TSA failed to vet 73 airport employees who had terrorism ties


Back in 2012, I wrote this article, “Close Down the TSA.” It is all the more urgent today. This agency is a useless drain of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. It doesn’t make us safer, because like the entire U.S. government, it refuses to face the real threat, and pretends that 80-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmothers are just as much of a threat as young Muslim males.

TSA Geller

“73 Airport Employees Had Terrorism Ties New Documents Suggest,” by Katherine Weber, Christian Post, March 16, 2016:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) failed to vet 73 employees with terrorism ties working at 40 U.S. airports, recently-obtained documents assert.

The local FOX-affiliated WFXT-News media outlet has acquired information through the Freedom of Information Act that indicates these workers, who have been employed with private airport businesses, have worked at 40 airports across the country. It remains unclear which of these workers are currently employed.

While the Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office released the report of the 73 airport employees last June, FOX 25 just identified the 40 airports where the terrorist-linked employees currently work or have worked.

According to the media outlet, these employees were not properly vetted because the TSA did not have full access to terrorist databases during their hiring.

Terrorism-linked employees have been flagged at Boston’s Logan International Airport, Denver International Airport, Honolulu International Airport, Dallas Love Field, San Francisco International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport, among others….

  • Joyce A. King

    So are they all still employed or did they get terminated???

    • The origional roger

      They were given a raise, commensurate to their religious hate.

  • barbadosstar

    I always thought it strange and foolish that a lot of Airports across Canada and USA have so many Muslims working in them .

    • karl59

      Too many people have their heads in the sand

    • Mahou Shoujo

      They pay the minimum wage, you get what you pay for.


      we need more muslim pilots. diversity!

    • JR

      It is planned that way. Soros is up to something. The majority of Americans know nothing about him.

    • Bill Kay

      Not so strange if you really think about it , its like a puzzle they are being put into important little spots inch by inch all over the country when the puzzle is complete they will have what they want look at their history / read their book for the answer conquest comes mind maybe huh .

  • Wayne Ville

    Only Trump has said he will fix it. The rest are appeasers.

    • knight

      If those that are behind Trump should all frequently post that they support Trump, even with pictures with “Trump for Freedom” I back Trump or what ever written on picture. The more do it, the more people may notice

      Keep on posting good things of Trump


    • Dorrie

      Ugh, if you believe that you are what Mark Twain meant when he said, “It is easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.” You’ve been fooled by a fool.

      • Wayne Ville

        And you are the fool that will vote for the same politicians that have had office and done nothing!

        • joe1429

          Thank you, brother!

      • knight

        Start learning some truths and about Bill Clinton and his wife who runs the show

        Srebrenica A Town Betrayed (60 min. made by Norway) not seen at CNN

    • joe1429

      When he read the vicious snake poem, we were watching it live, and had friends over, who were completely floored!! This man is the Only one with the honesty and balls to read a truthful poem like this!!!

  • Zulu

    This organization SCREAMS “privatize”!!

    • AliceWNixon

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  • knight

    Has anyone run security checks on these outsourced companies and employees.

    Important security positions should come under FBI or CIA, not some Tom, Dick and Harry company probably owned by the Muslim Brotherhood under another name Obama’s security.

  • karl59

    TSA was a joke from day one!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    All these alleged “security” inconveniences are, is a pork barrel for politicians to award toadies with contracts to make money for them, do precisely nothing, but give the illusion that something is being done. When the call comes, “sleeper” terrorists in airports will be able to cripple air traffic at will.


    tsa hires all the worst scumbags…

  • Anticonservative

    But look at the good things TSA has accomplished- they’ve made America Safe Again by seizing 115,000 nail files, 225,000 tubes of tooth paste, 15,000 wallet chains and enough Coca-Cola to start their own factory not to mention catching that nursing mother attempting to smuggle breast milk on board. And they’re always cheerful and smiling- making air flight just a joy! What’s a couple of terrorists sneaking through the cracks compared to that? So while your sleeping comfortable in your cozy bed tonight say a little prayer for those diligent employees of TSA who’s moto is “No breast milk shall pass”

    • SK

      LOL I am always amazed at how friendly they are. They must love their job. They all looked bored and sleepy. But hey, they got them a gubmint job with benefits.

    • HeyNav

      And you forgot to mention over 2200 firearms, the majority loaded, that were kept off of flights in 2014.

      • Anticonservative

        No I didn’t forget the firearms- why may I ask would a person carry a firearm if it wasn’t loaded? Millions of Americans carry firearms everyday and before America turned into a police state afraid of it’s own shadow a very small percentage of them were utilized in violent crimes. How many incidents involving aircraft did firearms play a role? No it isn’t firearms that are the problem – it’s the deadly toothpaste tubes and nail files that are the root cause of all TSA nightmares. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCkagYixpuc

        • HeyNav

          Because a responsible gun owner does not try to carry a weapon let alone a loaded one through a security checkpoint especially in today’s environment. Until 9/11 how many aircraft incidents involved box cutters? If you look at various incidents around the world it would answer the rest of your statement.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Wait a minute! The TSA did not have access to terrorist databases during these suspects’ hiring process? The very people whose mission it was theirs to thwart? WTF? We would be just as safe were we to return to pre 9/11 security measures. TSA = Thousands Standing Around.

  • Metatrona

    Muslims should not be allowed to work at airports. They should not be allowed to take flying lessons. They should not be allowed to carry guns.

    • Bill Kay

      How about why are they allowed here in the first place send them back to the desert where they belong .

  • Dan B

    Absolutely agree, what a waste of taxpayers’ money, Close Down the TSA! Another shining example of inept and clueless government decision making.

  • The origional roger

    The US should study the Israeli system, maybe not implement the whole thing, ( that would slow every thing down further ) but they could learn some of the techniques that have been developed over half a century by the people who have the most to fear from hijackings etc. One of those techniques is racial, religious profiling, their system has worked extremely well.

  • sony_dc

    This is why the government shouldn’t control important industries. Its so easy to hijack. Give the TSA to the corporations to run.

  • gfitzz53

    TSA is the real “JV” team

  • Stephen Honig

    Obama knew about them, but didn’t want to squeal on his brethren.

  • HeyNav

    Please get your facts straight, the airport authority does the vetting.

  • Dorrie

    THAT is why I don’t fly any longer.

  • joe1429

    When the tsa finally finds the 73, with terrorism ties, will they fire them, or just give them a reprimand??

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