Christians but have since released a pastor and his wife. Iran’s judicial system is based on Sharia law which forbids the consumption of wine, so Christians who choose to drink wine for religious reasons will be punished.

“Iran contends that the Christians are a national security risk and require an extensive punishment which could include anywhere from 10-100 lashes.”

The Communion wine, which has been blessed by priests and considered holy, is used to celebrate the Eucharist. It’s usually watered down so that children and those who abstain from the drinking of alcohol might take part, and it’s served with a small bread wafer, known as the Sacramental Bread, the represents the body of Christ.

Flogging is an extreme punishment that often causes the victim to pass out from pain after just a few lashes. Iran’s Sharia law allows those found guilty of adultery, kissing in public, homosexuality and blasphemy to be sentenced to flogging as well.


    & President Obama just donated a big ammount of cash to the Iranian cult-regime.
    While Muhammadists & Christians unlike me believe that God probably exists Christians drink wine symbolizing his martyr-blood as blood of a victim of an unjust system while sadist tyrant & racist slaver Muhammad idealized drinking blood of non-Muhammadists. While Jesus was crucified for proclaiming that he was God or something, Muhammad commanded to temporary unclosed crucify critics of Muhammadism as law & it is happening & spreading like Muhammad-invented slavery of Africans which is common in the Middle-East (Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Lebanon…) & Africa (Mauritania highest % of slavery in the world, 20-50?%) & Obama-made new North-Sudan).
    Remember the victims of sadist tyrant & racist slaver Muhammad & Muhammadism. Either you respect the victims of sadist tyrant & racist slaver Muhammad & Muhammadism or you respect sadist tyrant & racist slaver Muhammad & Muhammadism, you can’t have both.
    We need to move to the right direction & condemn Muhammadism & enact ethics: human rights & ecology.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another victory over common sense and decency bought and paid for by the democrat party, h,obama proprietor.

  • Mark Steiner

    Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American of Iranian descent, can relate many stories about the tender mercies if Islam in modern Persia under the ayatollahs. Severing an eight year sentence, the pastor was often injured grievously and underwent months without treatment. He and others were released after Obama paid Iran a handsome ransom in cash.

    Jesus said that if they hate you (his followers) to remember these religious despots hated Him first.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Islamic Repugnant of Iran is not Persia. The inheritors of Persian civilisation are the Zoroastrians, who have been steadily ethnically cleansed from Iran by the slaves of the Arabpig death cult. The largest population of Zoroastrians no longer resides in Iran (spit) but in the modern state of India.

      • Mark Steiner

        Good amplification. They are (or were) undoubtedly the same people who learned under Daniel the prophet during the reign of king Cyrus and very probably – the wise men who appeared in Jerusalem when the Star appeared over Bethlehem in the reign of Herod the Great.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if Iran’s Jews (are there any left? I hope not) are similarly persecuted?

  • Drew the Infidel

    You mean the US government gave Iran all that money with no strings attached? This is why Obhammud’s foreign policy is such a failure, he ignored it so he could turn all his energy on hammering the US citizens. They do not even give a government grant to a school cafeteria fund without micromanaging every calorie that goes into a kid’s mouth but dump $1.7 billion on the ragheads free gratis.

    • movingwaters

      I think it turned out to be a lot more than 1.7 billion. But one of Obama’s goals is to debase the currency, create a level of debt that cannot be repaid, support our enemies and insult our friends, and encourage social chaos, hatreds, and murder. Islam + Progressive Movement = destruction of society.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Yeah, the total keeps changing probably because lies have a way of floating. Not to worry, though, President Trump will be like a college football coach entering a new situation. He will spend his first year in office undoing the damage of Obhammud before he can actually get into doing anything concrete.

        • movingwaters

          I believe that that is his strong desire. But there are situations where the eggs cannot be unscrambled. For instance, handing over control of internet domain names to the greatest tyrannies in the world. We kiss freedom of speech goodby today. And, as usual, RINO’s make a big fuss of appearing to fight Obama. But they always pass the CR and fund everything he asks for, with no exclusions. I am so sick of it.

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