Officials Say Brussels Terror Cell Is Too Large To Wipe Out


So that’s it, then? Continue importing millions more of these invaders?

Shut the door and start deporting en masse.

“Officials Say Brussels Terror Cell Is Too Large To Wipe Out,” Daily Caller, March 28, 2016:
The terror cell behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels is much larger than previously thought, according to reports.

Authorities have gained increased intelligence from a string of arrests in wake of the attacks in Brussels last Tuesday. Arrests occurred in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany over the weekend.

“There is a large number [of members], all across Europe,” a senior U.S. official told The Wall Street Journal about the network that’s emerging from information as a result of the arrests.

The terror cell behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels is much larger than previously thought, according to reports.


Authorities have gained increased intelligence from a string of arrests in wake of the attacks in Brussels last Tuesday. Arrests occurred in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany over the weekend.

“There is a large number [of members], all across Europe,” a senior U.S. official told The Wall Street Journal about the network that’s emerging from information as a result of the arrests.

  • This explains why Muslim Obama is importing so many Mooslims.

  • freebird

    Who is this Official who have said this ?
    Must be a paranoid idiot who have no clue how the wind have changed.
    Well, our stupit goverment is still fighting for “Islam is peace”. But the people here dont believe it anymore and are sick of this lies.
    Give the power back to the people and wipe out this corrupt traitors in power and in one month there is no Musel-problem anymore (that´s how we feel).

    Btw.: Now we see after Bruessels no more Musel-man on the street just woman with their children. Well, it´s hard to show your hate to a woman ( I do it ).

  • ruthy k

    What sane government ALLOWS a public statement like that in the press? Yes we’ve been defeated, but we’re fighting you, wink wink? Can S/o put up a big tombstone saying, “here lie the dead remains of Europe”?- Oh! wait. Nope! They’d blow up the tombstone anyway. Take a tip from Israel, put a finger to the world and the Jihadis. Tell them in their face you’re coming for them and letting them die slow and tortured!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    When there are too many rats, they can be controlled by shooting them on sight, and poisoning their food. So, shoot terrorists, decrease welfare payments to starve them out.

    • Susan

      No welfare payments is crucial. But not going to happen until citizens are in control of their own countries.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The time to start is on election day.

        • Don Grantham

          Not as sexy as talk of guns and bullets… but yeah.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            One must make sacrifices to live in a free world.

          • Don Grantham

            I know who Im’a vote for ‘sacrificing’…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are a number of candidates in the ranks of the democrats, as demons do not insist of virgins, every female democrat will do, especially the dried up old cows that once were feminists.

  • fulham2014

    Pam, it would be very offensive removing them, we should be more culturally sensitive to minorities, they only mean good even when they harm us, it is their way of showing affection.

    /obvious sarc.

    • DeOppressoLiber

      You are crazy as a loon!!

    • robin baccus

      fulham2014, why don’t you give some of them you address and an invitation to move in with you? Let them know that they are wanted and loved by you and,if you have one, family. Your daughters must be taught how to handle the rape they will incur by your new found family. Not to leave out any sons, that will be sodomized by those same friends, because they are allowed too. T according to a sheikh answering a question about jihad and what is allowed by allah. I will look forward to posts from you on how well these new found friends are assimilating into your family. May God watch over you and protect your loved ones from the mahdi following people you seem to have a heart for. God bless

      • The origional roger

        Umm.. he was being sarcastic.

      • fulham2014

        Have you ever, ever heard of sarcasm? I guess not.

  • Gee My father helped wipe out the Nazi armies… I think the islamo Nazis can be wiped out with much less trouble then in the 40’s.

  • pdxnag

    Decisive mass deportation today will save literally millions of lives over delaying this inevitable and unavoidable action.

    • berserker

      Not just lives. The civilization that has been built up over hundreds of years will collapse. The US might survive, barely.

      • pdxnag

        But we need trading partners and genuine allies. We can’t even muster the will to dissolve the OIC as the hostile force that it is and insist that sharia anywhere and everywhere be ejected from government.

      • joe1429

        Only if we elect Trump!!

        • TrustNo1

          Trump is a self absorbed idiot power monger not too unlike the egotist Obama. His mouth spews the rhetoric but I doubt he’ll be able to do much. All talk, no solid plans, in the end , it’ll bite him.

          • lulu

            Oh! I agree! And it seems that even saying this will get you in a mass of trouble on this board. When will we learn? There is absolutely nothing to vote for this time around. Trump is a European style Nationalist with a brutalist style of ruling.

          • EPGAH

            And wouldn’t you take a Nationalist anyday over a Globalist, or a Moslem sycophant?

          • Frank Castle

            Trump isn’t perfect but I think you will be pleasantly surprised if he wins. He will actually get some of the right things done.

          • joe1429


          • Platopus

            Trumps skill is in solving the keystone problems that in turn solve many other problems.

          • Up Huff

            So, YOU’D rather elect a Socialist or a Wannabee Socialist?
            Or maybe a RINO?
            I think that, despite his boorish manner, Trump is a realist. He’d want to be remembered for doing something great. TRULY great.
            And ridding the Nation of an Islamic scourge along with building ‘The Wall’, deporting illegals of ALL stripes, would seal his place in the Pantheon of American Greats.
            His ego wouldn’t likely accept anything less.
            And a large enough plurality behind him would make certain that Congress would enable it all. Or they’d find themselves sidelined as well.
            Remember, Trump surrounds himself with only those who are able to carry out what he wants. The rest he dumps.

          • joe1429

            Go Trump! Aug 19 new york….Vote!

          • joe1429

            Guess you will be voting for hillary, when he gets the nomination. Very sad

          • Eliot Dennis

            His demeanor is that of a typical native New Yorker, that’s all. Once you understand that context, it won’t bother you so much.

      • freewoman

        we’re fighters. we might win, but a helluva lot of people will die first if/when it comes to open war.

    • William556

      Send those spineless and worthless leaders along with them.


        William556 AKBAR!

    • Tadpole

      Ooh, noo, that would be soo waaaaacist!

      We would rather die than be thought racist.

      So let us die.

      • MattBracken

        My money is on the ruthless religion of head-choppers over the continent of pink-pants pansies. Note the little cartoon in the corner after you full-screen the meme.

        • MattBracken

          “At least nobody called me a racist.”
          (BTW, what race is “Muslim?”)

        • joker

          He looks gay anyway with his pinky-pants. Or a cheap attention seeker?

    • Lenn

      Yes, but European (and American) politicians are totally clueless!! Most of them, except Orban, are literally stupid. Democracy means that they sit around sipping coffee debating to death urgent matters. They show no resolve, no will, no knowledge, no decisiveness. Thanks to the EU, Europe is heading for its own destruction.

  • Chris (UK)

    “Shut the door and start deporting en masse”.
    Pamela, you, me and everyone with a modicum of sanity knows this is the only solution that will make the West peaceful again without civil war. But the governments have done the opposite for decades now. I don’t think we can put this down to stupidity anymore. No one can be that stupid. There must have been an intention for mayhem and destabilization all along at the top, and sooner or later there will be an outcry to find the architects and collaborators and make them pay.

    • pdxnag

      The moment you start the deportations will be the “trigger” for the civil war. The Muslim invaders will continue to delay so long as their numbers grow.

      • Chris (UK)

        A good point. Well we’re damned if we do and more damned if we don’t.

        • ljm4

          Huckabee is being quoted all over for a few days now because he said he’d rather be a live bigot instead of a dead idiot.
          What a great T-shirt phrase…

          • Chris (UK)

            Haha brilliant! Will steal that. :)

          • Don Grantham

            Live Bigot FTW

          • notislam

            Good one!

          • Craig

            Yeah, that is good, T-shirts and bumper stickers.

        • Dean


      • Bradley Lexvold

        One thing to remember about attempting deportation, and I got this from Robert Spencer. Migration in the cause of Allah has same benefit as jihad, 72 virgins. Returning home has same result as apostate, beheading. Now try to root out muslins. Will take blood spilled on scale never before seen on planet. Join Britian First, Knights Templar International, or something and prepare for recovery of your country. Magna Carta could be the legal device to remove existing leaders, so you have established legal format. You can never let others limitations and inabilities become your own. Brad

        • Don Grantham

          Screw the Magna Carta. Bring in the Magnum Cartel.


            THE MAN.

        • ted

          Its either our blood or their blood.

    • Phil Taylor

      They were trying to do the same thing the US is doing. Up the number of people dependent upon the state to increase their power/hegemony.

      • Chris (UK)

        Absolutely, the assault we face is from all sides. On one side you have the ever growing state with organized capital pushing for “cheap labour” that is taxpayer subsidized. On the other you have the lefty “useful idiots” who want to sing “We are the world” and open up the borders. Then of course the enemedia. Quite a vile brew altogether!

        • Don Grantham

          A veritable trifecta of Terror.

    • TrustNo1

      The greatest problem in the UK, GERMANY, US, is that governments no longer answer to the people. They have their own PC agenda and think the common citizen isn’t smart enough to run their own affairs. In the US, even though there’s checks and balances, nobody, not one single politician from any party has taken any action for the people or the protection of the nation. I believe every stinking politician that has allowed unchecked immigrants into their country should be removed from office and locked up, permanently. To continue to allow unchecked immigration is to allow more of the enemy into your gates. For many EU nations, it’s too late.

      • Chris (UK)

        Absolutely agree. The “PC” agenda is an attack on free thought. They are obsessed with modifying language. One recent thing being “microaggression” . (In other words a disagreement or tutting is now an assault!)
        I hope that even in Europe, things can be undone. I said to my nephew when he was going off the rails a bit- usually even bad processes can be reversed with the right attitude. Perhaps too optimistic, but like Churchill said “never, never, never give up”.
        Had the privilege of visiting Colorado in 2014, my first time in the States. Great place, and people are lovely . Politicians never do their nation justice! – Agree many of them should be locked up!

  • Libertybells

    Too large to wipe out? Ya think?? Its hilarious and sad at the same time that these officials are only coming to this conclusion now. Support of terror is mainstream is the muslim community, they rub our noses in it but as the rule dictates, we must look away as it is a hate crime to acknowledge the obvious. If a wanted terrorist can can live with and freely walk among a whole entire Islamic community on European soil without a single soul snitching him out, than yeah I can understand why they would come to that conclusion. muslims are protecting one another, the government protects them as well, yet the heritage Europeans are left out for the wolves, Forbidden from protecting themselves. These cells CAN be wiped out, but the method is unspeakable, so how could it possibly be doable?

  • Pray Hard

    The terror cell is large and Euros are cowards. Imagine that.

    • freewoman

      and unarmed. let’s not forget the population is sitting ducks.

  • RJohnston

    Appears only the authorities didn’t know how big this was….

    • ljm4

      sad chuckle….

      • 2BRKnot2B

        How could they know when police fear going into these areas?


    The use of closed psychiatry is long overdue for people indoctrinated into authentic Muhammadism.
    Muhammadization through immigration must be prevented.

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  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    What do you mean TOO LARGE? Last year proved you can move a million muslims in a year….move them all back….grow some balls ban islam say ‘ We tried it we don’t like it…now pack your bags”
    Don’t you think ‘too large to remove’ is telling you something Europe? You still keen to welcome these motherfckers on to YOUR welfare?

    • Don Grantham

      “Too large to remove” translates into French as “We Surrender.”

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        I think that’s exactly how islamists will translate it too.
        Unless it’s a cunning ‘reverse Malachi’ psychological double bluff to try to instil an unwarranted confidence in the enemy…..nah! …I don’t think Belgium, Netherlands, France et al have mastered the single bluff yet.
        I’m not entirely sure they know they’re at war actually, although the bombs are generally a hint.

        • Don Grantham

          La guerre des fous, entre nous.

  • 2BRKnot2B

    Why the continued repetition of the same thing in this post?

    Well, give up, and start praying to allah, Belgians. Go to mosque every Friday, and buy those prayer rugs.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Invest in prayer rugs, the prophets are going through the ceiling.

  • Adrian

    Things there will only get worse,they are liberals…….they can’t accept the facts….but better them than us……in a normal world you learn from others axample…..but not during Obamas tenure. ….

  • Frank Buono

    Cut off all welfare . Supplement the police force with forces from the army in or near all high Muslim population centers. Put spies into every Mosque and shut them down if they utter any hate speech or promote violence. Deport and strip citizenship of anyone in involved in a terrorist group. Halt all Islamic immigration. Execute terrorist . Unfortunately the Europeans have lost their will to live and they will do nothing .

  • Doctor Who?

    100 years ago the Belgians fought tooth and nailk against German invaders but today the chocolate engorged Belgians are too feeble to stop importing their own conquerors.

    • joker

      In which war was that because Belgium sided with the Nazis.

      • Doctor Who?

        You might be a Joker but you sure don’t know your history.
        In BOTH World Wars Belgium was invaded by Germany.
        While individual Belgians might have collaborated with the Nazis, Belgium as a whole was allied with Britain and France.

        • joker

          Well I think the king of Belgium siding with the nazis is not a small thing to be overlooked. Anyway, Belgium is the MIkey Mouse of European countries and that is a difficult title to obtain.

          • Doctor Who?

            Belgium will become Islamic around 2030 with Sweden soon thereafter and when Germany follows suit all of Europe will be lost.

    • strayaway

      Other things are going on in Belgium. The Dutch speaking Flemings in North Belgium used to be less numerous and poorer than the French speaking Walloons of South Belgium. The Flemings are now richer and 59% of the population. The Walloons have been bringing in French speaking North African Muslims for decades to expand Belgium’s French political demographics. Also, with the EU headquarters in Brussels, Brussels has become more cosmopolitan and French. Flemings have the highest work productivity of any Europeans.

      • Doctor Who?

        If the Belgian Walloons have flooded their country with North African Muslims merely to get back at the Flemings, then they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

        • strayaway

          I think so but the more immediate result of bringing in more French speakers was to strengthen support of Walloon political parties. Some of the same dynamic happened in Canada. In the US, open borders have hurt US workers while benefitting Democratic Party membership. The trick is to get the populace to focus on short run political advantages while ignoring ramifications. Back to Belgium, there is a small anti-immigrant Fleming party the Vlams Belang that wants northern Flemish speaking Belgium to secede from Belgium.

          • Doctor Who?

            I know that individual groups in Europe and america focus on the short term advantage of Islamic immigration, but they are really letting in a Trojan Horse that will turn around and bite them on the butt.
            Here is the Vicious Snake lyric that explains what Europe is doing to itself.

          • strayaway

            Madness, idiocy…what can I say? However, it goes back to societies that have placed material acquisition and pleasure above having families. They brought this on themselves. It’s difficult to turn a ship around.

          • Doctor Who?

            They put short term pleasure above National Survival.

  • Ed McDowell

    Well goodbye civilization, hello califate.

  • Ichabod Crain

    Did you know that police in Belgium are not allowed to enter a dwelling to execute a warrant later than 09:00 pm at night or earlier than 05:00 am? Time to declare martial law in order to have the tools to clean it all up. Legislative changes take way too long.

    • Don Grantham

      Well, martial law is certainly the direction we are all headed, but what kind of ‘law’?

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      So every terrorist can go to bed early, get a good nights sleep, and get up early to get out of town.
      Belgians with their stupidity, never cease to amaze me.

  • Don Grantham

    Citizens Say Officious Officials Too Obtuse To Officiate. Firebombs At Eleven.

  • freewoman

    eh, Belgium and the Netherlands capitulated quickly enough to the germans in both world wars and has been a whore to every international alliance to come along. I don’t know why the jihadis bother with bombings when these countries are eagerly handing over to them. Just for kicks?

  • Benji0804

    Arm non Muslims and offer a $10,000 reward for each Muslim head and arm the
    citizens with assault riffles and watch them flee like the roaches they are.

  • Das Blade

    Yes mass deportation of all men women and children make no exceptions. Kill as many terrorists as you can find. No trial it takes to long they know they are guilty just shoot them. Yes I know am am cruel as all hell by saying this but think about your chances with them before you judge me. Europe made a huge mistake actually two of them un-arming their citizens was the first mistake and the second was taking in so many of these so call refugees.

  • Dean

    Obama says this is not the fault of immigration policies or Islam. Just some bad luck and the fault of people like Trump. So let’s follow the same policies here because the beauty of it exceed the risks, like holding hands at the memorial site for a massacre.

  • joe1429

    Libtards in brussels! Common sense…. stop letting more in!!! Start deporting them, and you will fix the prob!!!

  • Jon Sobieski

    Deporting is meaningless when you have no gate, no fence to prevent their return.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is a prime opportunity for the Belgian military to sharpen their skills by dropping a Daisy Cutter right where it will do the most good.

  • TrustNo1

    So, Brussels, you admit you’ve lost the war on terrorism? Why not strip your women and young boys naked and put them on the streets. You know what’s coming…. The total rape of your culture and heritage. You re gutless Brussels as you’ve become whores for Islam. Arm your people so they can defend themselves. Throw the PC bull crap out the window. Round up and deport every Muslim…..if you want to survive but then again you must like your women and boys to be raped…. It’s obvious you feel your history is worth nothing. Ok then, bring out the prayer rugs and admit your submission to lose.

  • James Stamulis

    So their answer is the same answer from liberals all over the so called civilized world and that is SURRENDER like the pansies they are!

  • Lenn

    A historical fact: Once upon a time, the Allied forces bombed Dresden, and in one day an estimated number of between 35,000 – 135,000 Germans were wiped out. That actually helped stop WWII.

  • got243kids

    “Terror sell to large to wipe out”
    Is that the same as ‘to big to fail?’

  • joker

    Basically the authorities are saying to give up and give in. What they also could do is all suspected round them up and kick them out properly. Even without trial. Or on the other hand pay mercenaries to do the nasty job and look to the other side.

  • Frank Castle

    If they gave me a small expense account and allowed me into Belgium with a Remington 700 with a fine scope, I could help drive them out. Oh, and the proper intel, of course. A better idea would be to allow the Belgian citizens to keep and bear arm, with concealed carry allowed, restrict Muslim immigration, and gradually deport those they catch, back to their home countries. This would solve the problem within a decade.

  • Up Huff

    Mass deportation is a large part of the answer. Round them up, ship them back, and give them directions- Take back your own country or die in the trying.
    As for those who fight the repatriation effort, incarcerate them in heavily guarded concentration camps at minimal conditions until such time they wish to go home.
    If they aren’t willing to fight for their homeland, and they most certainly are not helping their ‘adopted’ country, they aren’t worth the air they breathe.
    At the moment Europe HAS the strength of arms to force the issue- their armies. They need to use them. And those who are IN the military who are Muslims need to be disarmed and rendered impotent of their ability to help the enemy.

  • Mike Kevins

    “too large to wipe out.” Time to man up or move out. This is war, you morons. Being nice will do nothing but get you killed.

  • Ayna

    And those islamic terror cells are getting larger by the millions per year. Who’s to blame for that policy? The EU, and everyone who supports it’s replacement policy.

  • marble

    Too stupid to be stupid? If the heart of the EU and home of NATO doesn’t wake up, the production of Belgian beer will cease.
    There, maybe that threat will bring them to their senses!

  • Infidelnight

    Deport them all, kill those who refuse to leave. Stop all immigration and close the borders. Make it blatantly obvious that illegals will be shot on sight no exceptions. The war has begun for those not wanting to submit to the muslim invaders. Those unwilling to fight for their country deserve the hellish fate that surely awaits them.

  • Whirlwinder

    This should be treated as a military operation. From this perspective, no Islamic terror cell is to large. You start in one city and go around the country until you have wiped the scum out. Unless you want to become a dhimmi nation and give your culture up to Islam. Those are the choices.

  • Cynthia Campbell

    Oh, let me, let me! I guarantee, if they would allow the private American militias to wipe out ISIS THEY WOULD get wiped out! Then we continue on to the ISIS enabler in the White House!

  • ted

    No amount of mooselambs is too big to get rid of.


    I say go for the “Angola Solution”. (See link to following article by Lt. Col. Zumwalt.)

  • Chippy

    Try converting to Islam its so much fun.

  • Round up every Islamic Pig in Europe and put them on a raft and set them out in the sea once again! This time, they can head for their original homes of die and go to their Satan/Allah in Hell! Germany needs to put Merkel before a firing squad, that demented whore of Islam! She is a Traitor to all of Europe and should rot in prison the rest of her days, the skank!

  • Gene Hull

    Terrorists have announced they have declared war numerous times.
    So what’s the matter with us? We permit war and atrocities to be
    committed against us, and we don’t fight back?

    And by that I mean when a person is identified as a terrorist, KILL HIM.
    No trial–no sympathy–no compassion.
    They are the enemy with whom we are at war.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    Hahahahahaha the biggest morons on the planet.

  • Ego

    too large to wipe out”
    Well, that’s that then. Hand over the keys and submit to Islam (if you haven’t done so already). Despicable cowards.

  • volksnut

    Is’nt that EXACTLY what the homicidal psychopathic muslims said they were going to do? Belgium has a functioning military does it not? They’ve been invaded – Time to wake the fuc- up and start taking it seriously.

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