Hillary Obstructed Boko Haram’s Terror Designation as Her Donors Cashed In


It’s the same evil pattern Peter Schweizer meticulously documented in Clinton Cash — selling influence, access and power to the most evil of players across the world. Hillary Clinton took her marching orders from the black hand himself, George Soros.

  • the mysterious multimillion-dollar Foundation gift from an obscure Indian politician that coincided with Senator Clinton’s reversal on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty;
  • how Secretary of State Clinton was involved in allowing the transfer of nearly 50 percent of US domestic uranium output to the Russian government, benefiting large donors to the Clinton Foundation;
  • how multimillion-dollar contracts for Haiti disaster relief were awarded to donors and friends of Hillary and Bill;
  • how Bill received large payments for speeches from foreign businesses and governments with matters pending before the State Department;
  • how the Clintons’ joint visit to Colombia was followed by the grant of lucrative logging rights to a Canadian billionaire, a top Clinton Foundation donor;
  • how Bill received $2 million for speeches from the largest shareholder in the Keystone Pipeline project, even as Hillary played a role in approving it.

In January 2015, I was one of the first to report on a massive massacre by Nigerian terror group Boko Haram in Borno State in northwest Nigeria, with reportedly thousands killed. Witnesses on the ground reported that bodies littered the landscape for miles as towns and villages had been burned to the ground, their populations murdered or fled.

By that time, Boko Haram had already become the most lethal terrorist organization in the world, now responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Just yesterday, the United Nations accused Boko Haram of “almost unimaginable” levels of violence and brutality.

And yet, as Boko Haram began to ramp up its terror campaign in 2011 and 2012, Hillary Clinton obstructed the official terror designation of the group over the objections of Congress, the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department.

Why did Hillary Clinton’s State Department drag its feet on the terror designation in the face of near unanimous opposition from the rest of the U.S. government?

A recent series of reports exposes that a close Clinton family confidante — and Hillary campaign bundler — profited from Nigeria’s lucrative oil fields. He engaged in multiple illegal deals throughout Africa.

Also, other donors to the Clinton Global Initiative are deeply involved in Nigeria’s corrupt oil industry.

Were they the motivation behind Hillary’s inexplicable position on Boko Haram?

As PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson has previously asked, is Boko Haram Hillary Clinton’s biggest scandal? Hillary Clinton is set to accept the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States. Why is no one in the media talking about Hillary and Boko Haram?

  • Craig

    AGAIN…we see the baby-eating Hillary blocking the safeguards of the United States in order to collect some cash. Why is this hideous anti-American pig not in jail? The Hildbeast wants to increase muslim immigration numbers by over 600% from what rat obama is ramming through. More murders, more rapes, more throat cuttings. THAT is the face of the creature called Hillary Clinton.
    We must get these goat-raping muslims out. If they are offended, I will help them pack.

  • Ben Hur

    Can someone explain why Hillarys support of Boko Haram has anything to do with oil field profits?

    • Collin R. Hinrichs

      That one is simple for criminals-for instance, if Boko Haram has control of a portion of the oil fields, they can move it to a nearby country for a fraction of the price, it’s all profit to them and they don’t have to worry about any paper trail, that will fall on the country that buys it to generate any paperwork if necessary, but usually that country(say Sudan or the Dem. Rep. of Congo) would cut a deal with a country, usually through third party contacts, to move it either outright, or just stash it with something else bought. Fake shipment manifestos are probably pretty common and since it’s third party, the buying country can claim ignorance. If say, China, was the buying country and bought 50 million dollars worth barrels of oil, but only paid 25 million dollars for it, they could donate 5 million to the succubus, through straw donors like when Bill was president(and they did this in real life for missile technology) and still have 20 millions bucks to boot, all the while lobbying a current secretary of state to not name a certain group as terrorist to keep the cheap oil flowing. Or if Boko Haram just charged a ridiculous tribute to not torch the oil fields, thereby owning them without having to worry about the other legwork(moving it, keeping up the trucks, finding a buyer, etc.), but the same framework mentioned above afterwards, the result is the same. Money for the coffers of the ‘foundation’ that, on the surface, looks on the up and up.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    democrats will whistle louder as they past their grave yard, seeing hearing and speaking no evil of the fate that they are walking into.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Money for nothin, democrat version
    Now look at them democrats, they know how to screw it
    They play the roll on network tv
    For them it’s working they are some kind of twit
    Money from arabs, and green cards are free
    No need to work, get welfare, be a democrat
    democrat’s they are kind of dumb
    They sit there with a finger up their bum.
    Or is that a finger? Looks like their having fun
    We gotta instal phoney votes lists
    Names from every cemetery
    We gotta stuff those ballot boxes
    To assure hillary’s victory
    See the little monkey in the white mosque
    Buddy, he’s got you by the short hairs
    We got to move those useless rino’s
    we got to pay off all the dhimmis
    Shoulda learned to be a better liar
    Should practice on looking quite dumb
    Look at hillary, what she’s got sticking in the camera
    Man she has a very big bum.
    Whats up there making jungle noise?
    Reading a teleprompter like a chimpanzee?
    No need to work, play golf, that is how you do it
    Lobbyist pay you for influence and the crack is free.
    We gotta import more refugees
    Open the gates run them in
    We gotta build those mosques
    We gotta get rid of Christianity.
    Selling influence, thats the way to do it
    Money from a bank in Qatar
    This is entitlement, not work
    Money for nothing just for hillary
    Money for nothing all the time for hillary.

    • Craig

      Excellent. Thanks.

    • Steve

      A little more to the point than dire straits!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Without them, I would have been at a loss for words.

  • Lia

    There’s no end to the inhuman desire to collect money.

  • Jack

    Pamela, wherever Bill, Hillary or Barack Hussein Obama Evil follows and attaches itself. They make it out to seem a normal thing. A tube of Legionaries of Soros a teenage Jewish Kapo in Ww2 by his own Admission putting up posters to direct Jews to staging areas to disembark for ….and when thy say he was in the Shoah he isn’t an Ellie Wiesel. He has worked against the USA, wants to see Israel destroyed I believe he’d like to see the end of Jewry and this is one Financier of the Evil trio.

  • Queen Hussein & Hillary both need to hang by the neck until dead for Treason against our Nation! Both are fecal maggots of Satan! It will truly be a Blessed Day the days that their Obituaries go to print! Hopefully, soon!

  • Peter Joffe

    The answer is easy. Hillary Clinton will sell her own soul for money. It is actually called ‘blood money’ and Clinton uses it to fund her campaign. Come on all you democrats send her some clean money to use but then make sure that she does not steal some of it for her own use or to pay off Bill’s lady friends?

    • Mark Steiner

      Blood money, including that of some 60 millions of unborn in America – democratic-inspired i the name of “women’s health care”, a common Hillary-ism. God did not ignore this bloodshed. Hillary is in his gun sight.

  • Drew the Infidel

    As former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said, Hillary has escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo. But, “inebriated by constant success” , she is headed for a fall per the Biblical warning.

    • Mark Steiner

      Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

      • Dorrie

        HRC has a Jezebel spirit. She won’t be stopped until she collapses from her escalating health problems.

        • Mark Steiner

          Amen on both counts.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Fiorina is a grade-A a$$hole. She publicly expressed admiration for the Ottoman Empire — the muslum slave state that slaughtered some 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians.

  • Dorrie

    That corrupt SOW will win the White House and WILL destroy America! Obama was the beginning of God’s judgment on America and Clinton will be the culmination of it. Americans better get prepared because it’s going to get VERY nasty!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I admit I get the feeling the 2016 presidential election is going to be fixed.

  • Steve

    Adjustments adjustments cries the Wicked Witch of the democratic scandals in the West as time goes on. She just hsd removed from her website that a woman saying she has been raped must be heard. I guess what it really meant was that if they had enough money they must be heard.

    It should be interesting now that Bannon has joined the Trump campaign to see if hillarry’s lies get more press. It won’t be hard to out do CNN NBC CBS ABC and all the other partisan media.

    • Dorrie

      Bannon is so corrupt, NOTHING good will come from him. And Roger Ailes is now advising Trump.

      • Craig

        YOU, Dorrie, are a moron. Ben Shapiro hates Trump, because Trump is not an establishment republican, and the OPED piece you cite, cites no references. It is an OPED hate piece, NOT FACT. So why don’t you get in bed with your hero, Hillary, and leave the humans here alone.

  • Soundclick.com/Globalfirm

    & Obama said dangerous Boko haram would have “legitimate concerns”, as if he had spoken to promote Globalfirm. Barack Hussein Obama blocked an Israeli arms helicopter-deal to Nigeria to fight Boko haram before the Muhammadist president.
    Why doesn’t the USA not continue to free inspired by Muhammad, enslavement of African slaves in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania (20or25%, 50%? of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger, Somalia & elsewhere?
    We need to stop talking, punish the perpetrators & protect human rights & ecology.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ 2016

    KleptocracyCourtesy FBI Website (Clinton Religion)

    Kleptocracy is a form of political corruption in which the ruling government seeks personal gain and status at the expense of the governed, literally meaning “the rule by thieves.” Through graft and embezzlement of state funds, corrupt leaders amass tremendous wealth at the expense of the broader populace. Some of the most egregious examples have occurred in countries with very high rates of poverty. The inherent challenge for corrupt leaders is covertly expatriating and holding money in secure locations where it can be accessed in the future. Generally, that requires international movement of funds. When transfers occur in U.S. dollars or transit the U.S. banking system, federal money laundering jurisdiction is established. The FBI initiates money laundering investigations to trace the international movement of assets and, in conjunction with foreign partners, forfeit and repatriate assets back to legitimate authorities in victim countries.

    Among the most challenging money laundering investigations are those targeting “gatekeepers,” which may include bankers, brokerage houses, trust companies, attorneys, accountants, money managers, notaries, or real estate agents. ICU investigates these international business people who provide professional services to illicit actors wishing to disguise the source or nature of their money. These insiders have unique knowledge concerning the financial and legal systems in which they operate, making detection difficult. ICU’s kleptocracy program is run in close coordination with DOJ’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI), part of the broader Priority International Money Laundering Threat (PIMLAT) violation.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I have no faith at all in any of the three letter federal law enforcement agencies — but especially the F-I-B, who seem to be switch-hitting for pi$$lam.

  • Peter Joffe

    Clinton has the blood of thousands on her hands due to her support of Boko Haram. What next? I wonder how much drug money is used to fund her campaign??

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